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  1. and the sad part of Apple Quicktime 7.2 is that is requires at least WinXP SP2. Quicktime 7.2 will NOT install under Win2000 as I've tested this on my cousin's Win2000 machine. CURSE YOU, APPLE Inc. why Quicktime 7.2 had to drop Win2k support is beyond me well Rick, that's cold hard reality nowadays for Win9x users anyway I hardly encounter QT files on the web I don't fool with QT that much either erpdude, but do have v6.5.2 installed on W98SE, W2K and WXP as well, naturally in all cases with it unchecked in msconfig which goes without saying, along with not having any file types except it's own associated. I just don't use QT that much but it is there for that seldom needed instance. As for online viewing I always download the file I want to watch while never using any players on line that much at all, since most sites are not in my trusted zone therefore do not have access to activex to start them. I see I do have v7.03; v7.04; v7.131 saved locally for testing on 2K/XP but I've never needed the instance to test them yet.... someday maybe. Rick
  2. To remove the tvdebug.log file is easy when it gets too big, simply shutdown ZA from the task bar, and delete it. It will recreate itself fresh each time. It was always good advice to do the same thing once in a while, although less often, with the .rdb and .lbd files too. All of these files are located in the C:\WINDOWS\Internet Logs folder. I don't quite understand the problem you are having? ..but first what version do you use? The last version of ZA for W98SE is v6.1.744.001 which is still available to download here: Free version: http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/info...aseHistory.html Pro version: http://download.zonelabs.com/bin/free/info...aseHistory.html FWIW, with this verson I never use and turn Off! the AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, eMail Protection, and the Privacy options on it. The only older version before this one that was nearly as stable, was v4.5.594, but that version once in a while would hangup/freeze and need to be rebooted, while in the process it would create those pesky ...tmp files in the above folder which after a while you'd end up with dozens of them; v6.1.744.001 does not do that but it does give those other product options mentioned above - which as mentioned I just turn them all Off in all the versions anyway. ymmv
  3. Do you really need to watch it in QT then? In other words just because Pinky offers it in QT format, however YouTube offers it in the elusive p.i.t.a flv format. To download an flv format you can do it a few ways, just one is if you go to this website: http://www.techcrunch.com/get-youtube-movie/ Then copy/paste this link below into the box there (it's the link from YouTube where you play it there) ..and then press GetVideo, and as it starts the download process here you can rename/enter it in for an .flv extension either before or after you download the get-video file, but either way it needs to be in an .flv extension - then when done downloading it then just open it with your VLC player and it will work fine. Another way, maybe even easier/convenient in many cases than fooling with flv files, is that this link below offers a little YouTube downloader program that you would paste that same link into its box, and it will auto-convert the file to a mpeg format even - which as you know every player plays that one. http://www.youtube-d.com/ ..there's even more ways to do it, and as always more than one way to accomplish a given task ..ps and btw - now that you mentionded it, yes it would be nice if there was a simple codec change/way to make v7 mov files work with a v6 player!
  4. YW... I wouldn't say it's flawless though in the sense that all of the options were never and are not entirely available to work when it's placed like that on Win98, however the basic and main portion of the program does work so that's the important part. All the versions works very well on W2K/WXP though and that's where they should really be run, and where I mainly run it.. just a fyi, I put v4.0.2693 release notes in with this version, since this (and some other) versions I noticed never came with release notes, and on some newer release notes they would leave out particular specifics of what was done on previous ones... so I used the v4.0.2693 release notes since it's unique to itself, and one can see in a round about way what they did just beyond it that broke W98's operation. Anyway, GE is a novelty to be able to run it on 9x too, so it's fun..
  5. Actually I found out that v4.0.2416 is the last working version for W98 which does not have the random data blur on 9x, however it (and All versions prior) do use a bit more system resources comparatively to all the versions After that... which is the tradeoff; iow, what they did to make it work using less resources is also what started causing the random data blur missing map data on 9x to show up. Anyway I had found out which was the last version working for 9x by downloading every version GE released and installed each one on WXP, and then copied them over to W98SE one by one to test them (having made hex edits to each base.dll, also adding the correct unicows and atl71 dll's) Here is the Link to the program files needed for v4.0.2416, it's all inclusive meaning you do not have to edit anything, or create any folders - simply place the included folder in your Programs folder (or anywhere really) and then shortcut the googleearth.exe to the Desktop for convenience. The moment you start it then it automatically creates any folders and registry entries that it needs to run all by itself.
  6. Sure but I don't have an account with them, however I will upload it to my website and send you the link via pm, and if you would upload it to your Rapidshare, thank you. The original 4.0.2091 installer can be had at FileHippo on the right side of their page.
