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  1. this is great, a detailed KB explaining how to ask a question.... i thought it was good. Most people really don't know how to ask a question...... i.e. ; HELP ME!!, Need Answer ASAP... Problem please help!!!! Need Answer Right Away.... Computer HELP!!!! and so on etc... maybe people who need to read it will learn something.
  2. "But I want it NOW Daddy!!!" - Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory {Veruca Salt:}..... , classic movie
  3. I really thought at least it would have had one bet....
  4. the battery life on mine is awesome!
  5. I always thought XP meant 'Explode'. ~ Bill Gates says so....
  6. Got this in my email from a freind.... just had to laugh: (flash player needed) Happy Tree Friends lol
  7. if you had the money to burn, i would buy a Sony PSP. But i would rarther wait for the next generation of gaming..... and it is very close!!
  8. use the search function first.... http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=48081
  9. why do you want ATA133 soo bad??? gt da SATA dude! your computer will be faster then what you had before, but it will never be as fast as AMD
  10. lol <{POST_SNAPBACK}> allmost kinda weird huh??
  11. that dog is possessd, and needs to be killed ASAP!!!
  12. oh my gosh.... i feel stupid now......
  13. "this is a photograph trick. 1st- with a tripod take a picture of your desk without the computer on it. 2nd- take a picture now with the computer on the desk. 3rd - open both pictures in photoshop and paste one of the pictures over the other as a new layer. 4th- make a selection of the area of the computer desktop and copy it from the image that has no computer. 5th- the image might be skewed due to screen positioning. Use the free transform funtion and drag all corners of the selection to match the picture canvas. 6th- use this image as the desktop in the computer. 7th with camera still in position, take a picture and the illusion will be created. voila!!" - ariel wollinger ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Okay, I had to sign up just to post this to ariel. Yes, they basically did that, but instead of making the image that way, they put the photo of the desk without the computer as their desktop wall paper, to create the illusion of a see through monitor. It's indeed a photograph tick but some of these pictures are really people who went through the trouble of taking a picture of the screenless desk and then making the ir picture that is now a wallpaper align with the stuff in the background." - Yoshikuni Kenta ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I knew it had to be fake.....
  14. sometimes that will work under IE, but if it doesn't and you don't use FF, then this guide will help. Also you can just look at the source for the current page, but IE will not auto save it for you under this option. FOr those of you still using IE, it is easier to get FF and it is much better. Did I mention it is free! Download FireFox
  15. the easiest way to cutt down on windows bloatware would be to NOT install Windows XP....... revert back to win 3.1
  16. Looks like other ppl have the same problem.... Well I re-instaled, (re-ghosted), my GaMEr'Z account, I have not installed the DEMO version yet, ... but on a side note i did go out and buy Battlefield 2!!! ..... after playing it on my friends PC - i just couldn't wait any longer, so i went out and bought it on DVD ($43.97) @ Costco the Retail DVD version works great on my PC and has no problems at all.!! I will install the DEMO version tomorrow to let you know if it works on my pc.... %*(#*&$~'N demo.... why won't you work?????? stupid **** beep* piece o **** beep BF2 demo.....***** beep!!* ~~~~~~~ EDIT: i installed the demo and it works, but not nearly as fast as the retail version. I get much slower FPS in the Demo. (another reason to hate demos.....)
  17. same here, it sucks M$'s a$$! hehe that is soo wrong, but very funny!
  18. i bet NO one bids on it, so the owner of the licked cookie bids on it himself or has a friend do it; just so he can walk away with what pride, if any, he has left......
  19. ok everyone reading this.... think about this one; Would you Tattoo your Forehead for 10K if t said "MSFN.org" on it? just as big as the picture and had to wear it under the same terms and conds as the lady is? uuummmm. I would say yes. MSFN.org is not going anywhere. MSFN.org only continues to grow with more great knowledge. So i would be proud to advertise MSFN.org!! wat ya tink? B)

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