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  1. lol, talk about desprite for money..... - no bets made soo far, hehe. (that doll looks so funny looking)
  2. LOL, that is funny.... Admin must have forgotten. BTW: I thought Dynex was part of the GeekSquad from BestBuy?? Or is it just a cheap company who sells to anyone..... (I hate Dynex rather use "Great Quality" )
  3. Cool, didn't know that! Of course windows will never survive a full 180 days without it going currpt or a virus wipes out your system. So after 6 months, it is probably time to re-install Windows Again. lol
  4. thats much better..... actually your post has a lot to say Also have you been reading this topic? Link: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=49457 B)
  5. [quote name='Pantharen' date='Jun 29 2005, 09:19 AM']Burningman (when I attended) was almost a spiritual avent, however; not that your required to buy tickets, and reservations, and bullsh** it's probably not worth attending because it's not too political. Back in the 90's it was a few hundred people gathering in the desert for a week of partying, and connections, and communing with nature and sh** like that, ending it all off with the burning of a 60' wooden figure repesenting a human figure.[/quote] Weird, sounds just like NewAge Crap... meditation and BS of the like. (I will become ONE with MSFN.org lol )
  6. Same here, Iam not saying that M$ can't copy FireFox, but almost everything that M$ makes is full of major bugs, security risks, bloat, and other non-usefull junk. For example; Windows Media Player 10 takes a good 3-8 secs to fully load, depending on your Sys. Specs. Windows Media Player 7 or better-yet WinAMP v5 only takes 1-3 secs on almost any PC.... Windows has awlays been know for BloatWare. The reason Longhorn keeps getting delayed is because M$ keeps side tracking on other projects for Longhorn. Insted of making and working on one really good feature for Longhorn, testing it and then enhancing it, they decide to work on 50+ projects at the same time for Longhorn. So what we get is M$ having to keep up with thier own updates and fixes due to them being so overwhelmed and confused. working on too many things at once.... Now M$ wants to change yet another thing in Longhorn, how long will that take? How much coding and work will that affect thier prevesis work that was already completed???
  7. I think for the most part they did target grokster and streamcast. But this is a very stupid way to do it in. And this brings the next possible point - whos next? If the courts get away with this, not only is it a waste of money and time passing the laws and taking them to court, but it is totaly arse backwards.....
  8. I think most people just say Windows without thinking. America is soo brainwashed.... Windows is the most know to the avg PC user, and Windows is the only thing that new users have heard of. When a N00wBie buys a crapy PC like Dell, gateway, HP, ect... it comes prei-nstalled with yours truly - "Windows XXX". So for the most part people don't even have a clue about other OS's. So when they hear of Linux, unix, red hat, ect.... they freak out and try to act cool by saying "Windows". I would have to say Windows is the more freindly user type, but i only say that because once I was a n00Wbie too. And just like most of us, i used Windows because that is what my Family bought for me. But just imagine what today would be like if everyones first OS was a Linux, Unix, ect... based OS??? Then what would we say?? Linux - right? If you have never tried anything else but Windows, then give it a try before saying Windows is the better one. Each OS's has a different plus and minus about them. my 2 cents
  9. PS2 is what I voted. But what about PSP? I like the PSP a lot! L8- B)
  10. I have a GameShark v5+ with network, so I got all the Cheats the first day the game came out! Another good thing about the network version, is it will save the cheats to your mem card. Cool. Best $24.99 I ever Spent.....
  11. More cheats here: http://www.gamewinners.com/noframes.htm
  12. I have never cared for any of the WarCraft series. Played the first one for a while, and have never gone back to it.... But other RPG games I like.
  13. PC: 1- Half-Life 2 2- Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory 3- Star Wars - Battlefront 4- FarCry (#4 only because it is much older now) 5- UT2004 EDIT: - also check out Silent Hunter III for the PC (great simulation) PS2: 1- GT4 2- GT4 3- GT4 4- GT4 5- GT4
  14. that ATI card is not that great of a card to be using on this game, and only 64MB of shared memory at that. Amazing it worked!!!!..... Try turning all the options down to the mim and restart the game. Also check your drivers and software settings via the control panel and see if that helps. Have you applied all hotfixes and updates? defrag the HD? check simple system settings for any errors.
  15. My gamerz account must be currpted, cause after I installed the Demo and restarted my PC the game will not load. Just shows a big black window, then it quickly closes. Can't figure it out. all my drivers are installed and work perfect with all my other games. My system is by far pass the recomended requirements. This is the only game that will not load on my system All these games are installed on my gamerz account: (and they all work great!) - FarCry - NFS underground 1 & 2 - Battlefront - TonyHawks underground 2 - Spintercell 1, 2, & 3 - half-life 2 - UT2004 - MOH 1&3 - COD - SimCity 4 RH - Jedi Acamedy - MYST 1, 2, & 3 but this demo of battlefield 2 will not load. it will install fine without any erros?? this is p***ing me off.....
  16. lol - yah until you die.... hehe love turning the keyboard, like it does anything, lamo you guys should see my dad play games, he will litertly jump around and turn his body when playing the action war games
  17. I have the slim edition and it gets hot, until i put a fan system behind it. On my old PSone it never died, and i would leave it on for days on end.... Wouldn't recomend it on the newer slim PS2's though, they seem to get hotter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ And GT4 is the bomb. Yes this game kicks butt. My only complaint is the games learning curve is a little too hard compared to the other releases. But the AI is great and makes the game more life like. For those of you who prefer XBox, PS has better games with better game play. unlike XBox, which does have better graphics for the most part, XBox is not as fun compared to PS!!
  18. would have to be a registry edit/hack..... haven't seen one for that yet
  19. who said anything about paying for it? lol, jk. i got MSDN. But really Pro is better performing when compared to home. Search the other older topics under this form, you find all the proof. My games also seem to work better under Pro verses home due to the memory managment in pro. (after it has been properly configured) Pro is easier to modify and has more options to configure. Bottom line: Most users will not see a difference between home and pro. so save your money. But if you want the best and most features with full admin access, network setups, and security, get Pro without question.
  20. I second that if quality is not an issue. cheap and does the very basics. BTW: This is the wrong topic, and this poll is not usable and how did you miss "PNY"?
  21. LOL I like that one also!
  22. Both thumbs most of the time. 'Right Handed'. (BTW: wouldn't this topic be better in the "General" area? )
  23. (i know this is kinda old - but so what ) Download Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5 (FreeWare!) EDIT: looks like the link is dead, search google for Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.5', you will get it! If I have time I will update my website with v10.5. But for the mean time if you have no idea what "Longhorn Transformation Pack" is visit my website for more info and screenshots. Currently Im hosting version 9.0 (link to webpage). B) L8-
  24. Thank You! I thought I was the only one having this problem.... So far this is how you uninstall Longhorn: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - You do not have to re-format your HD or the partition. - Make sure you delete all of the Longhorn Files found on your HD or second partion. - Edit the boot.ini file. ("?:\boot.ini and then remove the Longhorn entry. Save and exit. - Reboot windows for changes to take effect. but the new "Boot Manager" dialog is still there upon startup. Althogh it doesn't harm anything I still find it quite annoying myself. If I find a solution i'll post back with the info.

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