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  1. 1. Mount the Windows 64 6-in-1 DVD (file x64dvd-xiso.iso) 2. Autorun to run setup.exe 3. Click perform additional tasks 4. Click Stand-Alone isos 5. Choose version of windows u want 2 make ISO for 6. wait and watch ... cdimage.exe will get executed to make ISO .. all automatic 7. ISO appears in ur C drive with name like "Windows.XP.x64.Corp-XiSO.iso", etc
  2. Now why did you bring PCs into the picture? And even laptops are personal devices that is only your to be used.
  3. Smartphones are great. But you can't compare them with laptops I myself am a big fan of the Nokia's Series 60 Smartphones and had also wrote an article about it long ago (posted here). The biggest disadvantages of a smartphone over a laptop are - 1. the size of the screen is TOO small on a smartphone, you CANNOT make a document or presentation or even browse the net comfortably 2. The speed and memory. Now dont tell me you can work on Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia Dreamweaver on a smartphone 3. The input interface lacks on a smartphone.... cluttered keypad ... or at the most pen input...? (although this problem maybe solved as you mentioned above, prathap, but the wireless keyboards don't come along with the phone for free... u have to buy them) That said, I still don't say that Smartphones are useless. They are very handy gadgets... small yet powerful and provide limitless possibilities. The smartphones which are comparable to laptops maybe the Nokia Series 80 (Communicator) or the UIQ phones (Sony Erricson, Siemens, Motorola). They have fast processors (on the scale of mobile phones), enough RAM and storage memory and come with loads of pre-installed applications for office use. But then, wouldn't it be better to buy a laptop instead, since the class of smartphones you are discussing (those comparable with laptops) are more expensive than a decent laptop! Even better, I would go and buy a cheap smartphone (for my mobile phone, camera, bluetooth, radio, email and other small needs) and a decent laptop along with it.. Well, prathap, if your talking smartphones alone, then they're great, but comparing them with laptops would be like thinking too much in the future.
  4. Thanks a lot man . No, files not recovered yet, but im now able to open the drive atleast and I can see the folders in it. Now I'll try recovery with AEFSDR.
  5. I have erased the old hd. But I told you that I had also copied the EFS partition from the old HD to the new one before erasing the old HD, so you misunderstood me there. If you can't log onto the old install then it's too late. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Before erasing the old HD, I had also copied the partition (on which the old windows install resided) to the new HD. So I CAN logon to the old install, but the only difference is that its now located on the new hd. Thanks for the support guys, but there is just a small misunderstanding here. I still have the EFS partition intact (not erased or anything) and I CAN login to the old install Waiting for a response
  6. Why is it too late ? I know about AEFSDR....... but the problem the drive is inaccessible....it says "Access Denied" when i try to open the drive...and so AEFSDR is unable to decrypt/recover any file.
  7. Let me make my situation a little clearer NOW at the moment, I have 2 hard disks. Old one is "wiped", and formatted into one single partition. I had my EFS drive on the old partition. BEFORE wiping and formatting the old drive, I had copied both my EFS drive and my old windows installation onto the new hard disk. On the new HD, apart from these 2 partitions there is another partition on which i made a fresh installation of windows XP. Now the problem is that I cant access the EFS drive even from the old windows installation (which i run from the new hd). I also want to tell you that I had resized the EFS partition (on the new HD), if it makes a difference. Thanks for your support Looking forward to a solution
  8. Here's my problem: I bought my new hard disk 1 week ago. I installed Windows XP SP2 onto the new hard disk after basic partitioning. I just copied data from the old hard disk to the new one.. except one partition on the old hd. That partition is an NTFS partition with EFS enabled, all files on it were encrypted. I used acronis "Copy partition" feature to copy the whole partition as it is to the free space of the new hd. Now the problem is that I cant even open that partition in the new XP installation and not even in the old one. I didnt know this would happen and I wiped out the old hd and later came to know about this . I still have the old windows installation (I copied that partition on the new hd too, just in case). I also know my previous installation's username and password. I've tried recovery using Acronis RecoveryExpert, GetDataBack for NTFS, and even the RAW recovery of EasyRecovery Pro. Please help me. I have very important data on that EFS partition. Thanks in advance
  9. The link of the Support thread is not working. Thanks again for your efforts.
  10. Great work nOBeLium. Thank you for this wonderful thread.
  11. Mails are not stored in the profile folder (atleast in the case of Opera 8 build 7483). Browse to this folder- C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\Opera\Opera 8 Beta\ Copy both the folders profile and mail somewhere else, then follow the procedure given above.
