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  1. Ok lets talk about the sound hardware I used: Soundblaster LIVE 5.1 (with SPDIF digital CD IN) And/or Soundblaster X-fi Fatality (extreme music) ATA DVD rom Samsung with SPDIF-CD Oout Bose speakers Software: Windows 98SE + KEX + Windows media player 9 WDM drivers for Soundblaster (they work by some miracle) Direct X 9.0 with Directsound and/or Windows 7 Ultimate x64 WDM drivers 32 bit Direct X 11 without Directsound (removed since vista) OpenAL, ALchemy Windows media player 11 (+-) Getting work SPDIF input on Win98 was a hard nut. No other software except WMP 9 was able to run it. But when it was done, and WMP has been tuned up to use digital-CD-IN the sound was very very good. to re-test it i have run program which consumed up the CPU, but the sound was still perfect. Therefore I believe that sound is processed via soundcard without any direct need of CPU. (hardware accelerated). But here the first and last degradation occurs. SB Live outputs sound natively in 48KHz while CD format is 44 KHz. New system, new hardware... But no SPDIF input for standard digital CD input. Still possibility to connect it via SPDIF IN but only via jack, not PIN. Until i construct that cable the sound must be "grabbed" and transported via ATA cable. Sound quality from CD has been here downgraded for the first time. there is not direct sound - therefore there is no pure hardware acceleration. When CPU is involved another sound stuttering might occur during high load of system. At all the card is able to output sound in 44Khz Still the older system has one less possible degradation... If I will be able to connect the DVD drive directly to the SPDIF it might help to improve sound quality. But is there any software able to play from SPDIF? Will see. But for me its strange to know that 10 years hardware has better sound as the new one.
  2. I have tried dataram. works fine for the testing purposes... Has any of these ability to startup with system and let pagefile to be placed here? (due compatbilitiy issues I need pagefile).
  3. Thanks guys. It works.
  4. I have just setup an 8gb system and I am interested to run ramdrive. I searched a bit but except malware-like products or trial versions there was nothing useful. Any suggestions? Freeware will be best choice. Thanks.
  5. I have just tested l3codex.ax ... Works well and i have confirmed that you need only to replace it in system directory. From Media Player Classic you just need to play any *.mp3 file and check the Filter name "Mpeg Layer-3 Decoder". check the version before and after the update. Before update i had version 1.5 (build 50) and now its 1.6 (Build 51). Also most interesting should be link to Fraunhofer institute web
  6. Nero contains a lot of video filters. Dont know why for a CD-DVD burning sw.
  7. Media player classic: The subtitle filter in player does not work on Windows 9x. Same is true for CD audio player and some other functions. I dont know why, but i always suceeded when i downloaded original filter and installed it manually. At all i dont think that fixing bugs in Win9x version is the priority for the development team now. For subtites with MPC: Vob Sub 2.23. There are newer versions of this filter, but you may experience trouble when playing movies in YUV2 YV12 colorspace (in Win9x). This one works for me. Supreme quality of text, but at cost of CPU... When you look on the settings of this subtitle filter you will see almost same settings which are included with Media player classic.
  8. Win ME is Vista of its time. Buggy, big installation, ability to restore viruses and so on. I have been using it for some time, but I was really confused with it. For a long time i believe that best Windows ever released is Windows 2000. to Lightning slinger: Good to know that people here like P3-S Tualatins.
  9. Few days ago there was some kind of error with YouTube. Some users of Opera reported that they need to re-install the Flashplayer. Since my old PIII has Win98SE and Vista as secondary system I tested it bit deeper. Reinstallation of Flash Player worked for Vista without reboot. For Win98 i was desperate. Accidentally i tried the Youtube some days later and it worked even on windows 98. Currently using Opera 10.52 and Flash Player - the latest that Adobe offers for Windows 98. YouTube now declares which standard for flash is being... tolerated? At all modern browsers can support higher versions as Adobe flash 9, but what about Win9x? Installer is locked, but with Vista i still have an acess to the flash player itself - i just need to move it to Win9x and register it correctly.
