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    TechnoRelic said: > However , NOW , with 'Mathwiz' tweak , the ADOBE PRIMETIME CDM 'Plugin' install *DOES* solve the problem. Just a little friendly hint, and the above only as short example: You intend to help, which is great, but you're probably the only one who considers 'stumbling-quotes' around each and every name and other normal words as helpful for reading. Additionally to all the other stumbling-*starlets* and uppercase emphasizes etc. too. If used moderately that's true, but stumbling over every second word feels for readers like wandering through a stony creek bed ;-) This would be much smoother already, even with still 1/3 marked words: > However, now, with Mathwiz tweak, the ADOBE PRIMETIME CDM Plugin install DOES solve the problem.
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    As put in the FAQ, the process of using ESU is laid out. There is an update to install and then the user will be able to put in a product key (MAK) that specifically licenses the system to receive ESU. It even says that Windows Update should still work as usual. As far as we are concerned, if any new updates appear on the Update Catalog site, we can talk about them. It is just the mechanism to modify the OS to fool the updates or update mechanism to install updates that is what we are talking about being against the rules. Time will tell if something changes, if we are still around in 2023 when this program expires, we can think then how we should handle such topics.
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    I was back in northern Italy and I stumbled on this: Apparently, someone tried to remotely reboot this train ticket machine, but it got stuck on "You can now turn off your computer" because of missing ACPI drivers, which is weird considering that it's an embedded machine. Anyway, this just shows that in 2020 Windows XP is still very much alive all over the world.
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    Only for the nerdiest, windows codenames are not common knowledge.
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    New build of post-deprecated Serpent/moebius for XP! * Notice: This repo will not be built on regular schedule, and changes are experimental as usual. ** Current moebius patch level should be on par with 52.9, but some security patches can not be applied/ported due to source milestone differences between versions. Test binary: Win32 http://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk55-win32-git-20200104-dc63b5b94-xpmod.7z Win64 http://o.rths.ml/basilisk/basilisk55-win64-git-20200104-dc63b5b94-xpmod.7z repo: https://github.com/roytam1/basilisk55 Repo changes: - import UXP change: - [NSS] Bug 1508776 - Remove unneeded refcounting from SFTKSession (836e72e96) (5d620aa4f) - import changes from tenfourfox: - #584: M1507180 M1598605 (7b58ac561) - #584: update certs, pins, TLDs (f9572b6f0) (78b4d0bd2) - update NSPR to 4.24 and keep NSPR Bug 1586070 and win64 patch intact. (558ba68d5) - Update NSS to 3.48 while keeping vc2013 hackfix and no-sslkeylogfile intact. (165e0c7e7) - import NSS tip revs: bug1594965, bug1593167, bug1603027, bug1600144, bug1590001, bug1603257, bug1605545, bug1513586 (dc63b5b94)
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    Jody Thornton said: > I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I have a hard time believing that the user base remaining is that low. I believe it's mainly due to fake UserAgent strings. When websites start boycotting certain old systems or browser versions, first with nags and then kicking visitors out completely, when more and more sites are getting hostile, users are just forced to fake their browser strings. And miraculously most websites start working again, fully or almost, without any "support" necessary... Same effect as for Win98 in the past. And a second dilemma, when statistics drop below a certain low level, it becomes an increasing privacy/fingerprinting risk to belong to such a tiny minority.
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    That apple software update thingy always nagged on my mother's computer. With XP and now 8.1... But yeah, that would go well with this Christmas installation over here: I have no idea why they picked those two letters. And for more evidence that Windows XP dominated Christmas 2019: https://www.neowin.net/news/the-new-windows-ugly-sweater-has-a-windows-xp-theme
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    archive updated fixing sqlite3.dll calling functions not exist in old windows.
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    I never been optimistic about the prospect of xompie, but if I could borrow code from other devs (Threading API being priority) then I will resume (I currently use XP with no other Windows version).. I would not surprised if AV flag it as virus, xompie use "man in the middle" method and just like other hooking they are prone to false-positive, whatever the justification is.
