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  1. Do you need a working USA phone to receive the verification code when you first register Google Voice? I want to register Google Voice, I will try my luck with a USA VPN, but I think I still need a working USA phone to receive the verification code.
  2. These 2 should help: Force standard frame rates (24, 25, 30 FPS) ON Force MP4 format and AVC codec (H.264) ON
  3. Thanks rereser, I restored the 2 Reg Keys from a Backup, and it worked.
  4. Hi, I had my 'Folder View' set to a certain way, differently for different folders, for example: Arrange Icons By > Name, View > Icons - in one folder, View > List - in another... I changed Computer name in System Properties, and now all my 'Folders View' is reset as if I just installed XP. Is there a way to Restore my previous 'Folders View'? Changing back to my initial Computer name didn't help. Where does XP save this?
  5. Remove evr.dll from MPC-HC directory
  6. Chromium 115 for Win XP https://github.com/weolar/xpchrome/releases I tried it for 10-15 min on 2-3 websites, works "OK" The only problem I noticed for now, I can't install Extensions from .crx hmm. I can install latest uBlock Origin 1.53.0 from Chrome web store without problem. But, if I download latest uBlock Origin 1.53.0 from crx4chrome, and I try to install it from the .crx with drag&drop, it treats it as a download and the .crx ends up in the Downloads folder, and I can't install the Extension from .crx hmm. How can I install the Extension if I already have the .crx file?
  7. Hi UCyborg, is this the program you use? (PEview 0.9.9) http://wjradburn.com/software/
  8. MPC-HC 2.1.2 for XP: pixeldrain.com/u/KEawd9co LAVFilters 0.78.0 for XP: pixeldrain.com/u/YMzvVDUE Credits to Maroc@MDL
  9. Thanks Mina. Is github.com best place to search for such JS polyfills? I tried to restore Discord on 360Chrome v11, with Object.fromEntries Polyfill + Object.hasOwn Polyfill, Discord opens but it doesn't show any messages hmm, Console shows: Uncaught DOMException: Failed to execute 'setItem' on 'Storage': Setting the value of 'GameStore' exceeded the quota. I wonder if it also reqires something else in order to show the Discord messages.
  10. Hi guys, where can I find Object.fromEntries Polyfill [73]?
  11. @NotHereToPlayGames By unsupported OS / Service Pack, I mean unsupported by 360Chrome. How 360Chrome determines what is unsupported - I don't know all cases when this happens. BTW, which IDA version do you use?
  12. Hi ArcticFoxie, this is NOT result of a real-time "protection" scan, this message only shows if you try to run 360Chrome on an unsupported OS/Service Pack, and it only means that 360Chrome can't start on the specific OS/Service Pack.

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