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    You made a wise decession my friend, if you familiarize yourself with the search function, you will find globs more of great information!
  2. Welcome EiC! (what did i just say? anyone have a latin to english trans...) Enjoy your stay
  3. ... blue Stay up late or wake up early?
  4. First, I just wanted to say; I am not trying to advertise these web address or any related selling to them. This is the web server I am interested in: http://www.vizaweb.com/ Ever hear of it or use thier services? Know anyone that has/does? I heard of the web server through Leo , he talked about it on his radio show via his website. Anyway VizAWeb offers different amounts of storage space and bandwidth for a very low price, so low it makes you wonder???? My current website, (click here) is lame to say the least, but lator on when I finish it and I add much more stuff including videos, chat message/guest book, legal applications and freeware software, I will need the extra space and fast bandwith to say the least. Also I would like to have a members sign up area that has security features to keep unwanted visitors/hackers/freeloaders off the website; like posting stupid stuff and stealing bandwith. I need a web server thats could support these things. Does anyone have or know a good web server that could do what I am asking? Most of the time you get what you pay for, so I don't mind paying more for something better. I was thinking of getting anywhere from about 2GB to 5GB of storage space, and about 100GB to 180GB of monthly bandwidth. I think that would fit my needs. Also: I need a domian name, like www.blam-o.*** or something else I like that is available. Anyone have any suggestions for any of the above? I would really appreciate some/any advice. Thanks for your time. B)
  5. Dude, don't post your entire web page.... just your actual menu template. I use Dreamweaver 2004 also, but I am still a newbie when it comes to web coding. (If you visit my web site you will know what I mean) I think your problem is with java script. Post just your menu layout with the starting and and ending point of the java script that relates to your menu only. and double check your html for any errors via Dreamweaver. maybe I can help you out a little.... (I love Dreamweaver, but my website doesn't give it justice , maybe if I had more time... )
  6. Wanna trade? I'll trow in some cheap fans.....
  7. LOL.... I just found my old "Acon" Laptop in storage: CPU: 286 cyix Mem: 32MB, 1M sharred for video HD: 200MB FD: Generic, 3.5 inch - 1x 5.6lb battery that will hold its charge for about 30min to 1hr. (8-12 hrs to re-charge it!) - 1x 9inch screen B&W, with lighted backplate. (very faded looking) it is the old LCD screen technology. Looks like a big wrist watch running "Windows" insted of showing you the current time. - Removable stick-mouse with 2 buttons. (very bulky and blocks the HD compartment) - 1x slide spring-loaded button/switch, (which toggles between power on and power off - no reset option) - 1x old SCSI looking port on the rear back via removable panel, about 120+ pins total? - 1x old style PCMCIA 16bit expansion slot. - Total wieght of laptop, (not including battery), is 7.2 lbs. (with battery 12.8 lbs!!!!) - Dimensions: 2.8inches thick, (including screen) 2.2 inches thick not including screen, 10.1 inches wide x 13.4 inches long. - Ugly Government-Grey with black hardware. (yuck ) - Runs Windows v3.11. (with networking!) Anyway, it still boots into windows fine..... ...That is until I droped it, (threw it down from the roof 3 times... hehe), it doesn't show any life now . (you had to be there ) So who wants to buy it? Starting bid is $1.00 in mexican money. L8-
  8. Old post, but I had to laugh. 300 tabs every 10 minutes eh? So 30 tabs per minute.. so you open AND close a tab every 2 seconds? Holy crap they should study your brain for science! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe! lol...
  9. PerfectDisk 7 is now installed on one of my test machinces! I'll let you guys know how I like it... I have Diskeeper Pro v9.0.515 and PerfectDisk v7.0.34 installed on the same computer. They both work without conflicts/problems! Still converting over to PerfectDisk.... Very small program when compared to Diskeeper. I like that. Maybe PerfectDisk was written in Assambly Language - cause it source is extreme tiny <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Converted over to "PerfectDisk"!!! (yaah! ) I really like it and highly recommend it to anyone. I think Diskeeper Pro v9+ would have to come in at second. Don't even bother with O&O Defrag, or Speed Disk. Just get PerfectDisk - no more questions, just download PerfectDisk and use it!
  10. Blam-O!

