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  1. Looking for new explorer address bar

    I prefer the look of older versions of the Windows Explorer like the one in Win9x or XP. Therefore I hide the top bar (which contains the back forward buttons, the address bar and the search bar) Thanks to classic explorer I could add the toolbar buttons which were omitted in Windows Vista and later Windows versions. However, there is one thing missing: the address bar. Does anyone know about any alternative address bars which I could use as a replacement? I know, there are several explorer addons like qt address bar (an address bar that mimics the Vista/Win7 breadcrumbs bar) but that one just doesn't look right and is kind of buggy in Windows 7. Another way to add an address bar is Quero, an Internet Explorer addon which adds a search bar which can also be used as an address bar but again it's not exactly the right thing as it shows the corresponding CLSID numbers instead of the real names of special "folders" like control panel and the "computer" folder. So I was wondering if there is any add on for explorer which simply adds a standard address bar. I guess, probably not because there already is an address bar in explorer but that's the one I hid...
  2. NTFS support in Win 98/SE/ME?

    I wouldn't recommend Paragon NTFS at all. Back in the day I actually bought the full version (which could also write) only to find out that it isn't possible to modify any files which were saved to the NTFS drive on an OS which really supports NTFS. So, a file saved on XP to an NTFS drive could be opened in Win9x but whenever you tried to save it again (in Win9x, after having changed something) it wouldn't be able to save it. I also texted the guys from Paragon and all they said was that they knew about that issue but that NTFS for 9x was no longer supported and they couldn't do anything about it.
  3. Your fav version of Windows 9x?

    What do you mean? You type something in the address bar and Windows automatically completes whatever you intend to type? That's even in Windows 95 (with IE desktop update installed).
  4. Modern Browser Project 2018

    I'm sorry but I really don't know an answer to that. I think a lot can be achieved (just think about KernelEx) but I know way too little about that stuff.
  5. Modern Browser Project 2018

    It doesn't work. I've just tried it on Windows 95B. Throws an error about a missing function "IsDebuggerPresent" which I could "fix" but it still won't start.
  6. I've just downloaded this browser and as far as I can tell it seems to be working fine (on Windows 95B from '96). It's a nice idea to have a basic browser for Windows 95 but I think it would even make more sense to use something like KMeleon because as far as I know it uses Windows stuff as a GUI and not the XUL stuff that all these Firefox derivates come with. What this means for the end-user is that it uses less memory and launches faster and that really is quite an important thing on an older computer. Just saying...
  7. Firefox 53 on XP

    I wish I could find a link but there is someone somewhere who allegedly got (a browser based on) Firefox 53 to work on XP. It's not a normal version, it uses some linux-like stuff and you can't just install it like a normal Windows application and therefore I couldn't get it to run. But anyway, has anyone heard anything about that?
  8. I don't use Windows 98 but Windows 95. Of course, I don't use it on my main computer (even though I have a few virtual machines that run Win95), but 1 or 2 years ago, I bought an old laptop, just for fun. And then I thought, why not putting it to use as it was meant to be? So, now I really use it as a computer that I can take anywhere to work on Word document or to view PDF files. And except for the battery life I think I'm not really worse off than other people who also use Word and pdfs, so it doesn't really make that much of a difference (but I don't have to struggle with ribbons in Word, which is a good thing) From time to time a get strange looks and some people have asked me if my laptop is some kind of new retro-looking device and OS. It's not, it's as old as it looks.
  9. Kext: DIY KernelEx extensions

    Why is it a recommended update? It seems to be the version from ME. Does it do anything better than older versions?
  10. BSOD 0E 0137:BFF9A3C0

    I've changed these settings to new values now. I don't know what they do, all I noticed was that if I set them to high the app won't start because it doesn't have enough RAM, but now it works and doesn't use more RAM then before. I can't say it's perfect because I've encountered a BSOD again but only once even though I opened and closed the app at least 20 times in a row. So I don't know what these settings do but they seem to mitigate the problem.
  11. BSOD 0E 0137:BFF9A3C0

    Oh and one more thing. In CFF Explorer I found something that's called "Native Win9x driver" I just applied this setting to my application and even though the BSOD did show up once, I was still able to get back to a (somewhat screwed) Windows and restart the computer which is already a bit better than having to reset the machine.
  12. BSOD 0E 0137:BFF9A3C0

    Sometimes, when a BSOD occurs and I hit enter several times I get to see an interesting picture. This time, it looks like a giant M..:) To me, it seems like this has something to do with either gdi or the graphics card (or both). I've already updated the driver but what's interesting is that these BSOD occur both on a virtual machine running Win95 and also on a Pentium 1 laptop so even though the graphics card and its driver differ a lot, the BSOD is still the same.
  13. BSOD 0E 0137:BFF9A3C0

    Yes, but even with the redirections you suggested, these random BSODs still occur. So, that can't be the solution. I'm afraid there just is no solution. It's just that this application wasn't made for Win95, that's the bottom line. But it was worth a try. P.S: I also opened the file in CFF explorer and kicked out msimg32.dll After all, Win95 doesn't come with msimg32.dll (which is related to gdi.exe) and the application uses only two functions so I just removed it to see if the BSODs vanish. They didn't. But again, it was worth a try.
  14. BSOD 0E 0137:BFF9A3C0

    Ok, in Dependency Walker the addresses are shown in a different format so I couldn't find anything. But I did find something with another program, it's not exactly the same address but it's at least similar (BFF9A352) The function is in kernel32.dll and it's called IsBadStringPtrW