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  1. I got all the aforementioned updates; however, kb4463103 was prompted for again after I rebooted and checked. I downloaded it manually and used the trusty /overwriteoem switch and that resolved the issue.
  2. Hey Dave, until you get some replies from the heavy hitters I'll add I do my installs with my virus protection disabled. Also have you tried clearing your temp folder for your updates? The last thing I can think of is check your logs for a clue.
  3. A manual run of the MU picked up all the updates and they all seemed to install fine. However, kb4458318 popped up again after a second run of MU. I manually downloaded that one and ran the trusty /overwriteoem switch and that took care of that.
  4. And yet it worked. Maybe it just ignored the switch? It did not give me any error messages.
  5. dencorso really takes "complete" to a whole new level.
  6. Yup, you've basically got it. As an admin run CMD and from the directory you've downloaded the file to, and after the filename use the switch you've typed. There isn't anything else you need to do before hand. However, full disclosure I don't know if on my PC things would have installed okay or not without the switch. I've been using it out-of-hand because I haven't had a problem any of the times I've used it, and it has helped me solve some repeating kb install problems I've had in the past.
  7. After manually installing the IE8 update, I got all the applicable above updates except the one for .Net 4.0. That one I manually downloaded and ran with the /OVERWRITEOEM switch.
  8. Hey Glnz, for what it's worth I gave up on MalwareBytes a year or so ago. I can't remember exactly what the issue was, but I was having some conflicts on my box. I still run MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit, but for virus protection I've moved to the free version of Ad-Aware Antivirus. It's fast and effective and no issues to date. I also shut both my Anti-Exploit and Ant-Virus down whenever I install updates.
  9. This months were mostly uneventful. After I manually installed the ie update, I got the 9 others. After rebooting and checking the MU again it wanted to reinstall KB4230467. I manually downloaded that one and ran the /overwriteoem switch and that appears to have taken.
  10. Just to clarify, I ran the MU first through the unupdated IE8. It found all the updates except the IE8 update, which after all the updates had installed I manually downloaded and ran myself. My previous experience had been as you suggest. First updating the IE8 and the other updates followed, but on a lark I decided to try running it as-is and got everything but that one.
  11. I ran my MU manually and got all the updates Bersaglio mentions except for the IE8 one which I needed to download and run manually.
  12. Yup. I was starting to panic too. Tuesday is a coming.
  13. Glnz, if you're looking for something that's free and seems to be working well without conflicts you may want to give BitDefender a whirl. It's been pretty reliable for the past 3 or 4 months that I've been using it,
  14. I don't know if this will help you much, Dave, but I'll let you know my setup. I've had the Search service disabled long ago in an effort to both speed up and secure my pc a little more. However, I do use the Search Dog. Is that the Companion? I forget it's name, but I think that's what you're asking. Anyway, in that configuration, that works for me. I used the lil doggy to help find the ntfs.sys files to swap out after the KB4056615 update.
  15. They must have just updated it. 0.0.6591.3 is out now. It still works the same and I didn't have any of the errors it was supposed to correct.