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  1. Can enyone explain me what Microsoft means by: "turn on or increase the range-locking settings of your network" as the proposed resolution in their article ID 290982: "You receive a "Word cannot save or create this file" error message when you try to save a file on a network drive in Word 2002 and in Word 2003" see link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290982/en-us thanx!!
  2. Outlook 2003 can't count?!?!?!

    I have found the solution, if anyone is interested....let me know!
  3. Outlook 2003 can't count?!?!?!

    Is there realy no one else who has (had) this problem?!?!?!
  4. No, the link didn't help me....thanx anyway! Anyone else any suggestions!??!?!?
  5. Weird Word document problem

    Yeah.....I think you \ key is stuck......or maybe lift you r finger from it!
  6. The total size of my clients foldersize of outlook 2003 according to the 2 attachments is (including subfolders) is 120.311 kb. If I add of of the idems up, I calculate a total size of 10.094 kb!!!!! Is there something tahat I have to do on the exchange-server-side??? Is there an Exchange-expert out there?.....I'm sure there is!!! ps:....why can't I add an attachment on my post?!?!?!?!??
  7. Thanx....I'll check it out!!!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm having troubles saving an existing Word-document on a netword-drive. The document exists on the networkdrive already, so I open it, change it and I want to save the changes on the same location. When I do that, Word will hang and give me the error that "the drive is full". With 6gb of free space....I don't think so! When I save it locally, these no problem, and I can also copy & save the document to the netword drive. Working with: xp-client, office 2003, server 2003. Has anyone had simular problems?....Anyone found a sollution....? Thanx!!!!!
  9. Thanx Cluberti! I got it working with the sc.exe, it does work great!
  10. You can attach your Word document in a reply
  11. Never mind ......I found a sollution....thanx anyway!
  12. Give us your computer's hardware-specifications.......