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  1. My thoughts are that AMD chips are cheaper, but run hotter. Also, AMD have a crap naming scheme - the Athlon XP 2500+ runs at 1950MHz or something like. Intel chips are also more reliable and more compatible.
  2. Let's see...back before Windows, I went for DOS. Out of the non-NT based Windows, I preferred Windows 98. Out of the NT-based Windows, I like XP best.
  3. The only reason a decent, upstanding company like Microsoft would purchase Linux is to force it off the shelves. Windows is far more reliable, far easier to use, much more compatible and far more secure.
  4. As the quote above showed, the attachment limit increased to 10MB. Upgrading involves going from server to server, and I guess with all those members, there are quite a few servers. Good things come to those who wait, and those who use Microsoft.
  5. Manufactured singers and corporate whores without doubt.
  6. It's interesting that people don't seem to appreciate the amount of hard work that goes into developing even the simplest software. I personally don't condone piracy of any kind. It's the same as theft.
  7. Nip into DOS... COPY CON <filename> Hit F6, then enter. All done.
  8. Causes problems for me; when users log on/off, it detects that Windows itself is changing some reg. entry, and documents get mixed up - though why Windows would change a key between users is beyond me.
  9. Unix existed since the mid-eighties, as far as I'm aware. Stick with Windows, kiddo, as I said to someone the other day...
  10. With regard to picking an installer; developers of freeware are more concerned with ironing out bugs and problems than with how the software looks. I like Inno Setup myself, as it's a nice clean and professional system, and can be scripted almost beyond most commercial solutions.
  11. All Mintra Systems application products (http://www.mintrasystems.com/world/products) use Inno Setup, which means that they accept the following standard parameters: /sp- Suppresses any "Do you want to install...?" confirmation box, although Mintra installers have this disabled by default. /silent Installs the application with no user interaction. The user still sees progress information, but cannot interrupt the process. Note that if /norestart is not used, then the user will be prompted whether or not to restart if it is needed. Error messages are still displayed. /verysilent Installs the application with no user interaction or interface. The user does not see any activity on screen. Note that if /norestart is not used, and a restart is needed, then the system will be restarted without prompting the user. Error messages are still displayed. /nocancel Prevents the user from cancelling installation. /norestart Prevents the installer from restarting the computer. Most Mintra Systems software will not require a restart. /dir="<dirname>" Specifies the installation directory. <dirname> must be a fully-qualified path, e.g. C:\Program Files\iICO. /group="<foldername"> Customises the name of the program icon group in the Start menu. This setting has no effect if the installer does not normally allow you to customise this option, as is the case with most Mintra products. /noicons Instructs the installer to skip creating Start menu icons. An appropriate command line format could therefore be (in this case, installing iICO): setupiico122.exe /silent /nocancel /dir="C:\Program Files\iICO" /group="iICO" Edit: Changed link to mintrasystems.com, to reflect the domain change.
  12. What you could do is use some third party virtual CD software to create the image files (variants on ISO, usually) then burn THOSE to DVD. Use the software to mount the images off the DVD.

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