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  1. I want a simple and free software that allows me to add my own subtitles onto any video.I will add subtitles that are made by me.
  2. Free Video Screensaver

    Thanx mate..but both of these softwares don't support all the formats.I want a software which can support all the formats.ie divx,avi,mkv.mp4,mov etc.. the second one needs wmp9...i hve wmp11..
  3. Free Video Screensaver

    Anyone there to help me??
  4. Hello ppl...I wanted to know if there was a free video screensaver available which supports all the common files like avi,divx,mkv etc etc??Plz do let me know...
  5. WMP 11 using lotsa memory

    Ha ha.This forum is meant for helpin others isn't it?I did wat all I cud I reinstalled it ,tried other players n everythin.Still its the same thing...
  6. WMP 11 using lotsa memory

  7. WMP 11 using lotsa memory

    wat kinda troubleshooting?And its wmplayer which is usin all my cpu.....
  8. WMP 11 using lotsa memory

    OK so I have this win xp pro.I installed wmp11 on it and whenever I run it the cpu usage bcomes 85-90 percent.I have no clue why does my pc become so slow.I don't think I have any viruses or spyware but I maybe wrong.I use avg antivirus and antispyware....Help...................
  9. Which OS are you?

    Thanx usafcomm21.I really needed help.Iam glad its working.
  10. Which OS are you?

    Never heard of this kinda operating system.LOL.
  11. A Man meets a genie!

    Ha ha ha.Beat half to death means his mother in law was beaten half of the half to death......LOL.....
  12. Thats is the prb the kb came with such a driver that doesnot provide option for changing the buttons.
  13. I have a keyboard with media buttons on it,except for goin to next or prev track.I donot use the forward and back buttons for internet browser which r also there.I have microsoft powertoys for winxp.Now I want to assign a code to those two buttons so that they work as track changing ones.What should I do??
  14. Letter to husband

    ha ha ha.The garage door is bent a little bit only.LOL