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  1. So this is what happens when you cross breed a human with a dog? is this a clone gone wrong experiment? Is this for real? lol That pic sent a chill down my back
  2. These Programs will let you open and view the contents, as well as modify the contents and make ISO's: - WinISO - MMagicISO - UltraISO These ones only let you view the contents: - ISOBuster (also lets you make ISO's) Free! - Daemon Tools (also works very well for mounting an image) Free! I know that WinRAR and WinACE let you open ISO files, but I have never used them for this purpose, so I can't say if you can safely modify an ISO file. (Although you should always be curefull when changing an ISO file...)
  3. thought that wasn't until Friday the 24th?
  4. Check out the last one: Weird huh? Well now we know what there using? >Intellibuddy: Hi, I'm Intellibuddy! Nice to meet you. >You: How big is your boobs? >Intellibuddy: My memory requirement is around 64MB for the Java edition, or only 2 MB for the C/C++ edition. >You: What is your breast size? >Intellibuddy: I categorize you as an 'abusive client.' >You: shut up >Intellibuddy: OK I'll stop talking now. >You: good >Intellibuddy: Terminating connection. >You: cool. >Intellibuddy: Who is the best robot? >You: robo cop. >Intellibuddy: You think robo cop is superior to ALICE? >You: alice >Intellibuddy: Can I help you? >You: cool >Intellibuddy: Who is the best robot? >You: you >Intellibuddy: Thanks, and tell your friends about Intellibuddy. >You: no >Intellibuddy: Are you serious? >You: bye >Intellibuddy: Adios. >You: die >Intellibuddy: Your crude attempt to terminate me will not succeed puny human. >You: your a b***h >Intellibuddy: You do not speak with respect. I think you mean 'you're' or 'you are' not 'your'. Thanks and you are a delightful person too. No I am a robot not a dog. >You: aiml= >Intellibuddy: The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) a non-standard evolving markup language for creating chat robots. The primary design feature of AIML is minimalism. Compared with other chat robot languages, AIML is perhaps the simplest. The pattern matching language is very simple, for example permitting only one wild-card ('*') match character per pattern. AIML is an XML language, implying that it obeys certain grammatical meta-rules. The choice of XML syntax permits integration with other tools such as XML editors. Another motivation for XML is its familiar look and feel, especially to people with HTML experience. An AIML chat robot begins and ends with the <alice> and </alice> tags respectively. lol, that was fun
  5. @johny128 Take Your Pick: - User Agent. Software that interprets WML, WMLScript, WTAI and other forms of code. - The two-character ISO 3166 country code for UKRAINE. - User Agent, often a web browser or web client. (Originally the end user element of an email system.) - An abbreviation for Undergraduate Assistant. This person does the same job as a TA, but UAs are undergraduates. - A system in which the hydrogens are treated implicitly(ie, a methyl group become one pseudo-atom with atomic mass 15) - Unified Access - In Polynesian mythology, Ua ("rain") is the god of rain and father of Hau Marangi. - United as****** (of America) - it might stand for "UnAttended", but I could be wrong on that one B) hehehe
  6. Well i never tried one of those "Paid To Surf" scams... but, don't laugh, one time a few years ago I was dumb enough to think I would get paid for Filling Out Questions and forms. Wrong! I came across this website one day; http://www.amazing-offers.com/ I was even dumber to pay the $34.95 for a 1 year member ship.... This is the link they sent to my email after they charged me; http://www.amazing-offers.com/surveysite/ As you can see the above second link is the Members Area. It still works after all these years. Feal free to use the webpages resources and fill out forms if you like. Since you have full access to the "members area" maybe you will get more out of it than I will. Bottom line: I never got paid wasted my time for 2-4hrs a day, a total of 3 months. I firgured why not pay the "low" fee of $34. If I get my $34 back then it is not a waste of time , that was stupid.... BTW: this is Not Blam-O! (feals this small ~~ ) Anyway hope no one else gets riped off like I did.
  7. Thanks for the info and link prathapml! Downloading.... @indianarchie how long did you have to wait after you ordered the 10pk of cds?
  8. OK, so where all going to die, and I am going to heaven. Hope to see you there! Can we all move along now? Edit: just about died reading this long thread, lol.
  9. Nice setup! B) , (would hate to see the price tag though )
  10. I think Google is starting to take over and get too big. I don't want to see that happen because then Google will just be another Bill Gates One of the many great reasons Google became so popular was because the two guys who started the Google search tech were hungry for a good easy, simple to use search eng. that was fast. If they keep growing in too many ways at different directions too fast they might loose thier "Google". imho
  11. My favorite one was when a high school kid was using a backdoor to the main server to upload his mps, misc files, but was mostly using the gateway server for his own personal storage, (about 2GB worth!) Those' Bastards! Delete them all or write them into a very small script shell......
  12. The Perfect Computer Desk I like it A Lot! - (dumb & dumber) Goood work! It is a lot better then my website One question though, do you have to register before you can upload a pic? Because I browsed for a pic and uloaded it without reg first. just curious.
  13. lol, me nethier , but I thought it might help
  14. This orginal post was obviously by a computer N00wbie , not to mention Longhorn is Not in BETA testing yet - still a Alpha version, but what do you expect from an Alpha release that is only a glismp/preview of what Might come in the next series of Windows??? Haven't you been reading the other Posts and Topics about Longhorn? Sorry if I seem a bit harsh Just read some more info before posting a "Longhorn HaTe'Z" thred.....
  15. Sorry, I just couldn't resist!
  16. Download Longhorn here. Enjoy!
  17. LOL - Lame ~~~~~~~~~~ thats a bug from MSFN alright. http://www.8bitjoystick.com/archives/jake_how_to_burn_xbox_games_and_copy_protected_cds.php I even tried pasting a new link and a CODE link, but MSFN keeps adding the extra space inbetween 'archives/ "extra space" jake'. if you remove the space, and remove the "<br%20/>" inbewteen 'cds "extra code" .php' the link will work fine if you copy and paste into your web browser address... thanks to Spyder2k for pointing this out.
  18. I thought the same thing, but it still made me smile
  19. OK, I know this post is kinda old, but could you fix the link for the picture please?
  20. LOL....... Next there wil be a series of them
  21. Blam-O!


    LOL!!! your post made me laugh.
  22. ..... well there is a free 180 day trial of Micro$oft Windows x64 Professional Edition. Get the trial software today.
  23. Thanks! BTW: How long have you been using their services? And which package did you purchase, if you don't mind? L8- B)
  24. I voted for Daemon Tools! I would have voted two or three times for Daemon Tools, but the board doesn't allow it It is the best: - Ease of use - It is free!, (ad-awar/spyware free also) - works about 99.9% - Simple interface and installs in just 20 secs. ~DT PRO Announcement~ Daemon Tools Pro is now in the making, (or at least since May 23) Check out the screen shot of the Pro version from thier web site. Can't wait for the new version, hope it still has all the great features from v3.47!

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