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  1. How to integrate .NET Framework into Windows XP SP3

    are you speaking of Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 (x86 & x64) setup package, it is 197MB big? is this what you would use, AKA Full Redistributable Package what would be the easiest way to "slipstream" this package, and would it still fit? i imagine you would not need all the files conatined in this full package - hence it supports both x86 & x64? i believe my simi-unattended slipstreamed WinXP SP3 CD is already at some 618MB.... burn image to DVD? and is there a way to have it run the comand "X:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\ngen.exe executequeueditems" automaticaly? (mscorsvw.exe) after install of windows, or would the slipstream part take care of this? hhmmmm......
  2. A hippie

  3. Gran Turismo 4

    oddly enough no one has ordered one yet..... hehe!! maybe needs more features?
  4. What game are you looking foward to next?

    YES!!! (one more half-life 2 freak....)
  5. Best un-biased Longhorn Transformation Pack?

    yes same here, it works great!!
  6. Longhorn on Virtualmachine

    VMware v5.02+ does the job pretty good. then install your regular drivers. works great for me.
  7. Installation Error

    did you mess with the ISO or did you use the orginal untouched ISO when using Daemon Tools to mount it? Daemon Tools will do the job if the PC is up to date via the requirments and the ISO is a REAL untouched release from Micro$oft. (and make sure you have enough free space on your HD...)
  8. IE 7.0 and Windows Update

    no not yet.... (cross' fingers) but i always turn off the updates in the alphas and betas - seems to run smoother.....
  9. Can't log on!

    throw it away... lol. any luck yet, just crusious to know what the problem was....
  10. where isthe transparency?

    did you say CD? first off it should be a DVD..... and my settings work fine after some basic tweaking and a restart.
  11. Instaling 5112 on Raid

    probly not, installing SATA via an intel chipset is still a hasslle.... (via, silicon, .....)
  12. Installing Programs on Vista

    NOD32, Norton Anti-Virus Corp v10, microsoft word 2003, firefox v1.0.6, pinball games, powerDVD 6 deluxe, win ISO v5.3, a few others also worked fine. (some of them you have to manually install.) edit: NOD32 v2.50+, PerfectDisk v7.0.40, FruityLoops Studio Producer v5.0.2, ISOBuster Pro v1.8, MSN Messenger v7.0, Nero Ultra Edition v6.6.0.8, and QuickTime Pro v6.5.2 also work great.
  13. what is Vista requirements ?

    but after install it gorws to 4GB+, running with 1GB of ram that is.
  14. Instaling 5112 on Raid

    this version does not support raid, maybe lator on down the road....
  15. Sandwich creme cookie with creme on wrong side

    hehe, very true - use bleach and then resubmit the cookie....