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  1. Let's familiarize ourselves with rule 2.b, no political discussions please. Not everyone is going to agree with your beliefs, we do not want that sort of drama here. Thank you!
  2. You can block users here: https://msfn.org/board/ignore/
  3. I love pfSense. Get yourself a decent thinclient and a mPCIe adapter to add a second network jack and have it act as your internet router instead of plugging the internet into a regular store-bought router. Then install pfBlockerNG and one of the feeds is Crazy Max's Microsoft Telemetry, you can add this to your blocking repository. The benefit of doing it this way is any other computer on your network will be forced to abide by these rules. The next benefit is that if you get a new computer, upgrade, or add machines, these rules will always be in place without you having to manually configure them. You may want to fine tune certain things on the OS itself but this in large will help a lot of the snooping from taking place without having to lift a finger.
  4. Tommy

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    Windows XP 64-bit definitely supports more than 4GBs of RAM, but you can also have issues with finding certain drivers depending on what hardware you have. The problem with Windows XP 64-bit is that it was never widely accepted as much as the 32-bit edition so you may run into issues with certain programs as well. You're also limited to Office 2007 as the highest version of Office you can use as Office 2010 will not install on Windows XP 64-bit because it requires Service Pack 3 and 64-bit's latest Service Pack is Service Pack 2, and I haven't been able to find a workaround for it yet. Not that it's a huge deal to some people but it's just things to be mindful of that there are tradeoffs in both versions.
  5. Tommy