  12. Unexpected news. This raises many questions. What will be the fate of the industry standard tools for developing rich and interactive content for the web namely Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks and FreeHand ? (not to mention Macromedia's wide range of other authoring and collaboration software) Combined development ? Integration of software ? PDF + Flash ? The "positive" aspect of this consolidation could be that if Adobe's and Macromedia's cultures meld well, they could present Microsoft with significant competition in the office-document creation software market.
  13. I've been using BulletProof FTP Server since a long time. It has all the features which one needs - account management, quotas, ratios, access rights, and best of all it uses ini files to store its settings. You can find many addons of bpftp server on the net to further increase its functionality.
  14. Well, I've been using Knoppix LiveCD from V3.2 It's really very useful. It saved my life once, when I had messed up with my partition table using Acronis DiskDirector 9. I used Knoppix to recover it from my ptable backup on the net.
  15. I am sure there are some people with very old configuration/OS which would love to use this tool.
  16. Firstly, i told you in the last post it works wonders on SLOW systems. Try it on Pentium 3 550 Mhz Processor fitted on an Intel 440bx2 Motherboard, then you'll see AND then give me the feedback. Your feedback and responses are higlhy appreciated. I only insist that you read the posts carefully before commenting
  17. First of all its a free tool. Secondly, apart from tweaking windows explorer and disabling system services, it also -adjusts Direct3D and OpenGL settings -optimizes system boot time -tweaks some tcpip settings (we all know which ones ) -disables balloon tips (irritating for gamers) -fixes video card settings -optimizes cd-rom drive -tweaks ntfs -fixes windows 9x/me processor cache problem ( which has to be otherwise fixed manually ) -optimizes Internet Explorer -fixes some other bugs in windows.. Well, its all about tweaking Windows to run faster for Games, so it won't show much effect on systems which are already very fast.
  18. I found this website by chance yesterday, when I was in the need of some software which can save streaming video / audio as mp3,wav,asf,etc on my hard disk so that I am able to play it later. http://all-streaming-media.com/ My Picks: -Recording any type of streaming media playing in Windows Media Player (mms protocol): WM Recorder 10.x -Recording streaming audio from any protocol (mms, rtsp, etc) with support of splitting and tagging of tracks automatically - Replay Music
  19. Website : http://www.theorica.net/gamexp.htm Download Page : http://www.theorica.net/download.htm Direct Download : http://www.theorica.net/download/GameXP.zip
  20. Even after playing today's super graphics special effects hi-fi games, i can't forget how used to love the good old DOS games. Please post good freeware/shareware classic DOS games here in the following format: 1. Name of game 2. Why you like it / What is it about / etc 3. Direct Download Link _____________________________ Name : Prince of Persia Link : http://www.dosgamesonline.com/spellen/princeofpersia4d.zip Info : This is one of those games I would spend 99% of my time on, whole day! _____________________________ Name: Dangerous Dave Link: http://www.dosgamesonline.com/spellen/dangerousdave.zip Info: This is was one of my first action games. I like it so much that I had just put it on windows startup! _____________________________ Name:DOOM 1 Link: ftp://ftp.idsoftware.com/idstuff/doom/doom19s.zip Info:You gotta be kiddin me if u say u haven't played this! _____________________________ Name:Wolfenstein 3D Link: ftp://ftp.3drealms.com/share/1wolf14.zip Info:Ah, the successor of DOOM.
  21. Link: http://isnoop.net/gmail/ Share your gmail invites here!
  22. Well, I hate reposting, but read this again , carefully If you specify this switch, then the VGA driver which loads up the boot screen will not be initialized, so it will save some boot time on SLOW systems.
  23. http://deathball.net/notpron/ A very interesting mind-boggling brain-teasing and over-whelmingly mysterious riddle, all made with the same familiar web programming tools and techniques. I rank it 10/10. A fascinating idea indeed!
  24. ROFL !! This is too funny. I fear that some day, the gripe sheet may include the following P and S : > P: Aircraft about to crash, passengers in danger, no parachutes! > S: Advise all passengers to "evacuuate" the air-craft immediately, they will be given parachutes on reaching the ground!
  25. MSFN Logo in ASCII .. http://jpg2asc.hierklikken.com/jpg2asc.php...sfn%2Flogo4.jpg

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