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  1. opera 9.1

    I hate opera for some reason, even though its the best on resources and speed.
  2. Graphics Tutorials

    Excellent list, most of these I bookmarked. So have stopped working though.
  3. "PS7 or PSCS2?"

    I cannot remember using PS7 long time ago, but CS2 rocks. Waiting for CS3, cuz it gona be much better, with the help of Macromedia.
  4. Favorite Pc Make

    HP, but I hate all that s*** they put on it. On the XP disk. I would rather custom build one.
  5. External HDD, I recomment WD My Book HDD, available in various sizes.
  6. Footy World Cup 2006

    A bit late I know, but it would be Brazil. Even thought Italy won.
  7. Which Internet Browser do you use.

    Moz Fx also IE7
  8. How Many DVD's do you have?

    Less than 50. Im poor. LOL
  9. Gameplay or Graphics?

    Half way between.
  10. how much ram does ur xp use?

    200 when using Firefox. But 130mb when not.
  11. How Much Times Do You Roll Over At Night

    I think about 5 times.
  12. 3rd Party "Microsoft Updates"

    Just use nLite, but not 3rd party updates.
  13. Have u made any big mistake?

    Buying a WinME computer, when WinXP just came out.
  14. Best Program used to compress files

    WinRAR very good, but not free. 7zip has best compress I think, but not by much. And is free. TugZip another good one, free and many formats to create such as CAB files. 800th POST!
  15. Computer crashes

    Hardly, every since I upgraded to WinXP Home. WinME killed me nearly. I was so amazed with XP, loved it too bits. LOL