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  2. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @UCyborg: Great! But if Volume Widget=$03, than your sound is coming from DAC1, connected to Pin Widget 0C. If sound is still bad, you can try with OutputWidget=$03 in your HDACFG.INI, although HDAICOUT.HDA should have configured this Widget already.
  3. i430VX

    Dell Dim. 8200 A09 Hyper-threading bios?

    Go here: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/product-support/product/dimension-8200/drivers Find the BIOS Update A09 Click the Arrow to expand the file Next to Version: A09 ,A09 click "Older Versions" then select the one you want and on the next page click "download file"
  4. Leifman

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    yeah adding the other one and having those two doesn't change the end result unfortunately... at least u got some progress and understanding of the addon, but i guess the fact that it keeps it changed + every other one connected to it is the factor here that we can't replicate to fix it on the lower firefox versions i doubt it is a "windows xp" thing when with the addon it works on firefox 50 but with just spoofing as it always worked it gets that error thingy on mypal (firefox 27/28) as that addon can't do some insane magic that is nu-reproducable regardless thanks for the attempt!
  5. Mathwiz

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    My apologies; apparently it takes (at least) two SSUAOs: When you browse web.skype.com, the add-on changes your user agent, but keeps it changed for every site connected to thereafter, so there may be more I haven't discovered yet.
  6. https://www.dell.com/community/Desktops-General-Read-Only/Dimension-8200-Bios-A09-Hyperthreading/td-p/466727 Hello, I have a Dell Dimension 8200 with a Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz, 1.5 GB RAM, and a Geforce 6200. The Bios on this computer is A09, however, this version of the bios doesn't support hyper-threading, an older version of it did (Dell took down the hyper-threading bios soon after the release). On the link above, users mention a place I could find the bios at, but they didn't post a link, and just refer to the site as "Spongebob's website." Does anyone know where I could reach this site, or does anyone know of another way I could get this bios? -thanks
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  8. FranceBB

    chrome 49 XP

    I quote myself to give you a little update. It may look like as if we are doing nothing, but we're not. @someguy25 asked me about Chromium 74 and since I really love Chromium, we re-forked it once again and I tried to backport for the 5th time. Compiling it using v141_xp and targeting XP leads to nowhere as the new SDK does not compile, however commenting out the sandbox and some other parts of the code made it compile, however the code was unusable as 27 calls were missing (including - but not limited to - the kernel). By removing many unnecessary components and taking it to its very bone, I managed to lower the number down and by linking it to the @Dibya modified kernel we managed to get this number even lower. Right now, the only missing calls are QueryThreadCycleTime, SymGetSearchPathW, SymSetSearchPathW, SHGetKnownFolderPath, SetProcessDPIAware, however the SymGetSearch can be delayed and not loaded at start-time and SetProcessDPIAware can be faked to equal true all the time, so the only really meaningful kernel call that has to be implemented and backported is QueryThreadCycleTime, 'cause once we get that and we fake SetProcessDPIAware, we're gonna get Chromium74 open and display the UI, which would be totally positive sign. BOOL QueryThreadCycleTime( HANDLE ThreadHandle, PULONG64 CycleTime ); It refers to the realtimeapiset.h which works on Windows7 and greater only and it has two parameters: ThreadHandle, which has either the PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION or PROCESS_QUERY_LIMITED_INFORMATION access right and CycleTime which is the number of CPU clock cycles used by the thread and it includes cycles spent in both user mode and kernel mode. In order to avoid to try to use it, I tried to convert the Thread32 function and use the elapsed time, however I didn't manage to get positive results as it's important to know the exact clock cycles as it varies between CPUs, for instance some CPUs will vary the frequency of the timer when changing the frequency at which the CPU runs and others will leave it at a fixed rate, so asserting it will almost certainly lead to wrong results (which is what happened in my case). Unfortunately I don't have much time to dedicate at this, nor my "virtual XP colleagues" like Dibya, Samuel and Peter do as we're all very busy for a reason or another and we don't also wanna become blind by staring at "apparently meaningless" lines of code... I'm sorry that my fifth attempt to backport Chromium led to nowhere once again... Good night, Frank...
  9. 360 Extreme Explorer 11.0.2031.0 - working on Vista! It's based on Chromium 69.0.3497.100. And this is the latest rendering engine that exists for Vista. Works stably, Chrome extensions are supported. Here - https://browser.360.cn/ee/en.html
  10. Leifman

