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  1. I'm using yahoo as my e-mail, and they will filter them out before I get a chance to get it. Besides that, there is no quarantining involved with the solution I run. Except me of course. Yeah, all I was asking was for a few links to a couple of pages that did have viruses available. If you would like to PM me the links that would be great. The thread is all about testing, so, there are no harmful intentions in the topic of this thread.
  2. I did a search, but I didn't come up with what I was looking for. I'm not sure if this should belong in this section or not. Anyhow, I'm looking for actually websites that have a database of the latest viruses for download. It is very difficult to purposely get your hands on some viruses. Do anyone know of any specific websites where I can get my hands on like the Nimda, Bagle, etc... This is for testing purposes only, as I work for a software security company, and would like to put these viruses up against our product.
  3. it was the network version that I had put on there for the time being. seeing as how this was the very stuff that was intended to be installed on networks, it locked down a lot of stuff and was to powerful for a semi-noob home user like herself. but now she is starting to realize that I probably have the only alternative. She isn't to happy with Norton right now. She has been e-mailing back and forth to Tech. support (which we all know tech support people don't ever know crap about computers), and they just keep telling her to try stuff she has already tried. And the messed up thing is, that in order to talk to someone on the phone, they charge you like $30. She has had it for no more than a week, and they don't provide any free tech. support (Not even for a limited time). So, needless to say, she is not paying $30 for a phone conversation. Here is one of the problems she is having. When she goes to do a live update, and the update comes back with certain parts are not being updated. It says here subscription date (or whatever it's called) is dated at 12/something/1899. Norton even has the problem listed on their site. It's states something like "If your Live Update is reading a date of 1899, then there are several solutions to the problem". Then it proceeds to list like 8 different solutions (to which none have worked so far). The tech. support lady that she is in contact with through e-mail, requested screen shots. So I had to take the screen shots for her, so she could attach them into the e-mail and send it to the lady.
  4. I think she got the Norton Internet Security 2005 and the Norton Anti-spam 2005. She can't get the Live Updates to work on the NIS and she can't get the execuatble to launch the console for the Anti-spam (unless she is in Outlook, then she can play around with settings for specific e-mails) from the desktop shortcut. Funny thing is, I installed our security software onto her machine and it works perfect. But our software was to secure for her (if there ever was such a thing).
  5. My g/f mom has a Gateway(don't ask) that came with Windows Media Center Edition on it. I can't really tell what the difference is between it and XP Home, besides a few little media geared software that's installed. But internally, there must be something different between the two, because she had purchased Norton Internet security for it, and the freakin thing wouldn't launch properly. You had to go in and fix the software and edit the registry just for it to work(didn't go over to well for a semi-noob 40+ year old woman). So, she had been trying to fix it for like 3 weekends straight, till finally she came to me for help, and I double checked everything for her, then came to find out that the executable had the wrong path in it. I had to go in and change the path so that it would point to the proper .MSI file so that it would run the configuration screen. Then she bought the Anti-Spam software, and the same thing, however, I don't know what the path is for it yet, because she couldn't find the information. What's up with the AV products software and them being compatible with MC edition?
  6. Just give me Tabbed Browsing...Or give me Death!
  7. Problem is, he said they tried DF, and it dosen't suit their environment.
  8. Why not use both?.....lol. I would have to admit though, I use FF about 99% of the time. When purchasing anything from the web, I use IE for that. Not to confident in using the other browsers when doing a transaction as so many sites still might cater more to IE.
  9. Are you using other tools that have to have NAT? What makes "working through NAT" as having to be an essential part of the solution? What about SSL communications?
  10. Have you taken a look at ImmuneEngine?
  11. Oh, for sure. Hopefully by next year. "Go to Market" strategies have to be put into place, not to mention political battles must be over come. If the name changes to something else, I will be sure to let you know that this is the very ImmuneE product that I was telling you about a year ago.
  12. Oh, didn't get a chance to thank you for participating. About the interface, I honestly don't think it's going to change. I think the concept is to keep it as simple (push button style) as possible. And not to make it graphics intensive to which it would take up rescources otherwise. I e-mailed you back, and answered your questions by the way. Hope that answers your questions to satisfaction. If you can think of any other questions, you have my e-mail and aim.
  13. I don't understand your comments, but ok. By the way, no one ever claimed you shoulod use only one product to secure your computer. That would be foolish. As a position of our company, we don't even market that way. It's called Defense-In-Depth Architecture. And I do believe I have mentioned this before. It's funny how people come on here and try to claim "spam this, and spam that". I haven't sold a single piece of software to anyone I even showed it to. Nor have I told them to go buy it (not to mention, they can't even purchase it for their home PC right now anyways). So, your sarcasim is not needed. If you don't have any interest in what I have to show you, or what I have to say, then mind your own buisness, and let some real people enjoy new technology. PS..And you consider yourself a techie...sheesh.
  14. But they do update in the same fashion. They both use a central location and executables that get updated. Maybe that's why he was comparing it to Windoz auto updates.
  15. I'm finally getting around to setting up a little network at home, so I can demo during the weekend for those who want to participate. So, hopefully, I will have something going this Sat.

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