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  1. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    I think Misty is just interested in testing stuff... I guess he likes Wimlib so much for his PE builder, that he also wonders what the most efficient way for adding packages would be, and if it could be done without using mounting/ unmounting. For me personally, mounting is not so bad, as long as I can remember not to open any explorer windows to check what's going on during unmounting :-)
  2. Get WAIK Tools w/o downloading the huge ISO's

    I recently wondered the same... :-) (it's a small world) I know you don't like the "buggy as hell" 16299, JFX uses wimagapi from 15063 in his great WinNTSetup (I use imagex.exe from that version as well for UUP direct apply). See here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnNmc1rU9VMAhGfaGtiigOc0BUlV
  3. I replaced the new (faulty) ntfs.sys on my january iso (XPSP3 + OnePiece XP final + OnePiece POS january) with the one from my december iso (5.1.2600.5782, from the XP final pack, I guess). No write errors anymore. Still, not the "clean" solution I would have liked, but just to confirm (tested on single, dual and quad core, again, for testing/ confirming).
  4. PEBakery

    Misty, to detect running on PEBakery, here's a quote from Joveler (taken from an older release): %EngineVersion% for integer version (Ex 090), %PEBakeryVersion% for string version (Ex 0.9.0 alpha) was added. In current version, it is recommend to use %EngineVersion% to detect PEBakery.
  5. PEBakery

    The FileBox root path fix makes the SE "Copy to USB device" script work, very nice! I also like the autoscroll in the ShellExecute output, and the line numbers in the log! A nice Christmax gift, looks like your original plan of having a "working version" by December (this is close enough to beta for me!) worked out... Thank you!
  6. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Thanks, that did the trick! Still very strange that the error didn't play up for me until now, sorry again for not remembering your errors (but it must have been in the back of my mind, that's why I came straight back to "the master" to ask! <g>) Thanks for the link to the previous versions, will save it!
  7. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Sorry JFX, I see you reported the exact same errors in your November 13 post...
  8. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    Thank you for your reply. I'm using the version from the WinNTSetup tools folder (downloaded by WinNTSetup). It is indeed the 16299 version. I will try to find the 15063 version, can't remember now how to get it :-) (Will try). So you say 16299 has a bug, which bug is that? I find it strange that the previous previews applied fine, but not this one. Does it sound to be related to the bug you found? PS: Would the 15063 version have the same UUP file apply capabilities (will test if/when I find it).
  9. WinNTSetup v3.8.8.6 / 3.8.9 B2

    JFX, as you're the biggest imagex (and wimgapi) experts I know, I wonder if you could shed any light on this: - I downloaded the new 17063 preview UUP files yesterday, installing them with WinNTSetup worked just fine (that's unconverted UUP files, so .esd and .cab, 33 files). To repeat my imagex speed comparison test, I also tried to apply using imagex: Q:\WinNTSetup\Tools\x86\DISM\imagex.exe /apply g:\Professional_nl-nl.esd 3 c: /ref g:\*.* This worked fine with the previous preview, so I already included in some test batches. With the latest preview however, I get this error: [ 8% ] Applying progress: 10:46 mins remaining [ RETRY ] Restoring c:\Windows\InfusedApps\Frameworks\Microsoft.NET.Native.Frame work.1.6_1.6.24903.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe\AppxMetadata\CodeIntegrity.cat again (Er ror = 1784) [ ERROR ] c:\Windows\InfusedApps\Frameworks\Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.1.6_1 .6.24903.0_x86__8wekyb3d8bbwe\AppxMetadata\CodeIntegrity.cat (Error = 1784) Error restoring image. The supplied user buffer is not valid for the requested operation. Do you have any idea what's going on here, why would imagex fail where wimgapi works? I
  10. PEBakery

    The [HELP.7] section seems to have extra double quote inside the line (col. 467, "INJECT"). Removing these seems to fix the problem (the correct way is replacing them with #$q I guess...) Just another case of PEBakery's stricter double quote rules...
  11. PEBakery

    Alacran, I tried MistyPE with a modified Core\syswow64.script file, all the lines now have the "01" at the end of the line, instead of "\" on the end, and the "01" at the beginning of the following line. I don't really understand why these lines were concatenated in the first place, those two extra character could easily fit on the same line. But that's not the point, breaking up lines like this is used in other scripts, like 7pese wallpaper, and the script mentioned by Paraglider. We'll have to wait what Joveler thinks... With the breaks removed, the WOW64 script now works! (Not on 16299 though, we need Dave's input for that). Try an older x64 w10 release for now... You also mentioned you wanted to remove the UAC warning. This can be set in the main options, tab3 ("Options 3"), item 1 ("UAC check").
  12. PEBakery

    Of course, it was never Joveler's intention to support *all* the (weird?) WB commands, first task was to make it compatible with Win10PESE, after that he wants to focus more on "new" stuff. But I'm sure he is willing to look at some of these issues, like the line continuation (which was also the problem in Para's second example, I guess). Where did you take these code samples from, Paraglider?
  13. PEBakery

    Alacran, thanks for your tests. As it turns out, I tested MistyPE without WOW64 enabled. I have now looked at the WOW64 script in MistyPE, and it looks like it's using a line continuation for long lines (lines end with "\" in that case, and code is continued on the next line, but has to be combined by the interpreter). It looks like PEBakery doesn't support this (yet?). It isn't used in many scripts, so he may not have run into it. As luck would have it, I've done a lot of tests today as well, including w7pese, this project also uses this line continuation in a script (Wallpaper). I hope Joveler can look into this. I know he doesn't want to support each and every WB function, but maybe he can make an exception in this case, so we can get this working after all. Sorry for forgetting to test WOW64 in MistyPE myself, good thing you found it!
  14. PEBakery

    For Misty's create.iso.script, I believe line 125 should be deleted. In that case the "else" starts working, and only *one* of the two iso creation tools is used, instead of both (the second will overwrite the first anyway). Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  15. New to MSFN

    Nice to meet you :-)