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    nah same result as using my Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.113 Safari/537.36 , ends up in that startup_load_error unfortunately. mhm, not exactly... but something similar has happened to me: basically all of the contacts i already had have not dropped but 2 of my most recent contacts that i think use the phone app or at least definitely not the pc versions are as if they require "accepting" when i know for a fact they are accepted (coz they are fine on the 'for web' version) so i assumed those 2 latest one are due to the phone app and old pc version mix/issues or what not, but i did not have old contacts going in that mode suddenly... weird to hear p.s. - that is exactly why i am so sad about the "skype for web" thingy... i don't have skype on a phone nor use phones for anything other then u know, talking lol (yeah im one of those that don't bother with phones for anything other than talk or the rare text) and skype for web was my solution to those contacts that appear to "require accepting" even if i know they are 100% accepted and talked to already. because via skype for web i was able to message those :\
  11. Here is the result of the script: https://mega.nz/#!MtdXHCKS!WFdzcRe3pIA7fWsj22YlV171hI4R9wg2GHSEvAntj00
  12. Apparently my assumptions were incorrect, and so is this thread's title. I searched through Chromium's commit history and found out only the option in chrome://flags was removed, the functionality is still intact and can be invoked using a command line parameter, see here. So one must add --disable-features=Windows10CustomTitlebar parameter to Chrome's shortcut properties, at the end of the Target field on the Shortcut tab. This method doesn't have any undesired side effects like running in compatibility mode has.
  13. DrWho3000

    Firefox extentions addons

    Can someone help me in about:addons of Firefox, I don't see a delete icon only a disable or change, yet it is there in my other PC FF browser is there something missing from the config can't upload a pic as it won't let me
  14. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: Nice that Line1 is working. According to your Motherboard manual Line2 is for the HDA front panel (page 2-23). Can problably made working too. @farfigs11: Thanks for the files! The STAC9200 data sheet mentioned node 0B as Master Volume. Verbs are Standard. Try VolumeWidget=$0B in HDACFG.INI. But are you sure about your codec? HDACFG.INI indicates a different one. BTW According your HDACFG.INI I don't think your system will accept my version of the "universal" HDAICOUT.HDA. But since you have sound you should try without.
  15. IIRC you have to install 4.5.2 as said, and then update it with the files in the 4.5.2016.18 package, which is the most recent that has all the necessary files in it. 4.5.2016.19 and 4.5.2016.20 just contain updates to some (but not all) of the dll files. 4.5.2016.20 just contains an updated kexbases.dll for instance.
  16. Dave-H

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    Have you "lost" any of your contacts on Skype 7? I noticed a week or so ago that one of my contacts had reverted to "Messaging disabled until request is accepted" and says that they haven't shared contact details with me. This is nonsense as I've been exchanging messages with them for months, and they still appear as an active contact on my Android phone app, and on my copies of Skype 8! Just today I've noticed that another of my contacts has dropped off Skype 7 in exactly the same way, so I'm wondering if they'll all now go one by one! If I message them from another Skype version the new messages still appear in Skype 7, but I can't reply there any more.
  17. Mathwiz

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    Took a look inside; AIUI, the add-on is basically nothing more than a SSUAO: (Edit: My apologies. Apparently it takes at least two SSUAOs! Sneaky devils) general.useragent.override.skype.com = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Fedora; Fedora; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.86 Safari/537.36 general.useragent.override.skypeassets.com = Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Fedora; Fedora; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.86 Safari/537.36 Try those on MyPal.
  18. Take the full package 4.5.2 from sourceforge. A full package 4.5.2016.18 or .19 doesn't exist!
  19. IntMD

    Nvidia Pascal Graphics Card Issue

    Come to think of it, if OpenGL applications are fully accelerated whilst DirectX ones aren't with 372.70, maybe we can workaround by using WineD3D for DirectX apps. It's sloppy but it's better than nothing :/
  20. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    VolumeWidget=$0C had to be set in HDAcfg.ini for my system. Yours may be different of course, but try that and see if waveout.exe then changes the volume (after a reboot of course).
  21. c.lee

    How many will continue using XP?

    When Fedora got rid of 32 bit support and the 4-gig DVD iso it basically became a POS. I quite frankly don't want to be tied down to an online installer for something like this. The live image is also a sick joke for installing something.like this.
  22. Jaguarek62

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    In my case it was strangely due to vmware services. i disabled them and vista was stable again. very strange..
  23. Yes, it breaks all Office 2010 apps on XP; not just Excel and Word. Even breaks free 2010 apps like the PowerPoint Viewer. I don't think it breaks any earlier versions of Office though. Well, the update you linked to is 4494528! The support page explains that it fixes a problem with an earlier update, 4486464. But AFAIK you still need to run regsvr32 MSI.DLL after installing it; I haven't heard that M$ re-released it with that mistake fixed. (Even if they did, it won't hurt to run that command anyway.)
  24. What is the processor? EDIT: I do not think that it is possible to run Windows XP on that machine. You could try, but you probably would have to put in quite the effort and money to get the OS working correctly. Moreover, I think that you might need to get an external GPU, because I am not aware of there being drivers for that PC's graphics card for XP.
  25. farfigs11

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    posting from Firefox 9.01 in 98SE so I'm not sure how well this will look. attached are the files. I've installed HDA on my Precision M90 and sounds works. no surprise since it's identical to the 9400. The waveout doesn't seem to have an effect on the volume HDAcfg.ini Hdalog.txt
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