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  1. Why no one replying to me i just send you a video about how i did that.
  2. Here's the download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cbj96q97joyjb1k/64+GB+of+RAM+patch.zip Same patch but with different link. Unfortunately it doesn't work for me but hope it works for you I recommend you to make a backup of your boot.ini
  3. Here's what i did after installing 64 GB ram patch: Also after doing these Found 2 boot options : Windows XP 64G and Windows XP Home Edition so i choose XP 64G and ntoskrnl.exe error appears but on second option it doesn't do that just normal XP.
  4. Ok this link and the links inside it are just learning why 4 gb limit on 32 bit, nothing useful to fix my problem
  5. still need 4.00 gb because it's showing me 3.00 gb of ram
  6. First of all, Malware Bytes Anti-Malware is not supported with XP x64, Second I want 4 GB on Home Edition version of XP since there's no Home x64 for XP, Windows 7 is my main OS and it's installed on C: Drive And XP is installed on D: Drive all of them are partitions, I'm using a laptop, Asus F83Vf, I downloaded and installed nLite and i downloaded Dibya's 128 GB Patch and intergated it on nLite on a Professional version of XP and i created a third partition G: to Install Professional and i don't want to remove Home Edition because i want to know how to use 4 GB on XP 32-bit so i want to test on Professional first, I want to end up with D: drive with XP x86 installed with 4 GB patch without any problems, My system supports XP. And yes i've got a other laptop which is Toshiba Satellite Pro S300-EZ1511 but with 1 GB of ram, I'm dualbooting Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and XP Home x86. My Laptop Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo P8700 2.53GHz ( 2 cores ) 4 GB RAM DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 220M 1 GB VRAM DDR2 Dedicated Graphics Card
  7. Okay, i just want to access my boot.ini and view it and i need a file explorer to boot from a usb, i tried rebuilding it on XP installation disc, but doesn't help, i set the OS name to Windows XP Professional and OS Load options : /fastdetect, even though i'm not a computer professional i'm a noob ( one last thing how can i view my boot.ini without using any tool but the XP recovery console or maybe i need a file explorer to boot from usb )
  8. Okay, but if i install Windows XP Professional with Dibya's patch using nLite i can't access my OS. this error happens after the blue setup screen completes, so how am i going to get my boot.ini or view it? No i'm not going to Install Windows XP x64 edition. And it may be my only solution to get Full 4 GB of ram on 32-bit windows xp.
  9. Still didn't work, same error boot.ini is invalid. Tried it on Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows XP Home Edition SP3
  10. I'm assuming that it's not supported with Windows XP Home Edition.
  11. Okay done it, I went to reinstall XP Home and now it shows me invalid boot.ini after Setup is complete.
  12. Okay, Which option should i select in Task Selection? And do i need to extract the file?
  13. Okay Mr jaclaz. I'm new to MSFN Look when i joined to MSFN. And i'm not a english guy.
  14. Seriously don't be a joke, i'm serious i want to fix my issue.
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