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  2. While the 38 ESR version seems to behave as it should, I am working on the 45 ESR version, hoping I can iron it enough to squeeze some extra performance out of it. I still need to rewrite the Macintosh version. Please test the 45 ESR version of the patch and the Enforcer and let me know the outcome. Stay tuned!
  3. You are welcome to put something up. I just got the rloewelectronics.com domain that I'll put everything on as I sort it out. Reading your post, I think he had given me a copy of Borland's Turbo C compiler at some point. It does seem like he had some sort of custom handling of his includes.
  4. Size from over 40kB to 2-3kB, great! Finally. Am glad that this is now not a personal profile anymore, complete with all custom addons and custom install paths, but now really just focused on the prefs for the purpose :-) Now it's becoming more interesting, perhaps for myself too, after recently having run into black screens on another machine. When I get around, may try it... Just a bit typo remarks after taking a short look inside (not pref-related) patch45: at start of line 55 patch38+45: the first 2 comment lines start with #, that should be // for javascript (like in enforcer) patch38: the comment on top prohibiting to edit is a remnant from prefs.js, it doesn't belong into UOC. In general it would be helpful to also add a few comments to some of the single pref lines. E.g. for this: user_pref("browser.sessionstore.restore_on_demand", false); Wondered if that may mean it's on, or off... not sure. But was just general interest, not for myself. Offtopic: sessionstore in general seems to be much more dangerous as one would assume. Even for hardware: have read the Firefox method is infamous for writing completely INSANE amounts of data to disk: even Gigabytes without any browsing, just idle, as some experts have tested. No wonder that lots of supposedly supermegarobust SSD-disks are self-destroying after 1-2 years, although manufacturers and fanatics still insist SSDs would live forever, at least 20years - ha ha... (And they also claim it were 1) harmless and 2) necessary for FF sessionmanager to write such amounts to store sessions, even without browsing... Insane or what?!) IIRC one of the victims of 1-year old dead SSDs was also the K-Meleon project. It crashed on our main dev, for unknown reasons, and when he tried to restore a backup, the backup disk got destroyed/formatted by modern Windows OS... Lost quite some work, and seems interest too, since afterwards the KM-development was completely dead again (until roytam came.) Have no clue if he used FF and sessionrestore or not, it's just yet another supposedly undestructable SSD living only a year.
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  6. OK! All seems to be working well. I downloaded the .iso you linked me to, created a folder for it, expanded it, and was then able to browse for it and get the correct path into the box. Connecting to it in the guest works as it should. I now have a "z" drive that is accessible by the guest. Thanks for the help.
  7. Well after thinking about it, I have come to the conclusion, that (if desired by rloew's family) I have the resources to bring rloew's site back to life. I can update it to have current links to download his projects and stuff like that, as the web archive "sort by author" leaves a bit to be desired. I'll only do this if rloew's family is OK with it, it's only an invitation. But with that being said I'd be more than happy to do it if desired.
  8. hi, i just joined. -i use w7x64.and occasionally linux. have played with pc`s since 80386 days, -longtime mdl member. have a nice day.
  9. UPDATE! I have done an extensive modification on both the 38 ESR and the 45 ESR versions of the UOC Patch and the Enforcer. This has allowed me to drastically reduce the filesize (the UOC Patch and the Enforcer now are only 4kb large!), as well as improving the overall responsiveness of the browsers. Please update and let me know how your machine works after applying them! The only version I haven't touched yet is the Macintosh version, as I do not have access to my Mac Mini right now. Once I have access to it, I will port the updates to that platform as well.
  10. cdob

    Win7 and openGL

    No idea about a linux host. Yes, should be at home folder. Or download the tools files yourself https://packages.vmware.com/tools/esx/latest/windows/index.html It's 10.3 tools currently at ESX. Use the Workstation Tools CD: http://softwareupdate.vmware.com/cds/vmw-desktop/ws/15.5.0/14665864/windows/packages/ There is .tar image, expand the file. And connect the ISO file to a virtual CD drive.
  11. VistaLover

