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  1. Hi, thank you. I've never installed certificates manually before. Seems to work great, I only added a couple. I guess it's possible other important ones are missing but who can say. Of course then 360 Extreme Browser decided to crash every single time it was closed, but that's another matter for another time. My friend came to get his computer, so, whatever!
  2. We know that. That's who siria linked to. There was no other content in his post. siria was the first person to bring it up in the relevant topic. My instructions were not posted here. They're on reddit, where that solution was shared earlier. Meanwhile people here have been going in circles with various browsers, useragents and URL tricks.
  3. And the prize goes to siria. June 2020, I wrote: You need to restrict the user agent to youtube.com or it will wreak havok in other areas. For instance, it's not possible to sign in to YouTube (if you aren't already) as a Google bot. ------------------------- On this end, by default the polymer site loads correctly in Firefox 52 and Chrome 49. They're awful, of course. And the worst thing (for those of use who really use YouTube) is that the video manager has been replaced with the godawful polymer studio. You know. To respond faster to user requests and add all the great features you want. That part of the site is just really slow and messed up, in particular uploading.
  4. What's the solution for this? I was trying to load my 12.0.1016 on a friend's computer and well, yeah. Lots of certificate errors, and clicking the link crashed the page half of the time, the other half my test site (avira.com) loaded incorrectly with no formatting. I don't have these issues on my own computer.
  5. Hey, thanks. I will do these mods and see how it goes. I briefly checked around and didn't see anything, but I'll have to use the browser a little to verify the results.
  6. I've been using 12.0.1016 for a while now, and it's not bad, but the worst thing is the Chinese and Russian. There seems to be no obvious way to tell the browser or sites that it shouldn't be Russian; pages keep showing up in Russian and not all of them let you easily switch languages, or remember when you do. The Chinese, well, some parts of the browser remain Chinese. All in all it's significantly frustrating. Memory usage also seems high, loads of processes for just a few tabs. And now I'm reading updates might make it worse. Great tool, but it hasn't been a main browser for me yet.
  7. Tempting, but... nerve wracking. Can you trust your logins, personal data and system to this? Any other software, rootkits, keyloggers, I mean, I don't know what I'm getting here. Do you?
  8. "Interesting" topic going on here... This is a report. Serpent 2019.12.13 (32-bit), XP SP3 Check rendering on https://tv.avclub.com/tegridy-farms-provides-christmas-blow-in-south-park-sea-1840382286 Similar to what is shown on Firefox 52.9.0, although Serpent will load the comment applet, unlike Firefox or Chrome 49. Several projects out there, but if they can't render pages, they aren't doing much...
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