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  1. Thanks for this great update. Thanks also for your tips about the DPI settings, they worked like a charm. I will also mention this update to some buddies, if you don't mind...
  2. Hey, that was pretty quick :-) Thanks, I will try it for the PE as well, but my question was more about the best way for the "Main OS" that we apply from PE (using WinNTSetup or other). So the four settings you mention should be enough. Thanks again, I will try them... > Maybe for version 5 (in a few years) ... Maybe a separate option for scaling in version 5 as well :-)
  3. Hi JFX, just a quick question, if I may... What would be the best. quickest/ easiest way to get the display settings to (say) 175%? (we're talking about the apply stage, obviously). Can this even be done with simple registry stuff? Thanks...
  4. Thanks for looking into this!!! Yes, it normally works all the time with the older ImageX version (have used it dozens of times). Must be some other weird thing, but it's so strange that 15063 NEVER has those issues. Oh well, not really WinNTSetup's fault, but as you're active in other fields relating to PE/ Deployment as well, it's always best to ask the master directly. (Abbodi1406 told me he doesn't use PE all that much, I've always wondered about that, we could use him around <g> but that's another topic again).
  5. Just finished a test of direct apply of UUP files (build 18980 x64). WinNTSetup 4.0b6 performs this task with no problems (using WimgAPI 18362). (Actually, I always wonder why a lot of people bother to convert preview UUPs to an ISO, all this effort can be spared, just use direct apply, either with WinNTSetup of Imagex). I wanted to test the manual method as well (using imagex.exe from the command line, or actually from a gui/ script thingy), and to my surprise this still produces the errors below. So for manual use, I still use version 15063. Any idea why this would happen? Command line: imagex /apply pro.esd /ref: g:\uup ImageX (any version after 15063) produces errors like this: [ ERROR ] Restoring ....filename.... again {Error = 6) Error restoring image. The handle is invalid. Once again: WinNTSetup is not to blame, just wondering what's going on here...
  6. Thank you very much, I didn't know about the fixed uup apply, I will test imagex 18362 on its own as well. Very nice to see all the recent additions to WinNTSetup!
  7. Most excellent to see all you veterans here again lately! Yes, I agree using wimgapi for apply and wimlib for capture. I often use UUP direct apply (for insider previews), for this I use (from the PE command line) an older version of Imagex (15063, I believe). Later versions could never apply UUP files without errors, we discussed that before, but that part of the thread seems to be gone. ...or WinNTSetup, of course. JFX, I notice that after downloading the DISM files, for x86 it has wimgapi version 15063, but for x64 it is version 18362. What is the reason for that? Does the 18362 version not have the problems anymore?
  8. I think Misty is just interested in testing stuff... I guess he likes Wimlib so much for his PE builder, that he also wonders what the most efficient way for adding packages would be, and if it could be done without using mounting/ unmounting. For me personally, mounting is not so bad, as long as I can remember not to open any explorer windows to check what's going on during unmounting :-)
  9. I recently wondered the same... :-) (it's a small world) I know you don't like the "buggy as hell" 16299, JFX uses wimagapi from 15063 in his great WinNTSetup (I use imagex.exe from that version as well for UUP direct apply). See here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnNmc1rU9VMAhGfaGtiigOc0BUlV
  10. I replaced the new (faulty) ntfs.sys on my january iso (XPSP3 + OnePiece XP final + OnePiece POS january) with the one from my december iso (5.1.2600.5782, from the XP final pack, I guess). No write errors anymore. Still, not the "clean" solution I would have liked, but just to confirm (tested on single, dual and quad core, again, for testing/ confirming).
  11. Atari800XL


    Misty, to detect running on PEBakery, here's a quote from Joveler (taken from an older release): %EngineVersion% for integer version (Ex 090), %PEBakeryVersion% for string version (Ex 0.9.0 alpha) was added. In current version, it is recommend to use %EngineVersion% to detect PEBakery.
  12. Atari800XL


    The FileBox root path fix makes the SE "Copy to USB device" script work, very nice! I also like the autoscroll in the ShellExecute output, and the line numbers in the log! A nice Christmax gift, looks like your original plan of having a "working version" by December (this is close enough to beta for me!) worked out... Thank you!
  13. Thanks, that did the trick! Still very strange that the error didn't play up for me until now, sorry again for not remembering your errors (but it must have been in the back of my mind, that's why I came straight back to "the master" to ask! <g>) Thanks for the link to the previous versions, will save it!
  14. Sorry JFX, I see you reported the exact same errors in your November 13 post...
  15. Thank you for your reply. I'm using the version from the WinNTSetup tools folder (downloaded by WinNTSetup). It is indeed the 16299 version. I will try to find the 15063 version, can't remember now how to get it :-) (Will try). So you say 16299 has a bug, which bug is that? I find it strange that the previous previews applied fine, but not this one. Does it sound to be related to the bug you found? PS: Would the 15063 version have the same UUP file apply capabilities (will test if/when I find it).
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