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    A peach? Hmm, not so bad at all... Much more my taste as snakes 8-) A peach... and.... cherries... Shall we do fruits? His changelogs are full with "cherry-picking", very fitting :D
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    @Mathwiz : Hope you're doing fine in the new year ; when you first posted this some days ago, I was genuinely puzzled, but since I was occupied with other matters, both in digital (!) and real life , I left it aside for future investigation; my contribution to the subject at hand was simply which basically links to the old Bugzilla bug #967977 Today I had some extra time and decided to search the official UXP GitHub repo/issue tracker, to find proof which substantiates the report that: (them in that context refers to TLS Session Tickets/TLS cache); I've searched specifically for code that sets the hidden pref security.ssl.disable_session_identifiers to true, but my search was, alas, fruitless... I then browsed @roytam1 's forked UXP repo, both branches (master+custom), for similar code signs, but to no avail, again ... So, by simply going with public source code, I found no clues that the default behaviour in either (official) PM28 and/or (forked) NM28 is to disable TLS session tickets, as you suggested... But you are not to blame yourself , I have myself in the past "slipped" in a similar fashion... ; the blame lies on the OP, for causing undue confusion over a "supposedly" new-found issue, most likely self-inflicted: ... was the post that started all this ; as part of my investigation, I have downloaded said NM28 build (BuildID=20200104010047), as well as the one after it (BuildID=20200110230556) and guess what one finds by visiting https://www.howsmyssl.com in a brand new/fresh (browser) profile: and So, nothing has changed in NM28 with regard to TLS Session Tickets, they are enabled by default (which yields the green "Good" button in that test page) ... Once more, it was simply @msfntor 's troll-ish behaviour in posting unchecked/unverified untruths, which ended up wasting people's time...
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    To be fair, Dibya never said Christmas of which year ... jaclaz
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    @Werewolf Thank you so much for the HUGE list of additions! Finally got around to adding them all. Glad to see you around again. I have you to thank for my list gaining popularity in early/mid 2017 thanks to the plethora of additions you provided then. Thanks again! In addition to what Werewolf posted, I have added another piece of software called Ripcord to "Instant Messaging" section, after discovering it in a thread over at the XP forum here. What makes this software unique is that it provides a fully functional Discord client for Windows Vista users, which I much prefer to using the Web version: As you can see, this is based on QT, rather than the infamous Electron (which is like a cancer contributing to the sharp decline in software support for Windows XP/Vista since 2015 ) which allows it to work flawlessly on Windows Vista. Voice Chatting also works great, for those wondering. I can't seem to find any system requirements listed anywhere, but since it does not work on Windows XP (giving a "not a valid win32 application" error message, indicating the software was built targeting Windows NT 6.0 as the minimum) I will assume that it officially supports Windows Vista or later. Also, Telegram Desktop 1.8.15 has been listed as the last version for Windows XP and Vista (1.9.0/1.9.1, both pre-releases, do not work due to missing DLL functions; the developer has stated here that it will not be fixed).
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    The patched version of EE 360 browser has preference for displaying sites in Russian. How do I force it to English? Relevant items in Settings page seem to be missing. Edit: found solution. 360Chrome\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences With text editor, look for "accept_languages" Flip language order like: "accept_languages": "en-US,en,ru-RU,ru" Clear cookies or start with new Portable if sites are still RU.
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    Canadian broadcasters, which are generally owned by cable/satellite companies, will probably dump OTA before adopting ATSC 3.0. Most of our stations are still analog, especially outside major cities. Or they may drag their feet and keep broadcasting exclusively ATSC 1.0 much longer than in the U.S. Those who can receive Canadian stations (which broadcast lots of American shows) could have an alternative source of programming if ATSC 3.0 proves inaccessible or DRM-infested. I'd also be wise to further media consolidation in the U.S. which may further deteriorate the availability and/or quality of OTA over there. I never used WMC, but I heard that MS never supplied EPG data to Canadian users (or at least around XP/early Vista era). We also never had stuff like cablecards. So it was even more of a non-factor than in the U.S.
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    @Tripredacus One thing. Is the topic that was "hidden" any different than POS Ready Updates for XP? That also bypassed the proper terms of agreement for XP, no?
