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  1. I like Sevio (created by me). http://xstyleone.deviantart.com/art/Sevio-...or-XP-129579027
  2. Here is a logonUI for XP.....seven look for XP. Enjoy!
  3. ^^^Thanx for the feedback...this Sidebar was a project of mine...a small project, when i released i thought i will make it better..and better...BUT...i'm NOT a coder....i understand delphi code...but i'm not so advanced (i learn delphi reading from the internet..and binding some code). In conclusion i don't think a next version will be released (no time...no knowlege).
  4. Well...i've installed RP9 on VM...and it's fabulous!! Some issue i have...with the large icon support, if i enable it...all the icons in the start menu are large and sliced and the text it's overlaping. Thank you!
  5. I didn't try it yet....but what i see it's great! Fu**ing great!
  6. Well......life got in the way.....and some major hard drive failure. Still have some code left...but most of the work must be done again......so ver 1.4 can be possible (if i'm not to lazy).
  7. It seems that win7 build 7022 has leaked. http://abhinovks.blogspot.com/2009/02/wind...creenshots.html
  8. Here is a screen of one of the best skin i've ever designed.... it's not 100% percent done...but it will be soon!!! The best Vista experience on your Win98 machine..soooon!
  9. Look man you are free to use all my files....i don't mind...but if you do so...please create your own pack.....with your own name! Am i clear?
  10. No.....stay relax...i make backup to everything...
  11. I removed Renovatio because it doesn't have any purpose anymore.......
  12. http://rapidshare.com/files/135259424/Win98_graphics.rar
  13. I wish...a clean win98se (as original as possible)....some graphic theme (to assign some elements to win98, like vista has the orb win98 should have something in particular, beside the logo flag).
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