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  1. UCyborg, thank you so much for this. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks, I tried to install it but unfortunately it says: "An error has occurred, Download interrupted, Failed - No file" and I can't install it on Chrome 49.
  3. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. Is it possible to install this extension on Chrome 49?
  4. Thanks for this suggestion DragonSC7601, really appreciated, I tried it and I think it works good, unfortunately the Server icons still don't show in Chrome 49.
  5. I see, OK thanks. Is it possible to download and install a Discord Certificate and try if that would change anything?
  6. @kuja killer, thanks for confirming that the Server icons are not showing for you also in Chrome 49. I know this is a wishful thinking but do you think we can import some file or something from Firefox 52 into Chrome 49 and make the icons show in Chrome 49 also?
  7. My bad, thanks for the correction.
  8. I think Firefox 52.9.1 is not an official release, I tried it for a short time and there were 1-2 things I didn't like so I went back to 52.9.0, not sure it would fix your freeze/lag/screen flicker issue but you can always try it.
  9. @kuja killer, I recommend you try Firefox 52.9.0 Discord Server icons show for you in Chrome 49 or are disappeared also?
  10. Hi guys, do you know how I can make the Discord Server icons on the left to show in Google Chrome 49.0.2623.112? They worked fine at first but I guess Discord made some changes and some time ago they disappeared for me in Chrome: The Server icons still show for me in Firefox 52.9.0:
  11. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. Now comes the most difficult part (for me), try not to damage any internal parts and try to put everything back together the way it was. I have opened it before, taken out more than 15 screws and unplugged 2-3 things, but I have never reached the place where the CMOS Battery is located. It will be risky but I will try it.
  12. OK, I will check the old battery wires first to make sure which is + and -. After I connect the wires, just to double-check if the positive wire is connected to the positive side of the battery, is there some tool I can use to check this, like VoltMeter? About the heat-shrink sleeve, I will try your advice and stretch it from the inside. Will standard-size pliers work? Or I will have to use thin pliers with round edges to avoid accidentally cutting it? I will try not to damage it, but if I have to buy another heat-shrink sleeve, can this be bought in most electronic shops locally? Is the material (polyethylene, polypropylene) same for all battery sleeves? And what thickness size should I get?
  13. I meant to unplug the plastic white pin connector (not sure if that is the right term) from the motherboard, the thing he does at 1:49 in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzr7Mbm1L3k&t=98s Using conductive tape to connect the wires to the battery is safer and prevents possible damage? Or it just ensures that there is a good contact between the wires and the battery? I don't have conductive tape right now but I can ask around and buy if needed. If for example I use a black insulation tape to connect the wires to the battery, would that be dangerous? Or it would just have poor contact between the wires and the battery? Is the black wire always the negative?
  14. Thanks guys. Thanks to RainyShadow's great pics I know where the battery is located now. Hi Reiny, I zoomed-in on the 1st pic and I am pretty sure it says: CR2032/2..... | 7 3 12 And great info from jaclaz for the 2-pin and 3-pin possibilities. Well, now I feel a bit more confident to open it myself sometime and examine it. When I get to the CMOS Battery, first I plan to remove the pin connector, then gently pull it up and see if it has some sort of glue that is maybe holding it to the motherboard. Are there any chances of me damaging the motherboard if I just try to pull it up? It's not gonna be soldered or spot-welded to the motherboard, is it? This disassembly video is the closest to my model I could find: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1AWXhoK9pI (CMOS Battery seen at 12:43)
  15. Hi guys, I noticed lately that every time the electricity goes off and comes back on again the laptop tries to start itself automatically and shows a screen that says: "CMOS Settings Wrong | CMOS Date/Time Not Set" ... and I have to manually set the time and date every time it happens. I think my Laptop CMOS Battery is used/dead and I need a new CMOS Battery. I think to get to the CMOS Battery I will have to take apart almost the whole laptop, not sure if I will try this myself or I might take it to a laptop-repair professional. I saw a few CMOS Battery replacements on other laptop models and on the CMOS Battery it says: CR 2032 Do all CMOS Batteries model CR 2032 have same dimensions and same diameter? Last time we replaced the electric car key it used the same CMOS Battery model CR 2032, it has a diameter of 20 mm, and it also says on the battery: Lithium Cell 3V. Will this same CMOS Battery model that we used for our electric car key will work for my Asus S96J Laptop? Or I will have to buy a special type of CMOS Battery specifically for my Laptop model? Thanks for your time.
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