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  1. By the way to see the unused security descriptors reported you must use chkdsk with the /v switch (we always talk about NTFS file system of course).
  2. Minor inconsistencies of a drive happen from time to time (not very often), unused security descriptors are always present even if you run an NTFS system for just a day. Reallocated, pending or uncorrectable sectors are rare but they do still occur and usually are harmless (unless they increase from day to day which is a certain sign of disk failure, I had such a case myself).
  3. On Windows XP SP2 and SP3 (at least) the "do not load" is in place of "enumerate" which is present in the ntbtlog.txt in previous versions of Windows but here ntbtlog.txt fails to present it correctly. Sorry but I run chkdisk all my life (almost) and all this stuff is absolutely normal (the bad sectors aren't so common but sometimes they exist too).
  4. Then it might just be a bug of Windows 7?
  5. Strange unexplained problem = reinstalling of the OS (that's what I do, of course you can try System Restore - I do - and if you have a disk backup program and one or more images made before the problem occurred it can be very helpful and time saving).
  6. Maybe the hard wired PC is the one that isn't visible?
  7. It's a shame that IE 11 is available for Windows 7 and not for Windows 8, time for this to be changed.
  8. Is it so simple? And what exactly do you copy (the executable file, all the files in its folder, anything more)?
  9. Running Windows XP on Haswell is a big success as far as I can say, perhaps Windows 2000 is too much (or little) for it.
  10. I suppose your system has the correct date and time?
  11. Free Download Manager 3.9.7 is very good but it is for Windows XP and higher: https://dn3.freedownloadmanager.org/fdminst.exe (in case you or anybody else is interested).
  12. Post EOS Windows XP updates (from the Microsoft Update Catalog): KB4018466 KB4019204 KB4022747 KB4024323 KB4024402 KB4025218
  13. Compatriot, I would suggest a reinstalling... If you have the same problem again then there must be a problem with the installation media or the procedure of installation That is the correct way, after that check if everything works OK and then install everything else step by step checking every time the same thing. In this way you'll find if something causes the problem.
  14. WMP 12 doesn't exist as a standalone installation, at least not from Microsoft.
  15. Both words Quantum and Spectrum have the same merit: they impress...
  16. System Restore can solve most of the problems (not all though), I know it from experience. It always worths giving it a try.
  17. There are two obscure possibilities... To find it somewhere on the internet or to find somebody who has it and is willing to share it with you. The same thing happens with apps in the Google Play and... well, its a dead end as far as I can say.
  18. Probably that's the reason for the update. Why it fails to install is another issue. What error message do you get?
  19. Are you sure that you connected the drive correctly to the motherboard (have a look at the motherboard's user guide about where the pins of the disk must be for primary/secondary master/slave configuration). Is this the processor of the laptop? If yes then it's strange. Doesn't it have an Intel or AMD identifier?
  20. It is from Masoch (a czech masochist) and it is the reverse of sadism: the person enjoys being tortured and feeling pain. It usually has a sexual meaning but it can be something more generic.
  21. Have a look at Backup>Compression in the Macrium Reflect's options, the option for making a forensic image is there.
  22. WMP 10 is like WMP 9 but better. WMP 11 is like WMP 12 (fewer details, more graphics). I have used both on Windows XP with no problems, it is basically a matter of preference. As for codecs the Shark007 ones are also good (I use them on Windows 8 but they can be used on Windows XP too as far as I remember).
  23. Macrium Reflect Free can create a forensic image of a disk (I know because I use it).
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