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  1. Using those drivers only work on one laptop and not on the other. I already said that. I have used the same drivers you are offering. Where in the world do you get the idea that I'm using VMware Thinapp? I don't use that at all. All the drivers I have tried will work, but not for both laptops. I'm trying to find a way to make it work for both with a Win7 flash VHD. Do you understand what I'm saying?
  2. @JFX The vhd will not boot (07B) from either machine via USB3 unless I add the intended storage driver for that machine along with the generic usb3 drivers. Booting the same VHD from USB2 or the HDD works. I don't understand why the storage driver needs to installed when I boot from USB3. For all other non-USB3 cases, booting works fine without the storage driver being installed and Win7 ends up using its own storage driver. This is frustrating. I have one laptop that has both USB2 and USB3. USB2 is fine without the storage driver and USB3 only works if I add the storage driver. Drivers.txt
  3. @Asifmute Not sure what you are trying to say. Booting with the generic USB3 drivers work, but not on all machines and I'm trying to find out why. Using VHD. Machine 1: Intel(R) 6th Generation Core Processor Family Platform I/O SATA AHCI Controller Machine 2: Intel(R) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA ACHI Controller
  4. The reason why I thought it was the iastor.sys was because I removed the storage driver from the vhd that was booting fine and it also ended up with the same BSOD 7b after showing the colored flag for a while.
  5. You were right. I redid adding the drivers and boot was okay, but on the other laptop, the system started and showed the colored flag for a while and then BSOD 7b. I think it has to do with the ACHI controller driver (iaStor.sys). Each system uses a different one. Looks like I need a generic driver for that too.
  6. Okay, I applied the generic drivers to the working flash, The Boot failed with File: \ucx01000.sys 0xc000035a critical system driver is missing or corrupt. The add Driver Folder had all the files mentioned in the readme. WorkingDrivers.txt WinNTSetup.log AddedDrivers.txt
  7. I already have those drivers. I will try again and see what happens. uaspstor.cat 19578 2020-06-16 uaspstor.inf 15046 2012-07-26 uaspstor.sys 101832 2012-07-26 ucx01000.sys 216520 2018-05-02 usbd8 .sys 26568 2013-06-29 usbhub3 .sys 452040 2014-07-24 USBXHCI .cat 10374 2021-01-08 USBXHCI .inf 103144 2018-05-01 usbxhci .sys 342472 2017-02-13
  8. Never used it. Too much being done under the covers. I like to understand how things are done.
  9. @JFX I was getting abend 07b on those, installing with the add drivers checkbox. I mentioned this in a previous post. Should installing via add drivers work too.?
  10. Wow this is a bit hard ti understand. I fixed my original problem about windows 7 not completing the install on a usb flash by using a powered 7 port usb3 hub. If I insert the flash drive there and do the exact same install, I don't get an error like I do using the local usb port. Go figure. They are both USB3 ports and I would be interested to know what the differentiating factor is using one or the other. I can still only use the flash on the laptop where it was built though, because the usb drivers on the other laptop are different (07B abend booting). Why is it that the usb driver from Win10 can handle both laptops where the HW is slightly different (New vs. Old) and is there any way to implement the W10 on-board usb drivers into a Win7 build to handle USB3?
  11. Thanks for your time. I was trying to create a Win7 Win2Go that would boot on different hardware. I have 2 Thinkpads that have different hw and the usb drivers are specific to each one. If I install on one and try to boot from the other, I get an abend 07B . I tried the generic drivers you mention in your readme, but that abends with a 07B (usbhub3 .sys) on both. Using a flash usb doesn't work that well with Win7. Win10 on a usb flash drive using the on-board drivers is much more flexible and handles booting much better so I'm probably wasting my time trying to get the same results using Win7.
  12. Not sure where to find this to check or update.
  13. >Or place vhd on locale disk, finish setup and than copy VHD to USB. When I do this, I get an Abend 07b.
  14. From the USB flash partition - Is this what you mean? c:\>fsutil fsinfo sectorInfo f: LogicalBytesPerSector : 512 PhysicalBytesPerSectorForAtomicity : 512 PhysicalBytesPerSectorForPerformance : 512 FileSystemEffectivePhysicalBytesPerSectorForAtomicity : 512 Device Alignment : Aligned (0x000) Partition alignment on device : Aligned (0x000) Performs Normal Seeks Trim Not Supported Not DAX capable

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