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  1. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    Thank you sir. I'm embarrassed for not trying that switch. I was assuming it was the default and did not think to try. Sorry.... Can the %ISOFILE% be a download link to an iso file or must the iso already be downloaded to get the ranges?
  2. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    I wanted to test this using en_Win10_1709_multi_dec_x86_dvd_100406359.iso to see what the offset was for the install.wim, but nothing gets listed just specifying install.wim. If I leave the [file] blank, I get the following: [README.TXT] Range=51200-51334 [[BOOT]\1-Boot-NoEmul.img] Range=1064960-1069055 [[BOOT]\2-Boot-NoEmul.img] Range=1069056-1069567 How does one specify the [file] in the iso to get it's range, or is iso2offset only for the ADK? I don't have the ADK downloaded so I can't get a list of any offsets from that.
  3. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    Thanks.. I'm not sure what to do with the cab files. Will the msi know what to do with them? I could not get the adksetup.exe to work for me. I only selected Application Compatibility Tools and the download would always fail. I finally figured out that I needed the 1607 version (10.1.14393 ) of the adksetup.exe for it to work. Edit: I ran the msi from your link and that was enough for what I needed to do. I used the Compatability Adminstrator from the installed toolkit to unblock the Power Manager setup.exe so I could see if the app still works on W10 and it does.
  4. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    Can this tool be used to get only the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT)) from the ADK? I have a program (Lenovo Power Manager) that I want to install but it is blocked for W10, I understand it can be unblocked with ACT, but I don't really want to install the ADK just to get this component. What would I need to enter using GWT -range
  5. Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE

    Now that's thinking ahead. I don't have Winbuilder installed and wasn't to keen on doing so. You saved the day with this nifty tool and thanks for the heads-up on v2. Is that the recommended one?
  6. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    The exe file sizes from this link are much smaller than the ones downloaded using the link on page 1. Are these the same versions compiled differently?
  7. Make_PE3 Program to Create Portable Windows 7 PE

    Can someone give me a download link for RunScanner The Paraglider site only has available for download, I believe he updated RunSanner for W10, but I can't find a download for it.
  8. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    Is VHDX also supported by WinNTSetup when installing W8.1 and W10 to a vhd and will WinNTSetup create it for me? The reason I ask is that VHDX supports trim and VHD doesn't. Using a VHDX would allow me to use a USB3 attached SSD for installing W8.1 or W10.
  9. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    I'm not sure it confirms anything now. I just did a new clean install as before using the tweak via WinNTSetup and this is what I am seeing below. The only difference I can make out is that this time I was connnected to the network after the final install reboot. Drivers for my Ethernet are already included and I happened to be on my docking station which has an Ethernet connection. I checked the registry and it agrees with the tweak. The interesting thing is that the event viewer shows a lot of warnings: Access to drivers on Windows Update was blocked by policy, but somehow WU ended up offering the drivers anyway.
  10. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    okay, letting WinNTSetup run the SearchOrderConfig tweak is working now for me too. When applied with WinNTSetup, the tweak tends to influence WU differently than at the point when I applied it. Before, I set the tweak via a remote registry edit after WinNTSetup had finished installing the image. Seems like either way should have worked. I don't know why my test did not work since I checked the registry after booting to make sure my remote edit was there.
  11. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    okay, I will try SearchOrderConfig tweak via WinNTSetup starting from the beginning and see what happens.
  12. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    Thanks, I tried that, but when I select check for updates, I get about 8-10 driver offers for my Thinkpad. So far, breaking the driver check with -wuuhext.dl is the only thing that worked for me, but I'm not sure what ramifications doing this on my system will have. Setting SearchOrderConfig doesn't seem to be enough.
  13. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    I would like to add a reg update that can only be updated with elevated privileges. I was able to update it running as TrustedInstaller, but I'm not sure if something less will also work. The key is as follows: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsUpdate\UpdateHandlers\Driver] "DLL"="-wuuhext.dll" I'm trying to keep WU for W10 from offering Driver Updates. Is WinNTSetup able to update these kind of protected keys during setup?
  14. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    When adding more than one driver, do I put all the driver package files in one directory?
  15. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.3

    I'm back in business now. I don't know what happened the last time when my MBR was overwritten. Maybe I unknowingly used the old version. This time the yellow ball stayed yellow. Sorry for the confusion BTW, what is the ini setting for /nobootsect ? WinNTSetup.log