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  1. Ditto! I've enjoyed continuing to use my XP with POSReady updates and hope something similar will be possible for Vista with the appropriate Server updates.
  2. That's precisely what I did too and kb2756918 has not reappeared after starting the machine up again this morning.
  3. This seems to have worked for me too. Rebooted and kb2756918 hasn't reappeared.
  4. Im getting the continual re-prompts to install KB2756918 (.NET Framework 3.0 SP2 security update) here. Its not showing up in add/remove programs despite apparently installing successfully each time. I've tried using NetFX Repair Tool. Any clues on how to resolve the issue?
  5. To play devil's advocate - once those people on the other side of the table discover they can't know much about you, they may very well decide you have something to hide and go do business elsewhere. Frankly, it seems to me we are on a very slippery slope and gaining velocity. I tinkered with 10 for a week after its rollout last year and was horrified by the reports of its snooping, and how tricky it is to completely disable it (all hail NoelC's tenacity in this area) - I haven't booted that partition since (although I'm tempted to ocassionally, just to see what the update does to my multiboot system...).
  6. Yes, definitely attempting to use the correct exe. If there's nothing else to be done, I was wondering if it's possible to modify the file that contains the virus definitions (400.vps) by removing the oldest entries, thus bringing the size back under 200mb (assuming that's the limiting factor). I've no idea if that's achievable, though. FWIW, I've just successfully updated NT4 with the latest 4.8.1368 virus database.
  7. On a stock system (Win98SE, 1ghz P3, 512mb RAM), if you try to install any of the Avast virus database files that are over 200mb (those from about 2015-10-03 onwards) you get an error message - Can't install VPS update. Please, report following errorcodes: Ver: 4.8.1368 SI: 0x00000005 ST: 0x00000008 LE: 0x00000000 On a system with patchmem and kernelex (WinME, 2.8ghz P4 2gb RAM), the latest update will install but on reboot you'll find that the On-access providers fail to start, leaving Avast useless... NT4, 2000 etc are unaffected. Has anybody found (or can suggest) a workaround to continue updating Avast 4.8 on 9x?
  8. The upgrade app on my freshly prepared 8.1 told me my AX300 graphics were incompatible because a suitable driver wasn't available, and therefore I wouldn't be able to proceed. I didn't let that stop me pressing on with a manual upgrade via https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO The installation completed in its own sweet time, my only concern being that my multi-boot menu didn't appear whenever the PC rebooted... Once 10 was installed I went straight to device manager and let it find my ATI8391_Vista32 driver (which also works with 7 and 8.1), and surprise, surprise the AX300 graphics card was no difficulty at all... In control panel I noticed that 'Personalisation' was spelled with an s, and 'Colour' with a u. That's the first time I've seen that out of the box for a UK installation! I still had to use 'Personalization' when creating a registry key to disable the lock screen on boot, though. And so on to the first proper reboot, where, to my mild irritation, I found the problem I was expecting - yes there was no mult-boot menu any more. Now, as I've spent some considerable time setting up this particular playbox to run XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as 3 different Linux distros, I ought perhaps to have been rather more vexed at this point. Instead, I went into 10's Startup And Recovery settings and set the default OS to 8.1 - henceforth my boot menu did return. All of this on a Dell GX280 (3.4ghz P4 and 4gb RAM). I thank you.
  9. Me too! I'm a daily Vista user and get this same behaviour ocassionally. I've always assumed there was some hidden logic as to why it happens but I've never given it enough thought to try spotting a pattern. Other than this particular quirk, I love the look and feel of Vista.
  10. At the moment my system32 has 5.0.2195.6988 [84,192 bytes]. In the v11-d20141130 uninstall folder the halaacpi.dll has the same attributes - is it reasonable to assume that's the correct file to install in system32 from the Driver Cache\i386 folder (renamed, of course)? Edit: discovered the 'Original Filename' of my system32 HAL.DLL and swapped in the newer version from Driver Cache, no problem. I've got a separate issue with regard to Zonealarm, however - BSOD with error 0xc00000050 when I try to install ZA with any version of UURollup all the way back to v10e. Is there any possible workaround? Using real hardware (Dell GX260, 2.8ghz P4, 2GB RAM), btw.
  11. Bulletin 7 'Tampering'. Is that a regular category or likely to be something that defeats the POSReady registry hack?
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