  7. I know it... p.i.t.a fwiw & fyi I had noticed when I had downloaded that gearth9x.txt directly from his website before that the websites file date showed it was written on 9/30/2006 and I know for a fact he has stopped working on this project soon after he wrote that article, because he moved to WXP and never looked back. ...anyway my point is that I looked over the digital sigs on all my GoogleEarthWin.exe and noticed that for his test he must of been using v4.0.2091 since it has a dig sig of 9/14/06. (my thinking was he would of never wrote up that article if he knew it had the blurs if you know what I mean) So I deleted every single piece of Google file/registry off my test box for 2K and installed v4.0.2091, then copied all the files off of that, fixed the base dll and added the atl71.dll and then placed everything on my W9x test box just to see what I saw (btw, I placed the files per his gearth9x.txt including the res folder as suggested since I think eidenk didn't need it because he was using a later version which disregards that issue) ...anyway...guess what - the good news for those who are stuck with 9x using GE is that it does 'not' have that blur issue on zoom close at all and is very clear! just like we know it is with 2K/XP (kmz files will not work though and fatal error; proper kml files are fine) You know right away if it will have the blur issue just by clicking the 'Google Campus' tour that's on the very bottom of the Sightseeing tab's list on the left - and when it zooms in close it won't even render what's there right and it's blurry (v4.0.2091 is fine everywhere it goes zoom or not ) Anyway, my point is for anyone having that missing data (blur problem) on 9x with GE then you can at least use v4.0.2091 which is clear (Note though (for me anyway, and dtamonis too even with your 81.98 drivers you will have to apply the DirectX reg I gave before or it won't log in since it will not login with OpenGL enabled no matter what drivers I use.. of course, ymmv!) fwiw ...v4.0.2742 & v4.0.2746 (when starting from fresh caches on) do have the blur problem on 9x, and so manually placing v4.0.2091 at this point would be the only choice unless instead of manually placing it, someone was able to get the v4.0.2091 packed installer to work for 9x (as long as that process won't add other problems I don't know) ..but manually placing v4.0.2091 for 9x works well. Actually I will even leave v4.0.2091 on my 9x partition for fun, while having the later versions on 2K/XP to keep up with what's new..
  8. Yes it does install better now, it's not flawless as you pointed out, but nevertheless it does work. Thank you eidenk for your hours of efforts. Nice job. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I found out some important things about GE today 'not related' to the work you have done. I've come to notice issues with GE on W98SE that I may have not realized before, where before I always copied my dbCache.dat , dbCache.dat.index & MyPlaces.kml saved from my own touring operations on W2K/WXP over to Win98SE everytime and then I just watched the tour, but this time in playing with your install I did not do that and started with fresh caches allround. I soon found out (for my 2 test setups anyway) that GE may seem to work just fine, but when it comes to you actually going somewhere on a tour I soon noticed as it downloaded data it left undownloaded data areas (blurry areas) randomly on whatever portion of the map I was looking at, and on zooms in seemingly random places it would not finish downloading final data to clear it up leaving portions blur'd (no the issue is not related to video drivers) This does not happen on 2K/XP so there must be more to running GE 'properly' on 98 than I had realized.. On successive tests I even installed the KernelEx to see how that was and yes it did let the install process work better for v4.1, but here too it does not solve the poor imaging operation of GE on W98SE that I just mentioned ..again this is on my setup(s) and so as always, ymmv. I've been using GE ever since it came out years ago and at that time I first installed it on my W2K partition... iow in time I've become fairly familiar with GE and how it works which is great on 2K or XP, but I've now come to realize that for me anyway, unless it's a transferred cache already made up, the touring and it's overall data cache imaging ability as compared to 2K/XP is very poor. I think I will just let it be as is working fine on my W2K & WXP partitions, but leave it alone for W98SE
  9. Still the same error and I don't have KernelEx installed either. Is that KernelEx this project link? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71476 Anyway, I won't install KernelEx but will wait till you work on it to run thank you
  10. Thank you, but same errors still though........ However are you sure you included the modified googleearth.dll - I don't think so since the date is still 5/24/07 on it
  11. Hey eidenk thanks for working the installer, nice work. Yes it does install on W98SE, and I see it installs the full registry needed for everything to work jusk like on 2K/XP, however unfortunately it won't actually run on W98SE when you try to start it - I just tried it on two different boxes, and it does the same thing it did before for v4.1 which is pop up these two errors straight away..
