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  1. I'm trying to use textnow.com and it wont login. It has cloudflare and google captcha on the login page. Ive spent 2 days working with it and talked to support they said they dont support open source browser but thats a copout. I played with the UA and got it to work a few times but it takes like 50 tries then it blocks the IP and nothing works. I'm not sure if anything is related but of course chrome works but I hate chrome, I refuse to use it. Can anyone please help me? thanks
  2. (%OS_SLICE% rv:*) Can anyone explain this useragent? I'm seeing them everywhere and google captcha is flipping out
  3. I see this when the password autocomplete fails: Error: TypeError: this.openedPopup.hidePopup is not a function Source File: resource:///modules/AutoCompletePopup.jsm Line: 194 this.openedPopup.hidePopup(); } AutoCompleteTreeView.clearResults(); }, removeLogin(login) { Services.logins.removeLogin(login); }, receiveMessage: function(message) { if (!message.target.autoCompletePopup) { // Returning false to pacify ESLint, but this return value is // ignored by the messaging infrastructure. return false; } switch (message.name) { case "FormAutoComplete:SelectBy": { this.openedPopup.selectBy(message.data.reverse, message.data.page); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:GetSelectedIndex": { if (this.openedPopup) { return this.openedPopup.selectedIndex; } // If the popup was closed, then the selection // has not changed. return -1; } case "FormAutoComplete:SetSelectedIndex": { let { index } = message.data; if (this.openedPopup) { this.openedPopup.selectedIndex = index; } break; } case "FormAutoComplete:MaybeOpenPopup": { let { results, rect, dir } = message.data; this.showPopupWithResults({ browser: message.target, rect, dir, results }); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:Invalidate": { let { results } = message.data; this.invalidate(results); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:ClosePopup": { this.closePopup(); break; } case "FormAutoComplete:Disconnect": { // The controller stopped controlling the current input, so clear // any cached data. This is necessary cause otherwise we'd clear data // only when starting a new search, but the next input could not support // autocomplete and it would end up inheriting the existing data. AutoCompleteTreeView.clearResults(); break; } } // Returning false to pacify ESLint, but this return value is // ignored by the messaging infrastructure. return false; }, /** * Despite its name, this handleEnter is only called when the user clicks on * one of the items in the popup since the popup is rendered in the parent process. * The real controller's handleEnter is called directly in the content process * for other methods of completing a selection (e.g. using the tab or enter * keys) since the field with focus is in that process. */ handleEnter(aIsPopupSelection) { if (this.openedPopup) { this.sendMessageToBrowser("FormAutoComplete:HandleEnter", { selectedIndex: this.openedPopup.selectedIndex, isPopupSelection: aIsPopupSelection, }); } }, /** * If a browser exists that AutoCompletePopup knows about, * sends it a message. Otherwise, this is a no-op. * * @param {string} msgName * The name of the message to send. * @param {object} data * The optional data to send with the message. */ sendMessageToBrowser(msgName, data) { let browser = this.weakBrowser ? this.weakBrowser.get() : null; if (browser) { browser.messageManager.sendAsyncMessage(msgName, data); } }, stopSearch: function() {} }
  4. no I'm good. I seen mention in the changelog and was wondering. I dont want it here either
  5. Hardware H264 Decoding No; D3D9 blacklisted with DLL atiumd64.dll ( watching yt videos on 1.5 speed gives 100% on 8 cores maxed
  6. Roy, is there any way to disable startupCache.4.little? I delete files in the "local" folder with crapcleaner and the last build wont populate login fields when this file is freshly made. I must close NM and start over and the forms will input my login info. Right now I denied permissions to the folder and it seems to work but for some reason the previous builds didnt seem to mind as much. Not sure why the startupCache.4.little has such an effect on the login clipboard or whatever does the username input on logins. Also my UBO takes a bit to load so the startupCache.4.little does nothing but make logins difficult. thank you
  7. thats what it was, thanks 👍
  8. Last version of new moon browser the emojis wont load. Tried new profile, not working. test here: https://getemoji.com/ older version works ok
  9. any way to remove this margin? I just showed up last build or so. thanks
  10. Can nlite remove Telemetry, cortana, one drive, edge browser and such? I'd like to use win10 but its a huge privacy concern. Thanks
  11. Registering with Service Control Manager to monitor Remote Desktop Service status failed with 0x80070424, retry in ten minutes. I too would like to stop it. RD is disabled here.
  12. I am trying to figure out what this file is I cant delete. I use Recuva and I see the file Outlook Express Emails.zip and it can't be deleted. I looked in the header info and see inbox.dbx, registration at MSFN forums. I seen others have this file on their system also. Anyone got any ideas? others with this file: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=25064 http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=26472 http://www.outlookbanter.com/outlook-express/95034-ok-encrypt-my-local-email.html
  13. not sure if this has been around for awhile I just noticed it today. http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/cpu-z/1.55-win98.zip http://www.cpuid.com/downloads/hwmonitor/1.16-win98.zip
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