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    This is just a mockup... there's no about-wordmark.svg in New Moon... so where is it the brand name ought to go? And... how do I remove the whitened box that crosses the image? peach moonshine.zip
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    it was reported in upstream: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23566
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    I would also like to see a picture of the moron rectius "person" that upgraded a 1 GB PC to windows 10, but unfortunately there are all the Privacy Laws, GDPR and what not, so that is not possible . jaclaz
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    There are some computers in my school which use Windows XP. Computer which I use in the school also had XP but a person upgrade it to Windows 10 and it work so slow. That computer has got 956mb of ram
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    patch ported. https://github.com/roytam1/UXP/commit/b8ab527949bdf21e00bbcd4173d58ebfa373b6ed
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    This is what @Matt A. Tobin said when he suggested the code names he used: So yes; those "in the know" might get that Freestyle, e.g., is the media-focused browser of the bunch. But we don't have to use those particular names; they just comprise a theme for those "in the know." True, I didn't know those code names either until @Matt A. Tobin suggested them. But no one needs to understand the theme to use the names! If you open it up to all M$ code names (not just XP versions), you have some better choices IMO. For New Moon, Triton is an obvious choice (it's a moon, after all); Aurora is the obvious choice for Borealis. The artwork to use for both is obvious too. We could reuse Whistler (and the artwork @Matt A. Tobin et al. came up with for that name) for Interlink, and stick with Freestyle and Moebius for Serpent 52 and 55, respectively. First, folks were complaining about the lack of choices. But now, a poll would probably look something like this:
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    For those that have disabled all browser.safebrowsing items in about:config, check your suspicious or eventually malicious links in these online checkers I use: Google safebrowsing check: https://transparencyreport.google.com/safe-browsing/search McAfee WebAdvisor Website Safety Ratings: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sitereport.html?url=msfn.org Trend Micro Site Safety: https://global.sitesafety.trendmicro.com/ Bitdefender TrafficLight: http://trafficlight.bitdefender.com/info?url=&language=en_US Quttera Free Online Website Malware Scanner: https://quttera.com/scanwebsite Sucuri Free website security check & malware scanner: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/ ThreatMiner: https://www.threatminer.org/index.php Norton Safe Web: https://safeweb.norton.com/ ...
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    https://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=Windows+Embedded+Standard+7+2019 page 2
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    If that is the case perhaps open source it? I absolutely wouldn't mind contributing to this project! I don't know too much about reverse engineering although I know C. I'm always willing to learn new stuff too.
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    ... But mere mortals running Vista SP2 32-bit are, once again , excluded from even trying to run that application on their Vista copy... If you had tried on (regular) Windows XP SP3 32-bit with lowering the subsystem version in the PE header to 5.1 (it's set to 6.0 by default), I guess a similar error, pertaining to win32 apps, is to be expected, as the application is NOT win32, compiled to be only runnable in the 64-bit architecture... What I can see , based on your attached screengrab, is that the app was compiled using version 5.9.7 of the Qt Framework, which in itself provokes major surprise on yours truly... ; I have always known, and that knowledge is based on official Qt documentation, that the last Vista-compatible version of the framework was 5.6 (5.6.3 to be exact!), and only on client machines : https://doc.qt.io/archives/qt-5.6/supported-platforms.html ... whereas v5.9 of Qt has zero support for Vista (and, of course, XP): https://doc.qt.io/qt-5.9/supported-platforms.html Any explanation as to how a Qt 5.9 built application is able to launch under Vista SP2 64-bit is highly welcome (if somebody can provide one ) ... For official system requirements, see @win32 's post; so, your assumption is not correct, as Vista (64-bit only) isn't officially supported! Given that the PE-header in the main executable is set at a subsys version of 6.0, at least our beloved OS was taken into consideration in that regard, but who can say which NT version the actual build-time compiler optimisations were targeting? As detailed above, I remain quite sceptical this is indeed running under Vista SP2 64-bit... OT: I hope you all had a great Xmas Day, surrounded by your loved ones; best wishes for the New Year, too!
