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  1. sorry hadn't had the time lately. probly won't re-ghost my gamerz account until late tuesday... let you know if i fig it out..... prob just a win bloatware problem
  2. yah i know, this was meant for all those stub ppl who still use IE
  3. Well Said and I Agree! edit: * Name: Blam-O! * Sign here:_______________ (lol) * Date: 07-03-05
  4. QuickTime Pro allows you to save a *.mov file. But the Free un-registered version doesn't, and with that said sometimes even the Pro version won't allow you to download the file due to copy protection rights.... Example: would be if you wanted to download and keep a movie trailer. Apple has quite a lot of movie trailers to watch for free - Apple - Movie Trailers. When you click on the link to watch a *.mov file via QuickTime, the program will simply download the entire *.mov file to your %temp% dir. But it is protected by Windows/QuickTime with some kind of a annoying "Do Not Touch" protection!? This website will show in different ways to get around that annoyance, and it's legal too! (well at least i think it is...) "Some movies can be viewed online, but not saved to disk for later viewing. The inevitable result of this is that if you view a movie online and wish to view it again later, you must download it again, wasting network bandwidth and your time. For people with slow connections, download caps, or usage charges, this is an even greater problem." - http://home.sol.se/michael/qtguide/ ~ On a side note: ~ I sent this email to the author of the website; > Hey Michael, > > Thanks for your QuickTime Guide... > ( http://home.sol.se/michael/qtguide/ ) > > It really helped me out. > > > However there is one thing I wanted to point out, maybe you could > add it to your website as an update or something; > > > I wanted to download this *.mov file: > ( http://images.apple.com/movies/fox/supercr...ercross_480.mov ) > > > I got the direct link thanks to your guide! But it will not allow > you to save it via "Internet Enplorer". > > But I found a way around it.... > > I opened up "QuickTimePlayer", then went to: > File > Open URL... > > > Then I copied the above direct link into the dialog box. Hit Enter, > And then waited for QuickTime to download the file. > > After that, I simply Clicked on, > File > Save As... > > > And now I have my own copy on the hard drive that I can watch later > on without having to re-download it!! > > > > Thanks. Let me know if you get this email please. > > L8- > > > Blam-O! I Didn't Did It. > > > Thanks for the note. Yes, the File-Save As... option is quite useful. You may have noticed that the movies from Apple often have _480.mov at the end of the file name. These are usually the reference movies. The originals have an m before the 480: _m480.mov. The new "iTunes full screen" movies have file names ending in _ifs.mov. Ciao, Michael Michael A. Lowry
  5. hhmmmm........ no way i could read all that in one sitting!
  6. i am just tired. maybe i'll poke around at it later
  7. oh man, i can't beleive I forgot about Pacific Fighters!!! That's the best. Much better then M$'s Filght Sim - yuck . edit: I first got into "Lock On" last year, then this year Pacific Fighters!
  8. It is better to make an image of EACH PC seperatly. Store them on a removable HD or burn them to a DVD for safer keeper.
  9. Yes, nlite 4 sure and stick with XP without a doubt. try turning off un-needed services via your Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services. Do a defrag via PerfectDisk v7+. Check your 'Start Up' apps with a cool neatfy tool called "AutoRuns" - (free!) Also running a simple prog like "RegSupremePro" would help....
  10. Do you mean like a ScreenShot? use Gadwin PrintScreen v2.6+ for that. If you want to edit the file directly i use a program called AVI-MPEG-RM-WMV Joiner v4.81+. Or i use sometimes ethier Ulead VideoStudio or Pinnacle Studio 8. Also Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements should do the trick. From what i read on ACDSee Features it was not meant for what you are trying... don't know if that answered that question though??
  11. , you FANBoys kill everything fun...... you take something simple and turn it around backwards out soo much that it is no longer consderd FUN to anyone anymore.... I won't even bother quoting your comments, this thread is way too long and is becoming exhausting to read and reply back to..... with that said ..... .... I like PS, Xbox, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, heck i even like some games on the MAC OS!! But I don't HATE/LOVE anyone of them to the point that i revolve my life around it. (exp> star wars freaks) All the above systems i mentioned above and others; all added something to the gaming industry. Whether it was a lot or even a little is an entire thread in itself The main point is, relaxe guys, i was only giving *my opinion*, not the whole worlds As much fun is it is to comment on these opinions and facts/theories about this 'Who is Better' when it comes to games will never end. There is a lot to throw on the table from many different sources and *opinions*. All in all i still think Nintendo could do much better at what they do - bottom line~. Conclusion: If you have fun playing it, enjoy it, and like it to the extent that even though you paid $$ for it, you still like it - that is a game worth having and keeping. imo.
