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  1. I don't know if this will help you much, Dave, but I'll let you know my setup. I've had the Search service disabled long ago in an effort to both speed up and secure my pc a little more. However, I do use the Search Dog. Is that the Companion? I forget it's name, but I think that's what you're asking. Anyway, in that configuration, that works for me. I used the lil doggy to help find the ntfs.sys files to swap out after the KB4056615 update.
  2. They must have just updated it. 0.0.6591.3 is out now. It still works the same and I didn't have any of the errors it was supposed to correct.
  3. Thanks! This confirms that the XP updates resolved neither Spectre or Meltdown for me. And both my Win 10 machines are susceptible to Spectre.
  4. That's the only problem I've seen. Is that the only problem? That I don't know. I'd bet you're right, but I'm going to error on the side of caution for now...even though I'm mixing KB's to do it.
  5. Those were my only format option too from XP. I formatted on my Win 10 machine for testing. My concern was getting permissions errors in general when I had not gotten any with the older NTFS.SYS.
  6. It sounds like your test is what dencorso's PC failed so you may be in luck. But if you do get a USB handy, I'd be interested to hear how that goes too.
  7. The main test to try IMO is copying a file too the USB stick. That's when I got the error. However, I did not try any copies from network shares. I'm not sure of what results I'd have gotten. I suppose you could try going the other way and copying files to the NTFS volume on your Win 7 machine.
  8. You could get in Disk Manager and check or just right click on the drive in Explorer and Format from your WIndows 8 or newer PC and choose NTFS. I'm not sure if you get the NTFS option on USB sticks in XP, but you could check that first if that's what you have. Anyway, then you can do your copy checks.
  9. LOL, that's an intelligent question. And the answer is I would have had I have been able to find it.
  10. Thanks! I actually found the 5.1.2600.5782 driver. The link below is what I used if anyone else is looking for it. My virus scanners found it clean and multiple websites I checked said they are reliable. It installed as you would expect a KB to install. http://thehotfixshare.net/board/index.php?autocom=downloads&showfile=10273
  11. Dave and Glnz, try testing with a USB stick with an NTFS format.
  12. Thanks! I did get it working prior to see your suggestion with the ntfs.sys from the \cache folder. After I saw your post I tried your link, but it looks like good ole webarchive may have lost the actual file. Never goes beyond "Accepting" the terms for the download. I figured it would be good to have as a backup until/when a good update becomes available. That said, my older version seems to have stopped those Security problems when copying.
  13. I've done a little more checking. Something is up with my NTFS as well. Dave you may want to double check some usb sticks. I tried copying files to the drive and got some "Security ID" errors and could not complete. Is there a backup of my NTFS driver already on my PC I could use? I have a Linux partition on it I could do the copy from. It looks like I have an NTFS in my cache folder as 5.1.2600.5512. Is that desirable or is there a newer version I should use? Atari88XL says he's got 5.1.2600.5782.
  14. I may have gotten some of Dave's luck from across the pond. Mine's NTFS as well and I've not had any problems with any of my apps or copying/deleting files. I'll have to experiment some more to see if something shakes loose, but on the periphery the update seems fine even though I forced it.Got it!
  15. LOL, that certainly explains it. I'm a goof!