  10. Four things happened: 1. I was able to set "VMR9 Mixer mode" On in Media Player Classic. Effect: Enhanced DVD video playback, visible better color quality. 2. I found that i can play 4,1 (or 5,1) sound while in Surround mixer i can set any of the effect ON. 3. I use Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 with WDM drivers. anyway i was not able to reproduce my current system configuration. For me it is mystery how this works. 4. windows media player is after all able to play CDs via SPDIF interface without chops. This has been archieved by adjusting "Audio CD F:" properties. I selected "digital" playback and enabled "error correction". Too many things fixed recently. I did some minor changes since last system restore, i probably forget how i set them previously to work fine and now when I set them to correct values I am amazed at the way how they work. Just backing up my own system settings. Check them, i have been testing hundreds of any possible values on my hardware but these works best. Autoexec.bat @echo off cls @CTTY NUL LFNFOR ON set windir=c:\os set winbootdir=c:\os mode con codepage prepare=((852) C:\OS\COMMAND\ega.cpi) mode con codepage select=852 lh keyb sl,,C:\OS\COMMAND\keybrd2.sys rem c:\dos\xmsdsk\xmsdsk.exe 513732 K: /c1 /t /y c:\dos\xmsdsk\xmsdsk.exe 524288 K: /c1 /t /y rem C:\OS\COMMAND\label K: scorpion lh C:\dos\blaster\sbeinit.com c:\dos\shsucdx.com /d:AADVARK /Q /l:f c:\dos\cmouse\ctmouse.exe rem lh c:\dos\lsl rem c:\dos\e1000odi rem c:\dos\e1000pkt 0x60 rem c:\dos\ipxodi.com /a rem lh vc rem c:\umbpci\fastvid\fastvid.exe 111 -128 d0000000 SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\PROGRA~1\ATITEC~1\ATICON~1 c:\dos\umbpci\umbfill.com CTTY CON Config.sys SWITCHES=/F /E DOS=HIGH,UMB,noAUTO FILEShigh=150 FILES=150 BUFFERShigh=50,8 BUFFERS=50,8 LASTDRIVE=k FCBShigh=1,0 FCBS=1,0 STACKShigh=0,0 STACKS=0,0 DEVICE=C:\OS\HIMEM.SYS /numhandles=128 /hmain=64 /TESTMEM:OFF /Q DEVICE=C:\dos\EMM386.EXE RAM NOTR SET PATH=C:\OS;C:\OS\COMMAND;c:\vc;C:\DOS SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 SET CTSYN=C:\OS DEVICEhigh=C:\DOS\QCDROM.SYS /D:AADVARK rem SHELL=C:\COMMAND.COM C:\ /E:1280 /L:160 /U:160 /P /F ACCDATE=C- D- E- F- DEVICEhigh=C:\OS\SETVER.EXE DEVICEhigh=C:\OS\IFSHLP.SYS devicehigh=C:\OS\COMMAND\DISPLAY.SYS con=(ega,,1) Country=421,852,C:\OS\COMMAND\country.sys System.ini [boot] oemfonts.fon=vgaoem.fon shell=Explorer.exe system.drv=system.drv drivers=mmsystem.dll power.drv user.exe=user.exe gdi.exe=gdi.exe sound.drv=mmsound.drv dibeng.drv=dibeng.dll comm.drv=comm.drv mouse.drv=mouse.drv keyboard.drv=keyboard.drv *DisplayFallback=0 fonts.fon=vgasys.fon fixedfon.fon=vgafix.fon 386Grabber=vgafull.3gr display.drv=pnpdrvr.drv [keyboard] keyboard.dll= oemansi.bin=xlat852.bin subtype= type=4 [boot.description] system.drv=Štandardné PC keyboard.typ=Štandardná klávesnica 101 alebo 102 klávesov alebo klávesnica Microsoft Natural mouse.drv=Štandardná myš aspect=100,96,96 display.drv=RADEON X850 