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  1. I was not able to run VM Ware in this machine. It always exits with en error message about some missing library. Indeed, there seem to be many things missing in this installation of Windows; even solitaire does not run here. As I had more pressing problems, I did scan the documents elsewhere and am only intermittenly looking at this thread.
  2. I have a Galaxy S5 mini connected to this desktop computer (P4 , 2 GB ram) truough an USB cable. At boot, Windows recognizes the device and tries to install it as a removable media player. I do no want it as a media player, would like instead to install as a removable storage device, so I could access any files stored in the phone. How can I do this ? I know that at least some smartphones can appear as removable storage, but do not know how. O/S of the computer is 32 bit Windows 7 Home.
  3. There aren´t any drivers for64 bit XP available from Canon. The last drivers are for 32 bit XP. Some people in w7forums say those drivers also work for 32 bit Vista, but no one mentioned 64 bit systems. Is there any way to emulate a 32 bit XP system in 64 bit W7 ?
  4. I am trying to install an old Canon scanner in this computer. O/S is Win 7 Pro 64 bit. The scanner model is D640U. I/O is USB. Windows detects the hardware, but fails to install a driver. Of course, the scanner does not work in this situation. Canon website says there is no driver for this model and O/S and that either it does not need any driver or a driver is already included with Windows. I searched in driverguide, driverspec and some other websites, and it seems that they don´t have any driver available for a Windows version later than XP. The last Windows version in the scanner installation CD is 98ME... Is there any workaround ?
  5. @siria You said: -->From your post it's obvious to me that the msfn-layout is the same desaster --> for you as for me, due to old OS+browsers. I don't know whether it is the same, but it is certainly a disaster. --> And those iframe-links are the worst failure, not displaying anything at all, --> only empty white space - for you too? No, I think both FF2.0.20 and Retro support iframes, but never really checked by comparing the page source to the display in this case. --> (I had to dabble with inventing userscripts to get access in old KM1.6) Would you please explain better what you mean by this ? --> And in general it helps a LOT to kill the page style, that makes lots of --> inaccessible forum links appear again (in FF: View>PageStyle>No Style). Some pages appear better without style, some with basic page style. Anyway, I could login at MSFN using Retro without style, but could not post. I am using FF27 under Linux in this same machine to write and post this reply. --> And do you have Opera12.02 too? No, and I thought that the last version of Opera that worked under Win98 without extensions was 9-something.
  6. On October 8, 2017 roytam1 said: >New build which is working in Win95 OSR2! >http://o.rthost.cf/gpc/files1.rt/rzbrowser-tls12-20171008.7z >Updated files are available here: https://github.com/rn10950/RetroZilla/issues/7#issuecomment-334985097 Congratulations. It worked fine in Windows 98SE without any extensions, smoothly displacing Firefox 2..0.20. All options, history, bookmarks and extensions were kept. There are still some problems: 1) With very long webpages, it sometimes stops responding, and has to be killed. I first noticed this when looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transport_Layer_Security 2) I could not post this comment sooner because Retro garbles the msfn login page and other msfn pages are also poorly rendered. So I had to use other computer. This is not worse than with FF 2.0.20, but a newer version of Gecko would be nice. The github site link names a .zip file, but the file the link points to has the extension .docx. Is this right? Machine: 300MHZ Pentium 2, with 288MB of RAM.
  7. mspaint is behaving oddly in a Win 98SE machine: On start, it displays the message "Not enough memoryor resources to complete operation. Please close some programs and try again". Then only the top bar and a blank page appear . If I select File->New, it repeats the message and exits when I click OK. If I select File->Open, it also repeats the message but opens the file nevertheless. The toolbar is displayed and I can edit and save the modified file. I uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled it without any effect. The machine has the same 288 MB of RAM and 300MHz Pentium 2 processor it had. Only Windows Explorer appears to be running. Any ideas ?