    XP with 16 GB RAM

    XP should just ignore the extra amount of RAM in your system. It's not like Windows 9x. I run 32GBs of RAM in my main system and I dual booted Windows 2000 and Windows 10. Windows 2000 just displayed 4GBs while Windows 10 x64 displayed the full 32GBs. Never had an issue until Windows 2000 corrupted itself and I never bothered repairing the installation because I barely used it anymore as it was.
  6. I liked Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 but it seemed to have an interesting bug (at least for me), where an "app would crash" and revert my chosen default program to something else. I've never personally seen an actual crash happen and many times it would just pop up randomly as a breadcrumb on the lower right of the screen, but I've never found any other LTSB/C versions do this. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021 feels too retail to me to really enjoy it. I've never really looked at it under the hood very much but just the way it felt and ran, it felt more like a regular Windows 10 version minus the store. I'm with Trip on the IoT versions as well. Even the activation method is different. Regular LTSC uses KMS where LTSC IoT uses MAK. Two totally different methods.
  7. This thread has been getting too derailed lately. Please stick to the thread topic and remember to stay respectful of everyone, even if you don't agree with their opinions. Let's refer to: 7.b This community is built upon mutual respect. You are not allowed to flame other members. People who do not respect personal opinions and/or personal work will be warned in first instance. If you ignore the warning and keep on flaming, you will be banned without notice. This is the last warning that will be posted on the matter. Do not make us start taking further actions. Stay on topic and be nice! Please and thank you!
  8. Greetings all MSFN members! This post is to serve as a reminder that the report system is not for communicating with moderators. If you need help with your own post, please PM an active moderator or post in the Site & Forum Issues forum. The report system is only to be used for reporting problematic posts or threads made by other users that break the rules. Also, please be sure to include a short description when you do submit a report so it can help us discern the issue with the post quicker and we don't have to spend a lot of time going through other posts to figure out the underlying issue. Thank you!
  9. Welcome to MSFN, Frankhi! I don't currently work in the IT field myself even though I probably could, but I too am the go-to person when anyone has computer questions or just wants their hand held so they don't have to remember how to do simple tasks that they should know how to do.
  10. I made this into its own thread but unsure what to call it. Since this is more of a member project, it deserves its own thread. Feel free to change the title to what your project is called. Thanks!
  11. In theory this seems like a good idea. But keep in mind that any backdoors or other exploits not patched will keep you vulnerable. Your IP address is still public and even though you stay off of bad websites, rogue code can still make your system vulnerable to attack. Today's web is great at linking so much of you together. It's sort of like when you do a Google search of something...say cars...then you log onto Facebook and all of a sudden, you're seeing ads for cars. A couple of things that can help a bit better would be using a VPN even though that's not 100% absolute either. You can also use a hardware firewall like pfSense to help block external traffic from infiltrating your network. But you have to make sure you have it set up correctly so that it filters out what you don't want while allowing what you do want to flow into your network. It's an extra piece of hardware such as a thinclient PC or their proprietary devices, but it's definitely worth it because you can also set up something such as pfBlockerNG with it and block many rogue sites and IPs from getting through to your network in the first place. But that's getting way beyond the scope of Windows 7 support, but rather using these things are better alternatives if you're going to use an outdated operating system on the modern web. One last thing about internet security is that you'd be shocked at just how much internet activity goes on behind the scenes without your knowledge so things can happen without you even realizing it until it's too late.
  12. Let's not start talking about upvotes and likes again. That thread was closed for a reason, do not hijack another thread just to resurface its discussion.
  13. An i7-3770? You should have absolutely no issues whatsoever. I'm running Windows 11 on an i7-2600 and it works fantastic, albeit with a workaround method so it would actually install. But performance-wise, no issues at all. Windows 11 out of the box is where you're going to be limited to late 7th gen Intel CPUs or higher without a workaround.
  14. I'm a bit late to the announcement but this is extremely sad news for me. I credit Den a lot for me becoming a moderator here on MSFN. I still remember he offered the position to me to which I humbly and graciously accepted it. We had some good discussions back and forth and because he was originally into Windows 98 like I was, we easily found common ground that way. Den was a very kind, cordial, and courteous person. When I first heard he was diagnosed with cancer, I was deeply saddened. I lost both my grandparents to cancer and my mother is a cancer survivor, so I don't like cancer very much to say the least. As optimistic as he seemed to be about keeping the cancer at bay, I was really hoping he'd return one day like nothing ever happened. But he'd go months without any sort of an update and that was very worrying to me. Now the worst has happened, but he is at peace now and pain-free, which is the best thing out of a horrible situation like this. Rest in Peace buddy, until we meet again!
  15. I've been using Windows 11 for the past 9 months and honestly, I don't mind it for what it is. Moving past the lack of customization options and how bland the UI looks overall...it's not horrible. Using ExplorerPatcher to return the toolbar to Windows 10 style and bringing back the original control panel version of System Properties helps make it more tolerable. I've pretty much gotten used to the new right click menu. Do I like it? It's alright...but not my favorite. I haven't really played with the tabs in explorer feature yet but I feel it's a bit of a mixed bag as well. It could help save taskbar space but then you have to remember if you have several explorer windows open, which one you may have utilized the tab in. And I'm not sure how that would affect dragging and dropping files either. Either way, Windows 11 feels a bit more stable in my opinion and feels like it has a bit more polish to it as if Microsoft is focusing more of their attention on Windows 11 than on Windows 10. Still, I'm not sure how I feel about these rolling releases. I'm still used to and prefer Service Packs. It felt like with Service Packs, it actually fixed problems rather than introducing a host of new ones. Anyone can correct me if I'm wrong, but it feels as if these new rolling releases are only half tested, and we're supposed to test them out ourselves and provide feedback based on them. But I'm on the new 22H2 release and even though my processor isn't supported (early 7th gen on laptop and 2nd gen on desktop), I haven't run into any major issues and honestly, not many minor issues either. I think my biggest complaint though is how working with default applications works. It hasn't been that awesome since Windows 7, Windows 10 is okay but Windows 11....took it about 50 steps backwards. But to wrap this up, I read an article in which one of the developers said that they were really excited about the release of Windows 11 and that it was on the same level of excitement as the release of Windows 95...I'm yet to see this excitement and just feel as though this is another update as in updating Windows Vista to Windows 7, it feels more like a Service Pack rather than a whole new version.

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