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nLite, hate it or love it?


How do u Feel about Nlite  

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  1. 1. How do u Feel about Nlite

    • I love Nlite I want to name my First Born Nlite
    • I hate it., but i hv tried it.
    • Neutral, as it isn't of use to me

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with nlite i had some problems with some programs

otherwise i'm neutral on it

Problems with nLite are caused by the following:

1. Your own stupidity/absentmindedness.

2. A bug in nLite that will eventually be fixed.

I LOVE nLite. I won't name my kid after it but I think it is a godsend...but uploaded by a determined man. To have the freedom of choice for which components you want and don't...to be able to decrease the memory footprint and HD space so much and in turn, customizing and enhancing security, speed and performance so much... EXCELLENT AWESOME Etc. Worth every dollar donated to Nuhi for all his hard work. I am loyal to nLite and all it's future versions!



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I used nLite a lot..

Its crap... just bcoz it wasted my time and corrupted my i386 folder many times...

:blink: Man! are you joking? Even a complete id*** can use nLite. Nuhi made a great effort so we can customize Windows installation with ease. Read the begginers guide in nLite's thread. Then post again if you had problems.

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I never talked about its appearence/easy of use. Its very easy to use indeed.

But if nuhi is reading this, then i suggest that at least tell the user which files are going to get edited in the distribution folder, and give the user an option to backup those files before editing them ...

It was really a pain in the pass for me... bcoz first of all i attempted the HD install from an "nLited" distribution folder... i was'nt aware of this bug in nLite which does'nt allow HD installs..

nLite should show detailed information to the user about which files are being added/deleted/modified in the distribution folder and the option to backup/restore them...

nLite is gr8 for n00bs .. but it needs to be "robust" .. u get what i mean ?


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nLite is gr8 for n00bs .. but it needs to be "robust" .. u get what i mean ?

quite the opposite.. i try 2 discourage n00bs from using it, cuz they end up with problems similar/worse then u stated above..

u NEED 2 know what u use b4 taking it out with nlite :D

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nLite rules! /objective as one can be

angadsingh007, I know of the winnt.exe issues, but not with the winnt32.exe method if that is what you were referring to. Anyway you can contact me on PM or post a topic on the nLite forum. But since you want a detailed report and essentially more control it is obvious that you want to do things manually. Nothing bad with that of course.

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