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  1. Well I say no becasue... The HD is not SATA, I don't like the case or keyboard, I hate P4, Use AMD!!!, That sound card doesn't support EAX 3 or HDv4, and The video card is very basic. But the real question should be.... Are these parts good for a Internet only PC? YES! For playing Games? NO!!! Everyone has a different opinion about what they like and dislike. What are you really asking? Thinking about building a computer or something???? If so, what kind of a computer, and what for?? B) EDIT: I know you are thinking of buying a computer using these parts, but what I mean is what exzactly are you going to do on/with your PC? The foundation of what you want and what you might do with it is what will set the Price$$. IMO
  2. Where is the option for "None", I hate iPods.... for this reason
  3. wooohooo, I am with you on that one! tis the season for new SunGlasses
  4. LOL, iam the only one that voted for Dodge!!! I really like the 2004+ Dodge Ram Trucks, V8 Diesel with Turbo, extended cab and short bed with a shell. (2500, SLT Quad Cab) Other then that, I like Toyota for everything else.
  5. Same here, excpet those ones that have a weak wrist and a high-pitched voice lol......
  6. YES, "Build It, and they will come" Always Build, without question.
  7. Intel, P4???? Thats just as bad as Celeron. "AMD Me" I'll take an AMD Athlon XP 3200 over a P4 3GHZ any day. PS: I voted for AMD Athlon 64, just in case you coudn't tell
  8. LOL I just couldn't resist. I hate iTunes. double . Totaly agree with crahak. The iPod has a cool theory, however it sucks
  9. LOL, thoses sigs are great!! ~~~~~~~~~~ Back to topic: Thoses Basterds..... READ The RULES - BungHole! Hehe! (homer)
  10. Burning Stuff is Cool! yah ayh.... (beavis & butthead)
  11. Looking Forward to Need For Speed - Most Wanted. Sounds like a combo of Underground2 + Hot Pursuit!!! Can't Wait Maybe EA will wake up and make some better NFS Series on the PC....
  12. knights of the old republic is a really good game , but you need to put about 6-9 months of your time/life aside to finish it!! But highly recomend it. here is some more PC games: 1. ROME - Total War (another great LONG game) 2. Silent Storm (RPG) 3. Soldner - Secret Wars 4. Crimsons Skies 5. Lemmings Revolution (great Kid game involving puzzles, and good for wasting time, lol)
  13. *(Off Topic)* ~~~~~~~~ Sorry..... LOL; Let me refram that one again: It is 3 PC fans connected together. Nothing super special, just 3 Cooler Master 80MM fans that I convenitly placed toghether with an 13.8 volt PS complete with a Blue LED - to let me know when it is on..... All the fan wires are soldired on to a small circuit board and then traced to a male power jack - witch leads to the female plug end of a PS providing 13.8 volts at (3amps). The Small PS is a cheap workbench model from Radio Shack that I have had for many years. All the wires where put thru heatshrink tubing, to make it look nicer, and then the final wires where wrapped with a small dim "SpiralHarnest". I also soldered an "NTE - 1.2OHM @ 2% resisor" to the LED, to prevent damage from electrical spikes and pops. (all the cables and the PS neatly fit descreatly behind my entertainment center) Then I simply placed the "Fan System" behind my PS2 - about 6 inches away to alow proper airflow. * On a side note, I also cutted two pieces of wood at 1"x 1" and 6" long. I then sanded the wood and stained it to match my Entertainment Center!!! I used the two pieces of wood undernieth the PS2 to lift it off the shelving and help with the air flow (lol - iam such a geek) I first turn on my "Special Fan System", then play GT4 until about 4-6AM!!! My PS2 never gets hot!! One of my best inventions.... Anyway the project didn't take that long, and the cost was very cheap, about $5-7 total, since I had most of the tools and items. The Blue LED cost me $2.65 at Fry's Electronics - well worth it, very bright; thinking about adding some to my PC Hope that helps as far as a pic goes, my cellphone is dead and currently charging. But if you still want a pic, you have to wait till tomorrow , cause I have to go to work L8-
  14. PS3!!!!! The PS2 overtoke M$ by far. Sure, XBox has Halo, but PS has everything! IMO. PSP is great, and PS3 will be greater.