  12. Yes I get the same error as you on 9x but realize in context GE was not crafted to work on Wn9x and you won't be able to use many of the extra features on it like you can in W2K/WXP. kmz files are in essence zipped kml files that when GE is installed on 2K/XP knows how to extract/process and bring you to the target. Your Blitzortung.org fancy projects can not be properly seen on Win9x, however yes I can open them in 2K/XP and see it okay. However for W98 you can rename the kmz extension to zip, and then unzip them and the resulting doc.kml can on 9x ..sometimes.. be navigated, however your Blitzortung.org needs the full install of GE on 2K/XP to function properly afaict. I can see when tracking the install on either W2K or WXP that there are literally a thousand registry entries tied to itself besides the regular ones auto created when we do what we do by manually placing on Win9x and starting it - and so the hundred CLSID entries and the two hundred Interface entries, and more, that are not properly associated on 9x and so their functions are not active - and is why you can't use GE on 9x to it's fullest extent. You can use GE on W98 for standard searches and creating placemarks and making your tour just fine, and then saving your MyPlaces (myplaces.kml) to view your tour at anytime. GE is best used on W2K/WXP and is where I mainly use it myself really; I just enjoy playing with W98 at times too. Bottom line - GE v4.0.xxx works on W98 but with limitations, and is certainly not supported. That's my take on it..
  13. fwiw & fyi... ~I updated from v81.98 to v82.16 and GE still works okay, but the shutdown protection error is still there too, as well the Sachs SereneScreen Marine Aquarium still won't display correctly. Otherwise the drivers work fine for 9x and add more card compatibility. ~I then updated to MDGx driver version hoping for that to do better, but actually GE won't work with it and the protection error was still there as well Sachs still won't display right, otherwise the driver worked well and I saw the few extra settings besides what coolbits functionality we had before.. ~To confirm I went back to my original v77.72 drivers and now no protection error and Sachs works fine again, but GE won't work just like originally. I haven't decided which way to solve this little drama yet - but I'm done with for the week now.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now dtamonis this may interest you since you brought it up before about DirectX verses OpenGL on GE, and you know you had something there which I did not catch at first and I did try it, but I see that changing that setting to run GE on Directx Will let it work okay and log on with like for example with my v77.72 drivers installed, although it is true it doesn't render quite as fast, but yes it does work, and so if you can't get yours started to try that, if that's your problem, then use this info below and make you own reg file in notepad and you can set it to DirectX before you even open it... I've confirmed it works. ...this will turn OpenGL off and turn DirectX on GE on! REGEDIT4 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Google\Google Earth Plus\Render] "RenderingApi"=dword:00000000 Alternately this turns it off and sets OpenGL back on. REGEDIT4 [HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Software\Google\Google Earth Plus\Render] "RenderingApi"=dword:00000001 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After I typed my above post I see now dtamonis you posted a new post about kmz files, which is just and icon file btw, and I don't know why it's prompting you for that non-issue. More importantly do you get Protection Errors when you shutdown you computer with v81.98 drivers installed? I'm back to v77.72 drivers at the moment, and I can now fully run GE with the DirectX setting turned on as mentioned above, and everything else works fine too unlike with the newer drivers.
  14. I run a very tight ship and so naturally on nVidia driver installs the first thing I always did is to remove the not needed NvMediaCenter & nwiz & NVSvc stuff out of Run & Run Services, and yes I had already noticed that whether I either just Restart, or Restart in MS-DOS it works fine and I can get out from there without the protection error, but Shutdown still gets it. I do not want to make this thread about this protection error though since it's good to keep it just about GE (and I'm not concerned about the protection error at all since I'm well capable of easily bringing that to a resolve one way or the other, but these 81.98 drivers will have to go because I remembered...and just checked again that they still break the famous SereneScreen Marine Aquarium 2 programs graphics, and we won't have any of that!..so the drivers imo are faulty on for me two counts, however they are blessed just for today though <smile> since they gave me the answer for running GE on 9x <g> I will update on another day to later than 81.98 drivers for 9x either with msfn's version, or anothers, and hopefully that will clear me from these two issues.. ..but GE works a charm <vbg>!
  15. Well Analada glancing at your driver version 81.98 reminded me why I never used that driver version in the first place since it gives me protection errors on shutdown - so I never left it installed and stayed with v77.72, but for the 'heck of it' I installed 81.98 again this morning... and I almost fell out of my chair to see that Google Earth works fine everytime online or offline now... (protection error on shutdown is still there but I will deal with that issue later, maybe even try msfn's v82.69 driver) I guess before for me it was the GE program hanging up with my system rather than what it was doing as shown in my beginning screenshots showing it hanging on server login, and so naturally I stayed with that theory since that's what it showed - and because of that who would of thought it was anything else.. ..I'm glad on a whim I checked it out nevertheless. Thanks Analada for your reply.. Anyway, since I already had all my GE v4.0.2746 files in place on W98SE so I just transferred my 250MB of saved GE tours data file (dbCache.dat) and also the saved places (Myplaces.kml) files from my W2K install and so my GE on 9x is all up to date with my touring cache and ready to go. (I still don't think the new GE 4.1 series will work on 9x though) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Now dtamonis explain again what your system setup is, and what your GE is doing, and exactly what any errors are.
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