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  1. LOL, GameCube? I remember those' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok that almost p***ed me off right there, people always pick on nintendo just because they dont like games that are for E=EVERYONE not KIDDY. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey comdown there Ki|LA BombaTwist! I didn't say anything directly bad about 'yours truly' Nintendo.... But they have been around for a long time, and i owe much of my wasted life of playing Zelda and Super Mario Bros growing up!!! what else was a bored kid to do those days?? edit: .... but just for the record; Nintendo sucks these days imo. hehe
  2. Looks like NFS Most Wanted is "most wanted" lol! (i know lame.... )
  3. ive have tried similar progs before, the best one to decrypt the game is yours truly: "DVD Decrypter v3.5.4.0". Had the most of luck with this program. Then i use Swap Magic 3 to boot up a back up of a game. I know there is mods for this kinda of stuff, but this method is cheaper.....
  4. .... and to add to that i heard it was the Demo version of Halo? edit: nevermind, stupid me - must have been thinking of something else.... Xeon 1.0 "This is an emulator for the X-BOX platform. Xeon runs only one commercial game and it is Halo NTSC version, it plays very roughly, the images are too slow to get in game, of course the emulator is still under development so let’s expect more for this great emulator." - http://www.emulator-zone.com/
  5. Well if money is all you need, Why didn't you say so... I got plenty of money to freely give and share with all my MSFN budys!!! B) Thats right, iam filthy rich . Just click below to download some FREE REAL AMERICAN MONEY - $1.16 - $20.00 - $100.00+ lol!!!
  6. Simply LOL!!!! \ I don't know if this guy will ever give up, it is soo freakN funny, everytime i read this thread...... i can't just help myself but laugh: At work we have a PC connected to the net right? We all keep checking this thread through-out the entire day!!! Keeps us laughing, even my friends think this guy is NutZ hahaheheheheeehehhehehh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll give him credit for one thing though: he won't stop or seem to give up, which also makes me feel sorry for him,,,,,,,~~~~~*****/%^^. rhythmnsmoke - this is not the place for your selling scams.... try the late-night infocommercials, lol, lamo. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ now the scary thing would be, if he was right. and even IF he was right, hackers would find away around it just to show him that every software project has a flaw of some sort. that we all know. the real question would be, how long would it take a hacker to hack his "Demo"?
  7. if it gets past setup with that little of memory, yah it will work.... really slow. If you are seriously gona do this, make sure to strip it down as much as possible, turn off all un-needed services, don't install anything that you don't need, and make sure to turn off ALL the pretty visual effefcts, I would highly rec. "nLight" to stripp the bloatware out of it good luck, Once out of bordem i installed winXp Pro on a pentium 1 233MHZ with 128MB of PC133 ram and a 6GB HD. It worked ok for internet purposes. At the time there where no SP's..... edit: hehe - i misspled "nlite".... (a&d mispled agin)
  8. SoftICE, Win32Dasm, gpatch, ..... just to name a few..... B)
  9. From looking at the dump file, it is a driver/file issue for sure. what causes the driver/file issue is uncertain.... She prob has an enfection of ad-aware/spyware. If the windows file protection is failing - there is def a few currpt files in the WINDOWS dir. I think it is time for a re-install of Win. imo. When you first built the PC, did it have memdumps? If so, then I would have to say a hardware problem. If not, then some "extra" software has found it way into windows. BTW: what version of windows is she running? (just to make sure) and to answer your question about the memory errors, some memory erros are considered 'OK', if not frequently re-acurring and are in very small numbers - this is not a server. (although Corsair never does this ) EDIT: Have your girlfriend do the following if you think she is up to it... (For WinXP home and Pro) - Right click on "My Computer" > Properties > Advanced > Startup and Recovery > Settings.... - Under System Failure: Un-check this option, "Automatically Restart". Next time the PC has a BSOD.... It will produce a BSOD error with a "Stop error code", then you can write it down and then search for it via M$ support site.
  10. What about all of the Above?? LOL Cause everyknows that not Only ONE application will take care of all ad-aware/spyware, but at least 3 or more of them.... Whats up with all theses POLLS in the wrong topic???