    The Wongs

    when I was in 4th grade this was funny... Q. What does a snail say when he rides a turtle? A. Weeeeee!!!
  11. Did you make sure to play it back in FULL Screen!! LOL. Hehe... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have moved the file to a different server, so please update your links, (if any). Also I have added a Mirror due to the heavy traffic. Enjoy!
  12. Sorry everyone if the above link was not loading or insted opend up a page showing a bunch of scrambled... " º! €ë » €ëáÿàà8ÀÀ ¾Üÿÿ +{[¼#ü ßæÀ0 úÐâ~ m;È". The server was overloaded. The link is now working again. It makes laugh evrytime!
  13. Dial-up? Whats wrong with you?? At least get DSL....
  14. I Don't recommend using RW disc - they have a tendency not to work 100%. Although if you use a good DVD RW disc, make sure to do a FULL erase and not a quick erase. This should give you a higher positive number of working copies. I use Nero, the full version, (Nero 6 Ultra Enterprise Edition v6.6.0.8) and it works great! When you burn the ISO make sure to click the two following selections: 1. Finalize CD (no further writting possible) 2. Disc-at-once * . If your ISO project was correctly made, your burner is working correctly and you are using high quality discs - it should work fine. Also if it is a DVD ISO change the format to DVD in NERO before selecting your image. By default it is set to CD ISO. NOTE: If using the free version of NERO - get the full retail version or get a full working copy of Alcohol 120%. (I think the newer version of Roxio 7 is a bloated piece of... . B) BTW: Check your boot options in your BIOS setup like "TheeBeets" said. L8-
  15. Is this for real? How they get away with such a cruel joke?
  16. wat p? Ford Sportka, The Ka's evil twin... This is a commercial made for "????" Lots of people are complaining about this commercial, but I think it is Really Funny. Although there is more behind this commercial, it does show hummor. I have uploaded the video clip to my website, (Banned Commercial - Ford Sportka.mpg) 994KB - 39secs. Link: Banned Commercial - Ford Sportka.mpg EDIT: Due to heavy traffic there is now a Mirror. (522 hits in 3 days - not bad) Watch the video and laugh. If you want to know what is really behind the commercial's aspect then speed read thru the link I provided below: http://observer.guardian.co.uk/business/st...1189526,00.html EDIT: Removed the double link. (sorry about that, don't know what I was thinking...) I still think it was really funny!! lol. Enjoy! L8-
  17. Simply LOL!!! That article is soo funny. EDIT: speed read the comments - they are the best!
  18. Hell YaH I AGREE to that By then .NET will be integrated into the next upcoming Windows!
  19. Longhorn off of its normal schedule? Wow, that is surprising! I heard the beta would be ready by mid 2005..... and this is what month now ha!
  20. Worked for me, except for the part about gmail. I got an Google Account but i don't see a link for gmail or to even compose a message... Maybe I missed it somewhere? ~~ EDIT: ~~ I still have my old gmail account, given to me by a friend, but it is totaly different then the one above. I wanted the other gmail account for my dad. I don't see any invatations to give out ethier, where are they/how do you get them? Hahehehaha, LOL I found it: Must have been reallty tired L8-
  21. Yes, thank you! i was trying that myself but quickly gave up. Of course Longhorn 5048 now comes with WMP 10. But thanks for the info, have you tested it on Windows 2003 Server yet?
  22. Don't know, I always disabled the automatic updates in longhorn. I beleive longhorn only supports American English, but I could be wrong on that one...
  23. you should have just added it to the other first post, keep all the same topics in the same thread.... makes it easier to find what your are looking for.
  24. Actualy I didn't like that stupid toolbar, it gets in the way and takes up too much space even on a 19inch viewable screen set at 1152X864! I tried moving the size of the bar all the way to the right, but its just annoying. I would just end up disabling it after tweaking with it for 2 minutes... not to mention that harable looking clock

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