Series [386Enh] ebios=*ebios woafont=dosapp.fon mouse=*vmouse, msmouse.vxd device=*dynapage device=*vcd device=*vpd device=*int13 keyboard=*vkd display=*vdd,*vflatd MaxPhysPage=40000 ConservativeSwapfileUsage=0 MinSPs=16 DMABufferSize=64 PagingDrive=K: MinPagingFileSize=523264 MaxPagingFileSize=523264 MaxDMAPGAddress=1000 [NonWindowsApp] TTInitialSizes=4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 18 20 22 [power.drv] [drivers] wavemapper=*.drv MSACM.imaadpcm=imaadpcm.acm MSACM.msadpcm=msadpcm.acm MSVideo.VfWWDM=vfwwdm.drv wave=mmsystem.dll midi=mmsystem.dll VIDC.IV41=ir41.dll VIDC.IV32=ir32.dll VIDC.IV31=ir32.dll VIDC.YVU9=iyvu9.dll VIDC.MSVC=msvidc.drv VIDC.MRLE=MSRLE.drv [iccvid.drv] [mciseq.drv] [mci] cdaudio=mcicda.drv sequencer=mciseq.drv waveaudio=mciwave.drv 4 avivideo=mciavi.drv MPEGVideo=mciqtz.drv MPEGVideo2=mciqtz.drv [vcache] MaxFileCache=32768 MinFileCache=32768 ChunkSize=512 [MSNP32] [drivers32] msacm.lhacm=lhacm.acm VIDC.VDOM=vdowave.drv MSACM.imaadpcm=imaadp32.acm MSACM.msadpcm=msadp32.acm MSACM.msgsm610=msgsm32.acm MSACM.msg711=msg711.acm MSACM.trspch=tssoft32.acm vidc.CVID=iccvid.dll VIDC.IV31=ir32_32.dll VIDC.IV32=ir32_32.dll vidc.MSVC=msvidc32.dll VIDC.MRLE=msrle32.dll VIDC.IV50=ir50_32.dll msacm.iac2=C:\OS\SYSTEM\IAC25_32.AX msacm.l3acm=C:\OS\SYSTEM\L3CODECA.ACM VIDC.YUY2=msyuv.dll VIDC.UYVY=msyuv.dll VIDC.YVYU=msyuv.dll VIDC.I420=msh263.drv VIDC.IYUV=iyuv_32.dll vidc.X264=x264vfw.dll vidc.xvid=xvid.dll VIDC.HFYU=huffyuv.dll vidc.ffds=ff_vfw.dll msacm.avis=ff_acm.acm VIDC.YVU9=tsbyuv.dll [TTFontDimenCache] 0 4=2 4 0 5=3 5 0 6=4 6 0 7=4 7 0 8=5 8 0 9=5 9 0 10=6 10 0 11=7 11 0 12=7 12 0 13=8 13 0 14=8 14 0 15=9 15 0 16=10 16 0 18=11 18 0 20=12 20 0 22=13 22 Note: Since last of the tests i randomly performed was test of VcacheFix (which failed on my system) i have to put vcache.vxd info here. Modified: 11.2. 2008 (obviously the "fixed" version). I use selfcompiled vmm32.vxd which uses newer versions as defaults - maybe some trouble have been caused by this, and maybe some memory settings have been correctly set. Not sure about that.
  11. Currently using: Verzia 10.51 Build 3315 Platforma Win32 Systém Windows 98 Hope you dont need translation. Everything works juuuust fine.
  12. I use safe mode with more that 1GiB only with normally booted autoexec.bat and config.sys, while the dos ramdisk driver is active and consuming unusable memory. No need to hack, althought it does not solve the main problem. Another way i to use patch which is hanging there for some time.
  13. Still using 98?

  14. i have been testing some browsers for Immolator project. IE6 failed, also just for curiosity i tested IE7 and 8 on newer windows. they did not pass either. After some experience with other browsers i tested Opera which passed the test and also is able to run on Win98SE. Also a reason why i started to use Opera. High compatibility with OS, and following the web standards.

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