  12. Wow rhythmnsmoke now has 52 posts..... too bad none of them suport his software demo!!
  13. a very good point that i forgot to mention.... research, research, research, research!!!
  14. I haven't bought the retail ver yet, frys had it on sell for $37, but by the time I got there they were sold out!! So i won't be able to join your cool server
  15. I did put up, where were you while I was doing it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> them fightN words
  16. your talking about SATA?? They are relitivly speaking built the same way in terms of 'general'. IMO
  17. well she is a blonde, lol.... she prob cross it out, or put a sticker over it .....
  18. Cool, didn't know that! Of course windows will never survive a full 180 days without it going currpt or a virus wipes out your system. So after 6 months, it is probably time to re-install Windows Again. lol <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was speaking sarcastically
  19. I can see that point of view... so where is the proof? I am willing to listen IF i see it... sweet!
  20. Hehe, love the topic title.... Is this the Demo or the Retail Game where talking about?
  21. i totally agree with you on that one, I hate Sony's Proprietary sh1t just as much or more! (but there CD mp3 players are great and low cost with avg sound quality) I think Sony is trying to hard to come up with ideas for the PS3 in a way that they want to make an ALL IN ONE Home Ent. device. Which might be cool for some ppl who don't have anything else or want a PC, but I for one is a gamer too, and i don't want an all in one piece of crap i paid $300.00+ for.... I just want to play games. Sony should stick to one thing, making games and improving them. Really, then why is Sony so successful at selling Playstation? Why do they have better games and have out sold XBox and Nintendo? Not out of the box it can't, and how many 7yr olds can hack a Nintendo? (just wait for the year 2010 - it will happen, lol) Why would I want to waste my time adding a net connection to a consol i won't use LOL - "Twilight Princess which is coming soon." Then how do you know? (hehe) i wouldn't consider Legend of Zelda a challenging complex game, maybe a very long frustrating game.... but a good long frustrating game for kids... I grew up around Nintendo, played Nintendo, and had many games for Nintendo. Nintendo was my second best friend growing up.... so how could you say i don't know Nintendo? get real man, are you pro active Nintendo or something /}~*? You threr away your PS's??!!!! You don't know quality when you see it. Granted, if any company lost all thier 3rd party developers or even some of them they would not be able to do much of anything, hence it takes more then one company to make a full game So you say M$ can kick out Nintendo, but not Sony? Well that could go both ways really, but funny how all of a suden your support for Nintendo has gotten smaller Honestly the touchscreen pad has a slow response and eats up more batteries. On top of that most gamers don't seem to be interested in that feature, touchscreen while playing a game is unconvenient. IMO The sony PSP has a much better screen and layout of the software, not to forget the functionality it has so greatly to offer, not including the price tag of course..... System specs don't really prove anything when it comes to consols.... just look at the XBOX and compare it to the PS2, compare the PS2 to the GameCube, you still get a decent picture even though the GameCube uses a "Flipper" chip ~~ GPU Speed ~~ GameCube: 202.5MHZ PS2: 147.456MHZ XBOX: 233MHZ LOL, ok so you really like your buddy Nintendo, big deal! I really like PC games. But just because someone pokes fun of a system, title or what not, you say; dude you need some anger managment L8-
  22. Well here it goes: (*more off topic* hehe! ) (lol, i don't remmber how to make a thumbnail....) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~*~*~ Inforcommercial ~*~*~ The following is a paid advertisement brought to by... PBS, Discovery Channel, MTV, NASA, and Blam-O! Inc. Sponsered By: http://www.msfn.org/ - Where People Go To KNOW. .................. ............ ........... ..... ... New From Blam-O!, the ONE And ONLY .... The "Super System Cooler" - S.S.C.! (todaa!) What is the Super System Cooler you argly ask? The SSC is the ONE and ONLY System especially made exclusively for The PlayStation 2Two (AKA, PS2 Slim). Blam-O!'s one of a kind invention will take the hassle and frustration of keeping your PlayStation running cool and like new. Why Do I Need A Super System Cooler? With this unique and ONE OF A KIND Super System Cooler you can play games longer, stay up later, finish that long race, impress your family- friends- co-workers, look cool in front of all your girlfriends, have the latest and coolest technology. Be the first in your neighborhood to own this radical much needed attachment. It's a MUST HAVE!!! By keeping your system cooler, it will help maintain longer life and give you better performance in all games. Not only that but *We Guarantee that your games will look and feel 17-26% better using our SSC. How Does The Super System Cooler Work? Our unique patented design aerodynamically forces air safetly into the rear open port of the PS2 unit, causing the fresh cool air to rush in over the CPU heatsink, precisely cooling down every component and the system board and then removing the heat thru-out the front exhaust ports Automatically, leaving your priceless PlayStation from having a meltdown while you contiune playing your extensive games. What Ships With Every Order? - Our unique patented design "Super System Cooler". - Super Small and Light Weight Power Supply for the SSC. - Two precisely hand crafted and sanded blocks of wood. Not just any kind of wood, but really old left over crapy wood. Then with our huge selection of colors, we will then stain and treat the wood with a premium color of your choice at no extra charge! - A "Quick and Easy" Setup Guide for Dummy's. - An empty leftover box from the shipment. Other Features: It does more?? YES! Our unique patented design is soo usefull it has other many uses... - Peeler, use that sharp edge on the side of the box to peel your potatoes and carrots. Slice fruit, tomatoes, chesse and much more! - Trash Can, Don't throw away the box our product ships in, use it for a trash can insted. (Doubles as an "peeler" catcher, see above feature ^^.) - Mail Box, **with every order shipped inside the USA you recieve a free step by step booklet that describes how to transform your old Bulky PS2 into a modern Mail Box in just 23 easy to folow steps! Hi-Def ScreenShots: Main Setup - Shows the SSC in action. The Heart Of The SSC - This is the unique patented design. Power Supply - This Small Portable Device Powers The SSC Stand - Hand Crafted and Custom Stained Wood Stand Hidden Cables - The SSC Cables Are Un-Noticeable So order yours TODAY! Our skilled technicians are waiting for your call: 1-800-BLAMO-SSC (MasterCard, Visa, America Express, & Discovery, No CODs) *Bassed on stragical mathematical polygons and personal data that are engineers collected in a state of the art science fair. **This special offer is limited so order ASAP - Rush Orders are also available. OK, so I went a little too far, hope you had fun reading it as I had fun typing it up! sorry about the crapy pics, i had to use my motorola cellphone. (and to make it worse i edited the pics in M$ Paint - didn't want to spend too much time on this post....)
  23. No, violent games are not what i consder to be a great game.... Sony gives us, the gaming people, what we want - for the most part. Unlike the same boring ideas from a stale company nintendo. Nintendo may have been one of the longest trends I have ever seen in the gaming industry..... "However, nintendo is the last company you would want to talk to concerning the industry. They are not in touch with the average, adult gamer. They do not understand the importance of online gaming. They do not understand the importance of consoles that do more than play games. They do not understand the importance of deep, complex and challenging games." ....... "They believe quick, shallow and simple games, fun for all ages, is what the market wants. That’s fine, for Nintendos market." - http://www.gamersmark.com/editorials/view/139/ lol, could not have said it better myslef! The gaming people are getting bored of "nintendo games". Maybe if see something impressive with the new codename "revolution", then just maybe i'll get one when i have kids later on... maybe. Long story short: Nintendo did make some really great "cool kiddy games"; Samus, Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. StarFox was ok too. But not to forget that horrible barney box looking thing with a purse handle.... yuck! No iam not pro anything really, well except PC games.... ha. But every consol has a great feature and is missing some great features as well. "The main point is, Nintendo continues to come up with stupid move after stupid move, backed up by retard reasoning and more retard reasoning." - http://www.gamersmark.com/editorials/view/139/

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