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  1. Russian lottery :P

    That's not Russian.
  2. Because Java Applets are different (both in philosophy and implementation) from Java Servlets. Here is an analogy: Java Applets:Flash :: Java Servlets:PHP
  3. Free Software Publishing

    As far as I know, SourceForge does not necessarily encourage the use of free operating systems. Many different projects, among them .NET, are hosted there. SourceForge is your best bet.
  4. Why?

    Ahem. He didn't. Samuel Johnson did.
  5. [Desktops] 2005

    A man from Japan that speaks Russki. Neato.
  6. Wi-fi Speed Spray

    That's the problem with today's society. Unfortunately, it's flappers like this that form some bases of our economy, and it's the other flappers that believe them that allow such crap to continue. Good find.
  7. Favorite Colour

  8. Do you mean that you are designing a Flash movie and need help with the ActionScript. In that case, look for something like pause();. Otherwise, I don't think that this is possible in Flash Player.
  9. Old Windows

    I don't get it.
  10. Beyond Ping&tracert

    Or you could actually impress your boss with the knowledge you will have gained from reading DOS books. There are a multitude of DOS tutorials online. Instead of trying to impress your boss with how little you know, I suggest that you read those tutorials so you'll do something useful once in a while.
  11. [Desktops] 2005

    Nothing beats Gentoo, except maybe OS X. [Desktop]
  12. You're gonna have to post the entire source. Code should work, but post the entire source to see if you forgot to define stuff somewhere.
  13. Saturn revealed as a blue planet

    Cool, dudes. Never would have guessed that.
  14. I didn't read through the whole code, but if you say the problem is around the if() statements, then you are essentially assigning load to load. You might have meant "load == load" and "lock == lock", but that will always return true, because 2 always equals to 2.
  15. Cable to T1? Whats the point

    Dude, not to be impolite, but if you keep playing devil's advocate with us, I think that you should just decide on your own.