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  1. Sorry, i did not notice that, and maybe i don't care it It's a miracle, i agree with you, but we don't have so many XP as I know, or those XPs don't need to the new brower, even those XPs didn't link in the internet
  2. I found someone shared a new project named "Chromium 115 for XP" ine the morning, does anyone want to test it ? Github:https://github.com/weolar/xpchrome I use XP,so the UA was wrong
  3. Yes,the updated time is 2023-5-25,I have a account in 360 BBS,but we must to verified phone number to post,I don't want to to this,so...
  4. https://bbs.360.cn/thread-15913525-1-1.html You can tried to translated..
  5. Where could I download the zh-cn language-packs of serpent browser?
  6. Agreesed with you, but I think may be the computers on 2010 or before who used in this topic

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