  8. It is too late, perhaps... The service packs and much other software mentioned in Dencorso's post of january 3, 2010 are no longer available from Microsoft (404 error when following the links). Would someone in this thread please supply copies of them or would this infringe Microsoft's license ? Thanks for the attention A digression- Has anybody else noticed that MSFN's site is almost useless under Firefox 2.0.20 (which is the last version that can be used under Windows 98 without resorting to KernelEx) ?
  9. I have a qestion related to this topic: wixerzp said in the original post >Then I set up an static IP ... In every Internet connection I did so far, the server or the gateway provided the IP address of the client machine, and the client had no say about it. Is it possible for the client to choose its IP address in some cases ? If yes, which ?
  10. I tried the zip version of Starter and it installs and works. However, it hangs (stops, neither keyboard nor mouse respond any longer) if I try to kill explorer. It shows quite a few more processes running than the native dialog box, but killing anyone does not change the behaviour of scandskw. There two versions of scandskw.exe; 4.70.1998 and 4.90.3000, in this machine, but only version 4.70.1998 of dskmaint.dll. Nevertheless, both versions of scandskw work (fail) the same way. I believe that, as dencorso said, some software is writing to disk, but it has so far impossible to find.
  11. While a hardware problem can never be disproved, there is against this hypothesis the fact that scandisk, whether started by the power switch or from command line in DOS mode, always runs without problem and does not report any error, whlie scandskw alway fails. I downloaded CodeStufStarter from codestuff.obninsk.ru, but it refuses to install, because of some issue with user32.dll (see attachment).start.txt
  12. There is not any screensaver in use nor monitor timeout. I did disable stimon before asking this forum. Indeed, the only thing in win.ini /system.ini I am in some doubt is cmmpu; anything nonessential was already disabled. I could not kill explore. If I try, using ctrl-alt-del, the turn-off dialog box "Do you want to put computer in standby turn computer off restart computer restart computer in DOS mode " appears, and if I check any of the options, it is performed. If I do not check any and wait, the box "The process is not responding ................................................ Do you want to End task Cancel " appears, but if i chose "end task" , both boxes close and explorer keeps running. I tested scandisk also in Windows safe mode, and it behaved the same. The "log results" option in scandisk menu is not checked.
  13. I have been experiencing the same problem lately, that is, scandskw starts, repeats the "checking FAT" and "checking directories" 10 times, then issues the message "Scandisk was restarted 10 times because some software is interfering with it by writing to disk" . If I chose "continue", it does this again and again. Pressing ctrl-alt-del shows only scandisk itself and explorer as running processes. I noticed I have two versions of scandskw in this machine, 4.79.1998 and 4.90.3000 ; both act the same way. I also tried the dmindr32 I downloaded from the mdgx site and it also acts the same, except that it does not try 10 times before issuing the error message. If I force DOS scandisk, by turning the machine off and on with the power switch, it proceeds to the end without finding any error. I did pull the network plug to check if this was not caused by a network interrupt, but nothing changed. I remember that I did use scandskw in the past without this problem, but the last time was several months ago, so I cannot tell what changed since. I do not even remember whether it was before or after I upgraded this machine from Windows 98 to 98SE early in this year. Current configuration O/S: Windows 98 SE HD: 4.7 GB IDE, one FAT32 partition
  14. Since about one month ago, the error message "Windows Explorer has stopped working" has been appearing at random in this computer. In each case, selecting the option "Restart Explorer" has worked, without any problem other than the closing of any folders that were open on the desktop. The option "Look online for a solution" does not return anything. I did not intentionally install any new software about the time this problem began. I could not see anything suspicious using msconfig. The only other thing I noticed is that opening of folders seems slower. I attached two typical "details" of the error messages. The only diiference between the details messages is in the offset values. There are quite a few of them, and I selected two that appear very often. The strings after the semicolons are translations I added. O/S: Win 7 Home Starter X86. Desktop: traditional (Not Aero). EXPLCRSH.TXT
  15. Some more info; I tried nirsoft´s utilities. bulletspasswords did not work in this case, but dialuppass did. Thank you for the tip. Anyway, I would like to dig deeper. Any of these programs must look for the the saved password in some file or other. Any idea about the names of such files?
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