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  1. I'm almost sad to report, all 14 installed without incident. sniff sniff...I'm going to miss the excitement of troubleshooting these things with you guys.
  2. The official end of support may be near, but they'll have to pry my XP keyboard from my cold dead hands.
  3. I am happy to report Automatic Updates found all 14 updates and they all installed without incident. One more Tuesday left for those playing along at home.
  4. v2 did the trick for me. I had no issues with the Office updates either; however, I'm using the 2003 version.
  5. How about that? It worked!
  6. Glnz, the only one that gave me a problem was KB447085. I'm using Office 2003 with all the other updates offered this month and everything works fine. Dave-H has a more recent version of Office he said got bricked when some of the Office related updates were applied.
  7. The tick trick worked like a charm for me. Many thanks to heinoganda for coming up with the solutions!
  8. Sorry, I missed that you were working on a laptop. heinoganda, who is a rock star here had another solution for you to try too. If it were me, I'd try his method before doing the hd swap, but of course it's your call. Good luck!
  9. Thanks, Dave. I was thinking about investigating it...but why bother? Only a few more months left of this to get through.
  10. Something I forgot to ask the group yesterday. When I went to the MU website to check for updates I got a security messages that prevented me from proceeding. This is even after I manually installed the IE8 update first and ran the Roots Certificate batch file. I ended up downloading the updates from another computer and loading them that way. Were any of you able to use the MU through IE8?
  11. We're treading in largely uncharted waters, Jack. We're using POS updates with plain Jane XP boxes...not for the faint of heart for sure. I'm actually pretty surprised we've gotten as far as we have with as few issues we've experienced. That's largely due to the talented crew we have here. Have you tried a Last Known Good boot? I'm betting it's your video driver conflicting with KB4487085. If that doesn't work I'd try pulling your video card and let it boot without one. If you have a spare card I'd try that next, otherwise I'd reinstall your original and hope for the best.
  12. Ouch. Sorry it doesn't do you much good Dave, but I'm happy to report Office 2003 seems to have survived the updates.
  13. I uninstalled KB4487085 and it fixed both my problems and returned my nvidia driver to my System Tray.
  14. I've had this happen too. I got two messages: 1 rundll32.exe procedure entry point spintf_s could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll ------------- 2 Rundll Error Loading C:\windows\system32\Nvcpl.dll Specificied Procedure Could Not be Found I also used the recommended /O switch and the results were the same. Any words of wisdom?
  15. Interestingly, I had backed up both those keys before I deleted them. Mine were also set to "0" and everything had been working well. It may have been a non-issue for those of us who missed it. Regardless, thank you all for the input!