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  1. Svyatpro


    I know this is kinda irrelevant to post it here, but it concerns Windows XP support by NVIDIA. If you know in NVIDIA drivers starting from 361.91 till latest version, we have a high severity BUG when monitor connected via DVI is being detected as as CRT TV thus makes you unable to override custom resolution and refresh rate etc. Many months ago I created an issue in NVIDIA customer support and look what they recently answered me: This means that they confirm this BUG and they confirm that this their fault, but they apparently refuse to fix this issue and doing so they do not serve their customers properly, this is confusing! What do you guys think, what possible scenarios could I/We get from NVIDIA and how should I/We act?
  2. Are you sure it works? I doubt of it, I tried it many times. Can you run Tropico 5 for example? I also checked your kernel32 it calls for example EnumSystemLocalesEx from msvcr120 to export this function, but msvcr120 has delayed imports from kernel32.dll that calls exactly these functions that you want to wrap from it. You will receive errors when these functions will be called by msvcr120, because it calls them from itself. I think One-Core-API is our everything, we need to polish it, and maybe avoid binary patches of native dlls.
  3. Svyatpro


    Okay, here take One-Core-API's vtdll. But you need to keep in mind that BWC's implementaion is kernel32 related and has no "Rtl" at the beginning of the function. Also use BWC's Japanese binaries, there are some reasons. vtdll.dll I tried to fix it in sources but had no luck because of my poor C knowledges. And a bit of necessary information. I found a commit that brokes newer Chrome in XP: https://chromium.googlesource.com/chromium/src/+/f9b843b964801440b50e74b072c70e7ecb0f1921
  4. Yes, and it requires contributors. We need to fix some functions known as broken: shell32: SHGetKnownFolderPath kernel32: GetLogicalProcessorInformationEx LCIDToLocaleName vtdll (it could be good if someone could replace it with BWC's implementation): RtlTryAcquireSRWLockExclusive RtlInitializeConditionVariable RtlSleepConditionVariableCS RtlWakeAllConditionVariable RtlWakeConditionVariable
  5. Svyatpro


    Just FYI, Using Samuka's wrapper + some customizations I managed to run Chromium 51.0.2687.0. And I guess I know what's the reason why latest Chrome's doesn't work. So wait guys until One-Core-API will be released. Also Sony Vegas 13 is here:
  6. Svyatpro


    Well, I'll tell you something about One-Core API. Samuka is very busy now, he posted his sources and seems he will share his project to people and he needs everybody's help. I can't give you a link to his sources right now, because I should ask him first. But I surely know, he went rather far on XP/2003 kernel extending. If there are people who can help him in project developement you can feel free to contribute. I don't actually know if he is a girl or a boy, but I often call him "man". Samuka seems to be a male name in Brazil.
  7. This is just newest WineD3D 1.9.24 with some patches from Andrew Wesie running Crysis 3. Game menu: ] Gaming with corruted textures:
  8. Svyatpro


    I think we can run Opera 39 dev build which is newer than Chrome 50 and is based on Chrome 51. I've added a bit more exports to my Extended Kernel for 2003 and Opera 39 starts, shows a browser window and crashes right after start. It needs more digging, I will try to do my best working around on it.
  9. Svyatpro


    Only up to 50's version. I don't certainly know why. Fails at the beginning at Chrome.exe
  10. Svyatpro


    I can't manage how to fix Menu bar in Photoshop CC 2015. Here is my binaries, but they are only for Windows Server 2003 SP2. http://rgho.st/6hzbJ96pH You can directly put all these files into your System32 but I don't give any warranty it will work on your configuration!! So backup your original kernel32.dll;advapi32.dll;shell32.dll;user32.dll;psapi.dll;version.dll;ws2_32.dll;msvcrt.dll I get this when I click on menu bar:
  11. Svyatpro


    I took Samuka's and XomPie wrappers and picked most neccessary and reliable functions from both wrappers and put into my native kernel32.dll and shell32.dll and managed to run Photoshop CC 2015. But it still has many bugs, but it runs. I hadn't to modify Photoshot binaries (they are a lot), I just modified native kernel32.dll and shell32.dll forwarding nt6 functions to wrapper dlls. I think the best thing we can get is a solid wrapper (without msvcp* sh*t) that allows us to forward functions from native kernel to a wrapper dll.
  12. Svyatpro


    CSMT is good for DX9, DX9Ex, but bad for DX10/11. It causes visual artifacts in many DX10/11 games supported by Wine, Tropico 5 for example.
  13. Svyatpro


    I know there's a difference in makefile between wined3d and wined3d-csmt. makefile.in EXTRADEFS = -DSTAGING_CSMT MODULE = wined3d-csmt.dll ..... https://github.com/wine-compholio/wine-patched/tree/master/dlls/wined3d-csmt
  14. Svyatpro


    TuMaGoNx, You can improve your D3D9Ex implementation by enabling CSMT by default. I usually use Wine-Patched build with csmt. It allows to run Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition and other games also it dramatically improves performance.
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