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    Only for the record (since the given link is also for CMD.EXE and 2K/XP), ALL those are - if not "wrong" - "inferior" to this nice shell extension: http://www.roggel.com/NGNeer/BackgroundCMD/index.shtml jaclaz
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    (Yes, @LoneCrusader suggested names, and even @Matt A. Tobin liked them!) A few more suggestions were made starting here:
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    @Cixert : The "Preferences" (no file extension there!) file is the one that stores your custom browser preferences (modified from their original default values) and, as posted, should be found within your "Profile" folder, usually under ".\User Data\Default" First, BACK UP that file to a secure location in your disk, before you attempt messing with it manually; any such attempt should be made with the browser exited! The file itself is in a human-readable "pretty-printed" JSON format; open with a proper text/code editor; search for string "accept_languages" It should be there (with, I suspect, zh-CN as the first/default choice in the official Chinese version of 360EEv11); if this JSON block isn't there in your case (but it should be in an already used profile where the user has selected the English language pack), then you should create yourself a nested JSON block for it... I opted to display pages in the Greek language, if available, first - for example, the Google Web Store[GWS], so my manually modified setting inside the "Preferences" file looks like below: "intl": { "accept_languages": "el-GR,el,en-US,en" }, That code means that whenever the page hasn't got a Greek version available, the browser will fallback to displaying the American-English localization of it, and so on (if you add additional locales in that line) ... (Save the modified file while the browser is closed, then launch the browser anew and check for the effect of your new "custom" preference!) Hope I've helped
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    Yes, Windows XP here, so what do you think about WMF items in my about:config (media.wmf.enabled in default, true this one, others in false)?...Set it to false? or reset it? No problem? Thank you @VistaLover for your detailled, always interesting comments!
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    for me, I just want a working browser and naming is unimportant to me. If just changing the names and no artwork works need to be done in short period (as I have no time working on artwork and I have no sense about audio-visual), then it can be done. As I have no idea what name to use, I'd create a poll here and let people to choose use names that Tobin given, or a name by other forum member suggested, and also give out a "No" option for reference. if these can be accepted by people, then it can be proceeded afterwards.
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    You are kindly asked to check the validity of what you post ; the OP asked for a "theme" for his Serpent 52.9.0 copy and what you've linked to is a (lightweight) theme (previously known as persona) packaged in a Web Extension format, targeting at minimum Firefox 53.0; that WE persona won't even install in Serpent 55.0.0, because both UXP and Moebius do not support WE lightweight themes... Most unfortunately, there's currently a very limited choice for Personas compatible with Serpent 52.9.0: https://addons.basilisk-browser.org/personas/
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    @Nomen Yes. BTW, these keys conflict with each other: For XP Embedded (no longer supported and should be removed from registry) and for POSReady 2009 (still working on WU/MU, the only proper one nowadays) These keys are obsolete and should be removed also:
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    I'm using Malwarebytes Premium 3.5.1 and it's still automatically updating itself absolutely fine.
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    You may want to get @roytam1's Serpent 52 from the XP forum, and also use @heinoganda's Cert_Updater_v1.6 to give XP the latest security certificates.
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    Maybe this topic deserves a wikipedia page.
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    I don't have a ready system with WU only, but right now MU is working perfectly on W2k Pro.
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    Can anyone on Windows 2000 access the Windows Update website? I suspect that it will only be a matter of time when Microsoft decommissions the Windows Update website especially since Microsoft will end downgrade rights to Windows XP after Windows 7 reaches end of life on January 14, 2020.
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    Out PotPlayer 1.7.18346 (April 19, 2019) Changelog: + Added the ability to include mouse cursor in Game Capture - Fixed seeking problem with certain MKV files - Fixed an issue where playlist items could not be sorted by size - Fixed an issue that causes TTML subtitle characters to be ignored - Fixed an issue that causes File Navigator to crash in certain situations - Fixed a problem that causes the program to run slowly with playback of certain files - Fixed a problem that causes screen to broken when playing certain H.264 files - Improved AV1 decoding performance - Fixed an abnormal behavior when playing certain MP4 files - Improved ZIP/RAR playback The downloadable version at the link below can be installed in Windows XP: http://potplayer.daum.net/?lang=en
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    Hi, the alternative to Potplayer: https://www.videohelp.com/software/PotPlayer&sa=U&ei=fqnSU7vtFMuWyATR5YCIBQ&ved=0CBMQFjAA&usg=AFQjCNETIPfXbcVKuN4aeE40YrxEVXMbPg KMPlayer and SMPlayer are the most updated alternatives that can be installed with XP. I wonder if they are as light as PotPlayer?
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    It's ironic how people decry the older operating systems like W2k Pro as outdated, yet can't even trust newer Windows 7 or Windows 10 systems far enough to let them update. These days, generally speaking, lots of new stuff sucks--because people take it for granted that new stuff is better. From that presumption, lazy thinking ensues, and movement replaces progress. So, although we still "go," we go backwards instead of forward. Windows illustrates the regression.
