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  1. So Im working on creating an unattended image that will be used to install on workstations in which multiple users will be logging on to. I have a bunch of reg tweaks I want to make sure are applied to all user accounts when they log on. I'm somewhat familiar with using the ntuser.dat to accomplish this on a workstation, but I'm not sure how to slipstream this functionality. Thanks a bunch!
  2. What would be super useful is if someone threw together something that explained how to slipstream these changes directly into a Win2008 image. I maintain 10 workstations that I need to rebuild every 9-12 months and it would be super helpful if I had an image that had all of these changes enabled/configured by default.
  3. Hi all- We have laptops that we use between a few different people at times, all of which login using their own account. I noticed that with Windows 2008, after customizing a particular account, these customizations dont carry over to another account. While Im not very surprised by this, Im wondering if its possible to change the "default" configuration of a workstation so that any new accounts that login have the same settings. Specifically the only settings Im really interested in are enabling Aero theme and ensure the "Initial Server Configuration" and "Server Manager" tools dont appear when users first log in. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!
  4. No and No... thats for XP, not Win2003 Excellent my man... this it the one. I really appreciate it!
  5. Ive already done that and with Windows 2003 its a random reg key that comes back
  6. Anyone know how to add My Computer, Internet Explorer and My Network places desktop icons unattended style? The Windows XP Reg settings dont work and if I do a regsnap before and after the only thing changed are in HKU\{Random Number Here}\.... Any suggestions? TIA!
  7. Ive got the audigy 1 and it handles digital 5.1 dobly and dts without issue.. it also handles dolby pro logic surround and "direct" 5.1 surround sound via analog channels without issue an issue either. My question isnt if i can do surround sound... I know for a fact you cant do digital surround sound (with the card i have anyway) from games or any non dts/dobly digital source- this can only be handled using analog. My question is whats the easiest way to swicth between these two modes. Thanks again!
  8. So I just picked up some Logitech Z5450's... which kick so much a** I can not even begin to explain. Im a bit of a novice when it comes to audio stuff and Im just realizing that as great as digital sound is for movies (which support it of course), that unless a games specifically supports dolby or dts digital output (which most do not), Ive got to switch back to using an analog connection. The two annoyances Im left with whenever I need to swicth from analog to digital (or vice versa) is swap 1 cable on the sound card (between a coax digital and the "front channel" plug of the analog 3-set plug) and Ive got to change the output setting on my sound card to enable/disable the "Digital Output Only" setting. Im wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the easiest way to manage these settings so that i can swap between these two modes as easily as possible. TIA!
  9. It it possible to create shortcuts to control panel applets via the command line? Im aware of the *.cpl files applets are linked to, but simply creating a shortcut to "%windir%\system32\control.exe [whatever].cpl" doesnt give your the same type of shortcut like if you were to "drag and drop" the applet to create one. Theres got to be a way to do this.... TIA!
  10. So lets say you have an application which you need to allow traffic to get through your firewall on 2 separate PCs and theres no way to change the listening port on said application or the port of the incoming traffic to your network. Is there any way possible, with a SOHO router (i.e. linksys WRT45G) to accomplish this? TIA!
  11. Not sure if anyone is interested in helping me figure out how to silently deploy this, but heres the app Im having the trouble with. http://d-i.net/temp/runner.exe Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  12. Although I already have a web hosting provider which allows me unlimited email accounts (Lunarpages), I currently still use my gmail account as my primary as I really dont like the support / interface my web host provides. Ive recently started my own consulting business and now need to move to a more viable email solution that allows me to use one of my domain name as my primary email address. Im looking for a new web / email hosting provider that meets the following criteria: At least 500MB of Email Storage IMAP Support Allows me to use my domain name Does not block executables (I HATE having to remind clients to rename file extensions of attachments so they dont get blocked) Nice WebMail Interface (My host provides Squerrill(sp?) and Horde and I hate both of them) Good Spam protection Resonably priced - Cheaper the better - preferrably no more than $10/mo Is this an unreasonable request or does a service actually exist out there which provides all of these requests? Thanks in advance!
  13. So I finally purchased a spare hdd to use as a backup drive for my important files. Wondering what ppl recommended for backup software. Guess I dont need anything too fancy as all I plan to do is weekly backups of certain folders to disk. TIA!
  14. Not sure what the implications would be posting a link to it as its a commercial product. Nobody has any ideas?

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