  15. LOL, GameCube? I remember those'
  16. Enough said I totally agree with you!
  17. I noticed that this error code came up a few times: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0x804eb0f4, 0xf416db6c, 0x00000000 A quick check via Microsft shows a little help: Page 1 Search M$ Support You might want to install Go To My PC next time before you leave lol You can also look at the "Minidump" file for more info, if you had access to it ... Do you know if she has defrag the HD , or installed the ASPI drivers? Sometimes those things can help. Sounds like a missing/currpt software issue to me.
  18. This topic is full of very interesting solutions and work arounds.... But I didn't see this one: (please don't flame me if I am wrong ) I too have had issues with WinXP Pro and Home sharring files and folders over a network. Even after checking everything 6 times, restarting all the PC's on the network, and even tried disabling and then re-enable the network, .... all without luck. But this Quick Fix worked for me, and I tested it at work a few times too. Both have fixed the problem at Home and Work!! Computer Info: (just in case) ~~~~~~~~~~ - I have 3 PC's linked together via a NetGear Firewall/Rounter using all CAT6 hardware. - 2 PC's are WinXP Pro SP2 + current updates (the first PC has Win2003 Server). Also all 3 PC's have a software firewall as well.... can't be to shur these days. lol (all 3 PC's have multiple user accounts with different permissions for each) The Problem: ~~~~~~~~~ The server has all the sharred files and folders; games, music, back up files, ect.... The other two PC's connect to the server to play music, copy over files and what not depending on the users right. The server has all the info right? Lets say PC 1 is the server. Well PC 2 happens to get currpt or someone does a really stupid thing forcing me to re-ghost that PC. After ghost is finished and windows boots up again, that PC can no longer access the Server???? What the *&^$**$T*% is up with that. When I made the Ghost Images of each PC, all settings where done correctly and fully functional, including the network settings and security for each user. But know it does not work? The PC I just ghosted sees that a server has files and folders to share, but has no access to them.??? this is a glitch in Windows if you ask me. The Quick Fix: ~~~~~~~~~ - Log into the server. (PC1) - Go to "sharring and security...." on one of your shared folders. - Un-share the folder completely. - Log Off. Then Log On. - Go back to the folder you just Un-shared, and simply "share it" agian the way you had it before. - Log Off. Then Log On once more. * Works everytime for me.!!!!! Hope this helps my 2 cents worth, if worth anything....
  19. No Way!!! SP2 is the best SP for WinXP so far. You must install it on a fresh system or slipstream it though..... Other then that, When M$ made SP2, ther main concern was sercurity and safety for the user. (remember when M$ anounced that SP2 would even work on most illegal copies of Windows XP? They did this to help stop all the stupid crap like Viruses and ad-aware/spyware.... If you don't install SP2, your missing out on some good features and overall better security options. IMO You just have to know how to install windows correctly EDIT: Have you considerd the POLL results?
  20. Dude, you should seriously get a job as a door to door salesman or maybe a part time job in a comedy stand up act
  21. SATA works great for me and all th PC's I have built using SATA for a year already. Highly recomend SATA, once you use it you won't go back to IDE. IMO ~~~~~~~~~~~~ So is your PC running stable yet?? Sounds like you got a lemon. Go buy an ASUS MB, Corsair MEM, and an Antec PS with ethier a SATA WD or Maxtor HD for your next setup. See if you have any problems then.....
  22. WRd-P DAwG! keep the fredom, spread the liberty, enjoy America! L8- B)
  23. hehe ahahhaah. That was funny, never heard it before. On the other side, that was totaly screwed up if she had imporant files on her PC... I was just wondering, how did they know her account name? Good Guess? (Win 95 or Win 98 miss? - shows how old this is, lol) another keeper

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