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  1. Hi guys, if I want to apply mixit's fix on Firefox ESR 52.9.0 for example, where do I need to put this file cubeb_winmm.c? A little help?
  2. Thanks for this mixit. How to implement this fix?
  3. Thanks Usher. I appreciate it. I think my connection is pretty stable, 30 Mb dl, 10 Mb up. This never happens to me with Chrome 49 or any other Chrome-derived browser on 720p. The fact that it only happens to me with Firefox and never with Chrome leads me to believe that the problem is not the connection. I wonder what the problem could be, and why it happens only with Firefox but never with Chrome.
  4. Hi @modnar, I am not sure if we talk about the same issue. When I watch youtube video with Firefox or Firefox-derived browser on 720p, often the audio will continue but the image will freeze for 7 seconds. This doesn't happen on 480p. I have 2GB RAM, maybe upgrade to 4GB RAM would fix this, not sure.
  5. Thanks Humming Owl, I really appreciate it. I'll see what I can do. I will have this in mind UCyborg, thanks.
  6. Hi @Humming Owl, this is what I get when I try to start v9 and v11 on Win XP Pro x86 SP2: I think v9 and v11 use a function that requires SP3, maybe if that function is removed it could work on SP2. I could be wrong.
  7. @dmiranda, thanks for the winmerge suggestion, seems promising. @UCyborg, I see, OK thanks. It's possible that such a program doesn't exist, and if it DOES exist maybe not many people know about it. Thanks guys.
  8. Thanks dmiranda, it seems like a great program. I tried to find 1111 in a .doc text document but unfortunately it couldn't find it. I think UCyborg is correct, I found an article saying that .docx and .pdf documents are binary (not plaintext), and that Notepad++ is an editor for plaintext files. https://community.notepad-plus-plus.org/topic/16178/faq-desk-why-does-my-docx-file-look-like-junk-in-notepad Can LibreOffice or OpenOffice successfully replace text in many .doc files at once? Or some other program?
  9. Hi UCyborg, I was looking for a program that can replace text in many files at once, Notepad++ was one of the recommended ones. If I try to replace a 3 letter word in a test .doc document: one to two it works OK. If I try to replace a 2 digit number in a test .doc document: 11 to 22 it works OK. If I try to replace a 1 digit number in a test .doc document: 1 to 2 it gets corrupted. If I try to replace a 4 digit number in my actual .doc document: 1111 to 2222 for some reason it can't replace it, which leads me to believe it can't detect the 1111 . To be honest, I really don't know why this happens. Do you think it's possible to successfully replace text in many .doc files at once with Notepad++? Or some other program?
  10. Thanks, I appreciate it. After you clicked Replace in Files, were you able to open both .doc files? Or they were corrupted and couldn't be opened? BTW, I found one more text program: Sublime Text.
  11. It seems like Notepad++ is still great. Can someone do a quick test for me in Notepad++? 1. make a New Folder 2. create two word documents inside: a.doc and b.doc, both containing the number 0, nothing else, just: 0 3. start Notepad++ > Search > Find in Files..., Directory - select the New Folder you created, Find what: 0, Replace with: 1, press "Replace in Files" 4. check if 0 is replaced with 1 in both files: a.doc and b.doc When I do this in Notepad++, both .doc files get corrupted and when I re-open them (after Recover) they are empty. Maybe I need some additional software for this to work properly, not sure. Can you tell me if this works properly for you?
  12. TextCrawler installer around 2.5 MB UltraEdit installer around 13 MB, not really lightweight X-SciTE zip around 2 MB Programmer's Notepad 2 MB PSPad 8 MB You never know which one will finish your specific task faster until you try a few. I don't have much experience with them but they were recommended to me among others when I was looking for a program that can replace text in more files at once. For some reason replacing letters worked OK but replacing numbers in .doc files didn't work with all programs including Notepad++, I haven't really investigated why that happens but I guess that is a topic for another time.
  13. @ArcticFoxie - No problem, I think @IXOYE also uses SP2 but not sure if it's x86 or x64. I started 360Chrome 13.0.1106.0\Chrome\Application\360chrome.exe and again BSOD.
  14. Hi ArcticFoxie, I just tested this 1106 version on x86 SP2 and got BSOD 3 times in a row when I try to start it: I didn't change any settings, just unpack and start X-360cse.exe .

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