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  1. Don't forget that there is always the option of using a virtual machine for Windows 8 or any other legacy OS.
  2. Avira is a relatively small in size and light in performance impact antivirus software. The free version doesn't have web protection but there are some browser add-ons (I use Avira Browser Safety with Firefox).
  3. With Macrium Reflect it isn't necessary.
  4. Yes, I mean how you halved the cores and threads?
  5. How did you do it? And... does it worth it?
  6. Just delete the empty partition and then expand the other one with diskpart.
  7. @ray5450 Try to disable System Restore and enable it again after rebooting. If the problem continues (no restore points although the scheduled task) then there must be something wrong with the Windows installation and if I were you I would consider reinstalling Windows. By the way, do you use any antivirus program? I used AVG but abandoned it when it started messing up with the OS functionality (now I use Avira). Avast must be pretty much the same with AVG since Avast owns AVG too. Anyway, you can try disabling your antivirus program for three days and check if it makes any difference.
  8. You can use local user accounts on the later versions of Windows too. As for the second statement which is probably made for Windows 10 I totaly agree with you.
  9. They disagree in practice, they use Windows and not Linux. I don't question the value of Linux itself and please not rant, I don't thing this is an issue worthy to begin a quarrel (and I won't). I respect you and your opinion and I write with arguments, please respect my opinion too.
  10. I don't know, the best think is to check if you haven't done it yet.
  11. Are you sure that it is for Windows 7?
  12. I am not a friend of Windows 10 but the majority of the computer users disagree with you in practice... so do I although I don't know very much about Linux. Anyway there is no need to hate something, somebody being able to use Windows and Linux together is surely good.
  13. Can't you just export the old battery and import the new one? At least that's what I did with my previous laptop.
  14. In order to restore the system partition a suitable boot device is needed since this can only be done offline.
  15. Can you be more specific? What does this mean exactly?
  16. Well, it seems your emails are really lost then, who knows how and why...
  17. Check for the Outlook.pst file (if you don't know were to find it search for it, I don't have MS Outlook installed anymore and I don't remember the exact path, however it is somewhere in the user's profile), is it still there? I used to have MS Outlook 2003, I believe MS Outlook 2019 still has the Outlook.pst file (if I am wrong please someone correct me).
  18. Did your computer connected to internet after you started it? If yes, then they were probably victims of the synchronization with the server.
  19. May be they still have an option to comunicate with them e.g. via email?
  20. From Windows 8: I have another device ACPI\PNPXXXX\xxxxxxxx and it uses the machine.inf driver too. Maybe there is a machine.inf in your system and has an entry for this hardware ID? However there isn't any driver assigned to them.
  21. Google and others collect data to sell them on a non-personal basis, Microsoft sucks your data on a personal basis...
  22. 1 billion people spied by Microsoft...
  23. "Whistler" is the Windows XP codename (just for clarification in case someone doesn't know).

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