  11. Adobe Photoshop CS2 v9.0 with the help of Alien Skin software!!!!!! Really just mainly Adobe photoshop in general. BTW: Why is this POLL in Windows XP Topic????
  12. way to many, sence I also work on my entire familys computers when they crash or someone does a stupid thing..... So that would be at least 25 different names and passwords But just for my stuff it would only be 13 user names and passwords
  13. iRiver iz te dA Bomb h0miZ!!!
  14. AMD 64 939, tis so0 hot - intel can only dream
  15. (in order from which is the most important part in a PC - In My Strong Opinion, 'not necessary the name brand in any order') (and this is not ment as a buying guide.... more of a tip) MB: For a MB I always perfer ASUS. MSI is 'OK', and will probably fit most of your needs. ABIT also makes some pretty good ones, but a lot of lemons too..... CPU: well like I said before, use AMD, not only are they cheaper - but have much better performance!!! If your bugdet alows it get an AMD 64 939 - they rule over all others. But even a 754 would be great to have. MEM: Corsair is the BEST, I don't care what anyone says. ive been using Corsair for at least 7+ years!!! I have tried many brands, they are #1 when it comes to games. It not gaming get some Kingston or Mushkin. i highly recommend 1GB of mem if using XP, 512MB bare mim. PS: Get at least a solid 350watts, Antec is my favorite. this will be enough power for apx: your fans, 1 HD, DVD/CD Drives, Floppy Drive and some lights. If you want 2 HDs, id would get 400 watts or more. If thinking about gaming later on, get at least 520 watts! HD: Must be an SATA HD for sure! i like WD 1st and Maxtor 2nd, but really ethier one is a great HD to own. And SATA HD's have droped down in price by far compared to what they used to be. Now for about only $5-10 more, you can get an SATA!!! Sound: Since you said you want to lsiten to music and movies, get a good pair of speakers, like Logitech. But if you have a good sound card like "Creative Sound Blaster Audigy with 1394, model# SB0090, PCI you will be set on your sound! That card can be found on Amazon and ebay for as little as $35.00. ~~~~~~~~~~~ If gaming: the graphics card comes in-between everything. A fast-a$$ gaming rigg can be brought down by any bottlenecks in a System. And th GCard plays a very important rule in this. At the moment for most games, the Nvidia GeForce FX 6800 Ultra, 512MB made by PNY or eVGA - PCIExpress is a really good card. Thier are many other cards available too for gaming, so I don't want to push any thing here on that topic, as that would only lead to another topic all by itself )
  16. I can't stand it when people do this, 1 post and full of sh1t There should be a new rule: A new user can not post any links or images until they have a t least 10 post or something..... or maybe only links that refer to "msfn.org" ONLY until 20 post have been made. just a thought
  17. Yah I could go buy a $400.00 ipod, and spend some money on those nice accys to go with it...., but Id rather go to Six Flags and spend $8 on a hotdog! I really like the iRiver Series, they are very expensive and can't hold that much - 1GB total, but I have a 512MB series, they have the best sound and features. IMO!!!!!!!! ~~~~~~~ Hate Club,
  18. Norton Ghost 9 works fine for me, maybe you don't know how to use it prop? But on the other hand, yes it is bloatware, like Windows!!! ~~~~~~ Going back to the First POST: I at first I had that problem, The trick is when you make a back-up copy of it, make sure to use NERO and make an *.img file. If you use *.iso or try to convert it from *.xxx to *.iso, it will not work in startup, but will still work in windows when you install it. And don't forget to update it!!! By updating it most of or any problems will go way!
  19. FlashGet v1.60+ is the best for me. If you reg, the banners are removed. The older versions work very well too, the only difference in the newer ones is the style, looks more like XP.
  20. 80GB is really not that much anymore on todays PC's Not Enough!! LOL I have a total of 780GB+, and I still need more
  21. A mim of 6 including at least one number. But the more the better, usually anyways....
  22. SP2 Baby!! Got to have it!
  23. I haven't heard of that company, or even used their software before, but I hear good things about them! Well yah, of course you hear good things about them, but M$ would not buy into a crapy company ethier, imo.

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