    bora virus

    ... Commiserations . Had you taken diligent preventive measures in your OS (e.g. a reputed anti-malware/anti-virus third party suite, coupled with a responsible browsing behaviour), chances are you wouldn't have been infected - but then again, no Security Suite is foolproof... Out of curiosity, was Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) even installed and updated? Just to get this out in the clear, BORA is a ransonware with very strong encryption, so be prepared to part ways with your personal ENCRYPTED files... Slim chances do exist you can restore at least some of them, but... Every anti-malware software author has compiled at least one remove-BORA-infection tutorial on the net, this is what a simple G-search would reveal: https://www.google.com/search?q=bora+file+extension+virus&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 Follow your favourite one - be advised the more you use your infected computer, the less percentage of your original files you'll be able to recover (as they are being overwritten in your HD). Restoring an image back-up of your system and files (should that exist) is your safest bet - as far as I am aware, a simple System Restore (if enabled) won't "restore" personal files (like documents, e-mails, photos, etc...).
  12. I went through the "reinstall" Tools process. It gave me the opportunity to make changes to the features installed. I did not change anything. Just clicked "next" and "finish". The .iso path in the box did not change and I cannot find any .iso files on the host system that pertain to vmware. Maybe since I didn't change anything, nothing new was actually installed. Maybe I should remove them and reinstall? Not sure that it is relevant but, the invalid path that I now have in that box cannot be changed apparently without knowing the correct path. I Even tried to delete it altogether and it is not accepted to be saved. I tried to remove the cd dvd item from the list and save. As soon as I put it back, the invalid path is still there. Maybe this is not important to solving the problem. Do I even care about having a virtual CD DVD? I did find a .vmware folder. However, it only contains a "preferences" file that appears to contain all of the preference settings. The invalid CD DVD path setting is there. I wonder if deleting that line would blank the box? As you can tell, I know enough to get into trouble but, not how to get out of it. If OK, lets solve the CD DVD issue. I'll deal with the shared folders later.
  13. What one likes to do and what is actually feasible is, sadly, often quite different things... This issue has been brought up several times in the past, most recently in another XP thread: My own reply there: https://msfn.org/board/topic/180280-automatic-user-agent-spoofing-in-firefox-51/?do=findComment&comment=1171254 TL;DR: if you'd like to sync between the android version of Firefox (now in Quantum version 69?) and roytam1's Serpent 52.9.0 on a Windows [XP] PC, then it simply isn't possible anymore! You can reportedly still sync between Mobile Firefox and Firefox ESR 52.9.1 and, at least in theory, between Mobile Firefox and Serpent 55.0.0 If a mobile version of current Pale Moon 28 were officially available, you could, in theory, sync between Mobile PM28 and official Basilisk (52)/official Pale Moon 28 (desktop) - and New Moon 28; since Serpent 52.9.0 has retained support for WEs, sync between it and PM28 might only be partial ; but official mobile PM28 doesn't exist; please read these following relevant exchanges in the official PM forum: https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?p=174199#p174199 (and the posts after that one...) https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=21179 Regards
  14. Hi, thanks for sharing some code with us. would you also share the source for AHCICD as this might really benefit the DOS community. I wasn't even aware so far this existed. Regards Tom
  15. i registered paid domains at freenom(had free version) and novatrend dot ch.
  16. mueez

    bora virus

    my laptop has been infected with a bora file extension virus how can i remove it
  17. Maybe this topic deserves a wikipedia page.
  18. I'd like to use sync feature between my PC and Android phone. My old Firefox mobile app seems not syncing with Serpent 52. Which app should I download on my phone?
  19. UPDATE! I have done some major reworks to the previous version, as I have found some bugs that for some reason I overlooked. I also have implemented some new entries in the UOC Enforcer. I have released the new version of the UOC Patch, N2H. Please test it, as I might do some changes in the meantime. The UOC Enforcer is now rquired in order to fully enjoy the optimizations introduced by the new version. So, do not forget to install both the UOC Patch and the Enforcer! An explanation on how to install the UOC Enforcer is written in the main post. Build number is N2H.
  20. Ich habe das gleiche Problem und möchte Fragen ,wie ich dieses xbootmgr-Problem für immer loswerden kann? Gibt es dafür eine art "deinstallationsroutine"? oder muss ich tief in das System eingreifen?
  21. I don't know, but I'm guessing the tools ISO goes to a hidden .vmware folder in your home folder. That box takes the path to an ISO file. There is some logic in VMware that automatically ejects VMware Tools ISO after installation. If you pick the option to reinstall VMware Tools from menu, that box'll refill and you'll be able to see where it's stored. You setup the folders you'd like to share in virtual machine settings on the Options tab in the Shared Folders section. From Windows 7, you can access those folders by opening Network in Explorer, where a computer named vmware-host appears. You'll find shared folders in there. Windows might prompt you to enable network discovery when you open Network if it's disabled to be able to see anything in there.
  22. Hmm okay, well barring any unforeseen bugs it doesn't seem like BM will have lots to do this time around which is nice! Hopefully DWM and Explorer stop changing radically from this point on.
  23. Is it possible to compile HTTPSProxy without SSE/SSE2? Actually I tested only the version included with launcher (v1.5.2 2018-11-06) - it does not run on non-SSE Duron, but does on SSE2 Pentium M.
  24. The latest version of WPS Office 2016,, works perfectly in extended Windows 2000. Feature-wise, it seems to be very similar to M$ Office 2016, yet it only takes up roughly 400 MB of HDD space for Word, Excel and PowerPoint alternatives. Download the free version here: https://www.wps.com/download/ It does require the viewing of some ads in order to print and export to PDF, although a perpetual licence is available to get around that issue.
  25. Not the best photo quality but the auto parts shop in town is still running XP on one of their PCs.Though (out of picture) the PC is now resting in their counter instead of directly under the monitor as it previously was, the last time I posted about it. The picture is actually from about 2 months ago and I forgot to share it until now. They still are running XP now though!
  26. I found another crash condition for Office 2007, with regards to OneNote. Pasting images into any notebook. So you'd have to use the hard-to-find OneNote 2003, which did not ship as part of any Office edition. But, as long as Word and Excel work, which they do, I'm sure that is all that really matters. I wish that I could stick to 2003 but I suddenly needed stuff like the ability to really manipulate my headers, insert pages (especially cover pages), and the integrated citation system.
  27. Yesterday
  28. It appears that the problem was that I didn't have a virtual cd dvd set up. I added that to the options list and was then able to download and install "Tools". As you can see from the dxdiag image, the proper driver is now installed and the Windows app that needs OpenGL ver 3 is now working. Thanks. In configuring settings for the virtual CD DVD, it is looking for a path to the .iso. I can't find where the Tools install put the .iso and I can't figure out what to put in that box. Also, I would like to connect to a folder on the host where I put my data. How do I set that up? Again, I don't find the VMWare instructions clear. Thanks for your help.
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