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  1. Thunderbolt, glad your comp was clean. The site in question probably had a refresh script like this.. <META http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=http://www.whateversite.com"> There are sites mentioning DNS caching in IE and Firefox. I also asked a moderator in the Opera IRC chatroom and he confirmed that Opera does cache DNS entries. I'm also in the process of getting a written confirmation for the same. What are your sources for that? Or if it's your own reasoning, could you please clarify it further? Thanks. 1st part: regardless of DNS Caching ability on a browser it still relies on the windows service for DNS caching by default. for example, Firefox has Network.dnsCacheExpiration and Network.dnsCacheEntries but on both of those we can see "This preference does not exist by default.". Meaning it uses the windows dns cache first unless that setting is added to the about:config. Or IE has How Internet Explorer uses the cache for DNS host entries which even states there: Telling users to disable the DNS Service is like telling them they don't need a phone book anymore, but instead they'll just have to call 411 (information) everytime they want to order a pizza. It's unnecessary Network traffic to call up your ISP every single time you need to go to a website.. Though you may not see it on a Home Network, your ISP will, and if you were in a corporate environment imagine 500 computers browsing the net having to contact the DNS Server everytime they want to browse the net... All disabling the DNS Cache does is cause additional and unnecessary network congestion. 2nd part: I have to agree with Tarun, I've been a heavy computer user for the past 16 years. Though, I can see a few advertisement servers being added to the hosts file, having a 14,905 line "MVPS" Host file, or a 17777 "eDexter" Host file is over kill.. Everytime you go to a webpage it must go through all 14k+ lines to check if it should redirect to or not. Hope that helps.
  2. Hex -> Ascii = "MyMindBleeds" (just for anyone that was wondering.) I voted looks cool. Though it is geeky.... then again i wanted to get binary or pi lol.
  3. had too poke in since many of these games bring back memories. I'd have too say... 1. Doom series... Doom 1, 2, Lost episodes of Doom, Ultimate Doom, Final Doom, and Master Levels of Doom2.. Many good times playing against friends using Dial-Up Modems. 2. Duke Series.. Duke 1, 2, 3D, Duke it out in DC, and Duke Extreme(make your own levels). 3. Heretic 4. Hexen 5. Bio-Menace 6. Wolfenstein3D 7. Wolfenstein: Spear of Destiny 8. Rise of the Triad: Dark War 9. Terminal Velocity 10. Hocus Pocus 11. Quake 12. Raptor - Call of the Shadow so yea.. can say i love my classic FPS games.
  4. Synapse

    Animal Passion

    uhm. . . ? just wow... lol.
  5. what happenes when you click that send error report button.. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2943736722728060847 lol, but yea if no one reports the error microsoft usually doesn't catch on to it. I personally wouldn't recommend anyone change anything about their services. even some services like wireless zero configuration service, even if you're on a wired line, you won't see any performance loss, but if you ever go wireless you'll have to start it back up, and if you forget you disabled it.. then it's a pain to find out what the problem was.
  6. FAT32 can't go over 4gigs. http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs_vs_fat.htm as Tarun said, NTFS is better, faster, and safer. definently worth converting too.
  7. I have to agree with Tarun, disabling services does more harm then good. although, even though i used to disable a lot of services to pinch that extra little bit out of my system, it got too tiresome to keep up with what does what and what depends on what. I however only find 2 services worth disabling... 1. Messenger Service (if not on a router will cause spam messages cause there no blocking of port 1026-1028, if you're on a router it's helpful for network admins to send messages to clients) 2. Indexing service (used to hear that this ran while playing games, but i never noticed it.. i disable it though since i remeber pretty much wherever i put a file and don't search my hard drive too much)
  8. happy birthday dude. today's mine as well =P ahh now to sit at home and play video games all night
  9. maybe it's cause i'm easily amused... but i found this quite funny. http://www.ie7.com/ i just love the irony of that.
  10. just briefly looked over the code, but if i have this right (which i probably do haha) i'll explain it. in short.. it's just a coutdown script in long.. the "jibberish" thats being echoed gets written to the file ~tmp.com then gets executed and the output is dumped to the file ~tmp.exe (thats the real executable, all it does is counts down by 1 second intervals with the help of the tmp.vbs script). once the countdown has been reached "shutdown.exe -r -f -t 00" gets ran which tells the comp to shutdown immediatly.
  11. http://people.csail.mit.edu/rahimi/helmet/ lol... can't believe people actually looked into that..
  12. sounds good, i personally use Silence of the Foxes. although, my current silent installation is, i let it auto-update too I'll try your method and see which one i like more
  13. yea doesn't look like you can, i patched my UXTheme and when i finally got in windows the theme was running fine, after patching.. it overwrote the file and themes no longer worked. gonna have a look around the net and see if i can find any good replace command line programs, i know theres Replacer but hopefully something without any user intervention.
  14. nice tut, and simple schematic. How long does the battery usually last? although aluminum isn't a very good conductor i'd suggest wrapping the entire inside of the altoids container with tape or something to prevent shorts. and just a side note, taking 9 volts down to 5 volts (diffrence of 4 volts) doesn't require a heatsink pretty much anything higher then that will, so make sure you take that into consideration if anything besides a 9 volt battery is used.

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