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  1. It seems your homepage has been hacked. The text below appeared in the (old) news item of 17 June 2019 "Windows 10 update will intentionally break some Bluetooth connections" : "___________________________________________________________________________________________" I removed the quote, because there has been time enough for the administrators become aware of the problem, so there is not needed to keep a duplicate of the offending text here.
  2. So are them in my machine, too. Thank you.
  3. More info: I tried other card games and each one failed the same as Solitaire. As WalksInSilence guessed, I enabled the games using the Control Panel. They are not new versions.
  4. I got two other versions of igdumd64.dll, but installing one seems more difficult than just replacing one for other in C:\Windows\System32. If I do this, the display still works the same ( igdumd64.dll is an user, not a system .dll ), but Solitaire fails to find a display driver and does not open . If I replace the video driver using the control panel ( there is another compatible driver in the list ), then replace igdumd64.dll, then return to the Intel Express Q963/965 chipset driver, (with the proper system restarts in between) the system restores the default version of igdumd64.dll BTW, I have always launched Solitaire from its file, never used a shortcut. The only other game I tried yet is Tetris, and it works OK.
  5. Microsoft´s solitaire game opens in this computer and immediately crashes. The system message is: Problem signature: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application program name: Solitaire.exe Program version number: 6.1.7600.16385 Program time/date stamp: 4a5bc9f9 Failed module name: igdumd64.dll Module version number: Module time/date stamp: 4aba758c Exception code: c0000005 Exception offset: 0000000000070c62 Operating system version: 6.1.7601. Place identification: 1046 Additional information 1: cfa9 Additional information 2: cfa960e6b4c4547a2e547d51c23416cb Additional information 3: d3b9 Additional information 4: d3b9a87ac727b849c019f7ad661c15c0 Would anyone help to find the cause and solution of the problem? If it cannot be perceived in the signature, the operating system is 64-bit Win 7 Pro. The game files came with the O/S, but were installed later.
  6. 1.No 2.No 3.None of the machines I use would work as well with Win 10 as they do with Win 7 and I do not plan to to buy another computer.
  7. Well, I found a program from Samsung named Kies3 to be installed in the computer, that made possible to access the phone as an external disk. The version I am using is 3.2.16084.2, found at https://www.techspot.com/downloads/5293-samsung-kies.html
  8. You are right. I overlooked the "F". After folllowing the instructions in answers.microsoft.com and also updating the driver per your second post, the adapter is working. Thank you.
  9. I have a Pentuim 4 Dual computer that has no built-in Wi-Fi. I also have a cable modem/router with Wi-Fi capability. I can use a cellphone connected to the computer by an USB cable to make an Wi-Fi Ethernet connection to the modem with USB tethering and access the Internet with this setup. I am trying to use a no-brand USB Wi-Fi adapter to do the same, but it seems that something is missing. The computer detects the adapter and installs the drivers for it at boot, but cannot access the modem. They are near each other, so a weak Wi_Fi signal may be ruled out. The "properties" panel for the adapter says it is working OK. The list of installed drivers is: C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\FW_2870.bin C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\FW_3573.bin C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\FW_7601.bin C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\FW_7610.bin C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\FW_7662.bin C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\net28u.sys C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\Patch_7662.bin C:\Windows\system32\drivers\vwifibus.sys C:\Windows\system32\RaCoInst.dat C:\Windows\system32\RaCoInst.dll The chip of the adapter is a MediaTek. Its hardware ID is: USB\VID_148&PID_7601&Rev_0000 USB\VID_148&PID_7601 Running Windows network diagnostics returns : "Windows could not bind the protocol stack to the network adapter" (original message was in portuguese; translation is mine) The OS of the computer is 32-bit Windows 7 Home. Why it cannot connect ? PS- There is a topic resembling this, but inactive since 2014, so I am opening a new topis.
  10. I was not able to run VM Ware in this machine. It always exits with en error message about some missing library. Indeed, there seem to be many things missing in this installation of Windows; even solitaire does not run here. As I had more pressing problems, I did scan the documents elsewhere and am only intermittenly looking at this thread.
  11. I have a Galaxy S5 mini connected to this desktop computer (P4 , 2 GB ram) truough an USB cable. At boot, Windows recognizes the device and tries to install it as a removable media player. I do no want it as a media player, would like instead to install as a removable storage device, so I could access any files stored in the phone. How can I do this ? I know that at least some smartphones can appear as removable storage, but do not know how. O/S of the computer is 32 bit Windows 7 Home.
  12. There aren´t any drivers for64 bit XP available from Canon. The last drivers are for 32 bit XP. Some people in w7forums say those drivers also work for 32 bit Vista, but no one mentioned 64 bit systems. Is there any way to emulate a 32 bit XP system in 64 bit W7 ?
  13. I am trying to install an old Canon scanner in this computer. O/S is Win 7 Pro 64 bit. The scanner model is D640U. I/O is USB. Windows detects the hardware, but fails to install a driver. Of course, the scanner does not work in this situation. Canon website says there is no driver for this model and O/S and that either it does not need any driver or a driver is already included with Windows. I searched in driverguide, driverspec and some other websites, and it seems that they don´t have any driver available for a Windows version later than XP. The last Windows version in the scanner installation CD is 98ME... Is there any workaround ?
  14. @siria You said: -->From your post it's obvious to me that the msfn-layout is the same desaster --> for you as for me, due to old OS+browsers. I don't know whether it is the same, but it is certainly a disaster. --> And those iframe-links are the worst failure, not displaying anything at all, --> only empty white space - for you too? No, I think both FF2.0.20 and Retro support iframes, but never really checked by comparing the page source to the display in this case. --> (I had to dabble with inventing userscripts to get access in old KM1.6) Would you please explain better what you mean by this ? --> And in general it helps a LOT to kill the page style, that makes lots of --> inaccessible forum links appear again (in FF: View>PageStyle>No Style). Some pages appear better without style, some with basic page style. Anyway, I could login at MSFN using Retro without style, but could not post. I am using FF27 under Linux in this same machine to write and post this reply. --> And do you have Opera12.02 too? No, and I thought that the last version of Opera that worked under Win98 without extensions was 9-something.

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