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    I agree Windows 2000 is and always will be the best MS system! I have Windows 2000 installed on my PC with the unofficial updates of BWC and writing from there. BWC says that it will work only until 2099 but without any problem it passes to 2100 but others will think how it is only in x86 will be until 2038 due to the bug Y2K38 but in Windows based on NT the operating system is x86 or x64 the maximum year is 9999.
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    The "No Resource URI Leak" extension for Firefox is no longer available. It is still available at the links below: https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:project:iceweasel-uxp_addons https://addons.thunderbird.net/it/seamonkey/addon/no-resource-uri-leak/?src=ss The version of the Hyperbola Project seems more evolved. Test: https://browserleaks.com/firefox
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    yea its safe to remove other folders there are related to upgrading
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    Audacity 2.1.3 is supposedly the last "supported" version on Windows XP, however, nothing prevents the latest Audacity 2.2.0 from working. Audacity 2.2.0 works just fine on Windows XP SP3. http://www.audacityteam.org/download/windows/#sysreq
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    A couple areas aren't covered by your list. IrfanView or FastStone Viewer for image management, viewing and simple conversion. Foobar2000, or Winamp + Mp3Tag for audio playback and conversion. Exact Audo Copy, FileZilla (older versions). Serif PagePlus Starter, half baked replacement for InDesign. Older versions of the Sysinternals utilities, or Process Hacker + Currports. Many things from NirSoft might occasionally be useful. You could just use Photoshop CS2 (and the rest of the suite) for free. It's faster, more capable and compatible with older plaforms. uTorrent 2.x is much better, with same capabilities, but without ads and cloud/social/mobile BS.
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    Windows 2000 was actually suppose to replace both Windows NT and Windows 98, but that didn't happen. Windows 2000 replaced NT while Me replaced 98. I think that happened for the same reasons a year later that XP came out and there were lots of compatibility problems. Why do you think Application Compatibility was introduced in the first place? Windows XP was a Windows NT kernel OS and on the gold version, many programs for Windows 9x wouldn't run on it or really had to be forced to. In my opinion, it wasn't until Service Pack 1 and especially Service Pack 2 that many of these problems were ironed out and also more XP things were introduced or patches for existing software was produced. I think that's why even though Windows 2000 wasn't so widespread, even though it was and in my opinion, still is, the most stable OS there is. Windows 7 in my opinion is just a hugely patched up and poorly rearranged Windows 2000/XP OS. One of Windows 2000's downfalls is the fact it lacks a wifi connector, so you need to either rely on an adaptors client to connect to wifi or use something like BVRP Connection Lite. That's one of the big reasons many couldn't use the OS today. However, with all the unofficial updates and patches by the members of this community, it has really prolonged the life of Windows 2000 and I still use it to this day, although it's getting a bit harder in some areas. The worst part seems to be video editing and using software that utilizes DirectX10+, which luckily blackwingcat does include a DirectX10 stub in his kernel extension project which does help a lot, there are still some versions of software that using his tool, no matter how hard you force, it just will refuse to install at all saying that you need Vista or higher to run. But I myself would certainly agree with the OP, Windows 2000 had the best potential of all the Windows OSs and I think Windows 10 is still going to be garbage. I do not like all this online integration AT ALL. It was bad enough with Windows XP activation....but with so much of the web going into Windows 10, and even in 8.1....one does wonder, why is it being so forced? Out of all Windows users, how many truly utilize that sort of capability? Or are they just putting it in because they can? Is there a reason you still can't use a web browser to do all your online activities like you could in the past? Oh, so you can retain your settings on all computers with Windows 10 that you log into.....BIG DEAL! I'll stick to my non-big brother version of Windows, thank you very much. I will use Windows 2000 until I can't anymore, then it's on to Linux.
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    sugabeats, no offence intended of course , but this topic is not really "new", it has already been discussed and beaten to death several times on MSFN, quite a lot of members have similar opinions to your ones *like* : http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/158823-why-you-should-avoid-buying-windows-8/page-5#entry1020941 http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/155290-windows-8-deeper-impressions/page-43#entry1013639 some (JFYI) even think that the mouse behaviour on 2K was far better than in XP: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/155923-any-way-to-cannibalize-the-windows-2000-mouse-driver/ jaclaz
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