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nLite, hate it or love it?


How do u Feel about Nlite  

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  1. 1. How do u Feel about Nlite

    • I love Nlite I want to name my First Born Nlite
    • I hate it., but i hv tried it.
    • Neutral, as it isn't of use to me

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I LOVE nLite. I think is it the best app in many years. It makes the difficult easy with efficiency and style. It has made dreams of most users of Windows come true (removing Win apps, unnecessary services, unattended with ease, integration....) 10/10 for nLite :thumbup

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this vote isnt really a mind

its useful 4 the pplz that wanna remove stuff on winxp cd and some pplz dont wanna remove stuff, so not useful

how is possible to hate such a program? its just not useful for the pplz

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Love it! Thanks to nuhi and crew. :thumbup

Too bad Microsoft doesn't let you choose what components you want to install. I also use Redhat/Fedora Linux which let's you choose exactly what you want to install. Then all of the endless hours nuhi and crew put into nLite would not be required. But thankfully they do it for us.

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some pplz dont wanna remove stuff, so not useful how is possible to hate such a program?

So a third option saying neither love nor hate SHOULD have been there.

exactly why i haven't voted.. i've tested nLite on my computer liked the interface and the overall purpose of the app. but I can't use it since I got restore CD's so therefore it serves no purpose to me.

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I love it. It is not a program that I absolute have to have. I am for the most part a home user. I got into Google to find an application to make installing Windows easier because I had gotten a virus and couldn't find a cure. I still don't know what the virus was. I think I located MSFN because of un-attended.

When I got here, I found nLite, a lot of nice people and a lot of information. I knew I had come across something really cool when I saw nLite. With some time having gone by, I now see quite a bit of value to a number of people. It lowers the risk of infection, speeds up your OS, makes reinstalling much easier, intergrates hotfixes, intergrates drivers and when I finally get a CD done properly, it will install any programs I want. All at the same time. I can imagine it will save IT's many hours of work each.

Now, if I have a problem with Windows, I will have to make a judgement call as to wether it will be quicker to try to repair it (google it, search, look, try and maybe repair) or back up a couple of files and reintall. Hmmmmm. nLite will probably win more often than not for me.

nLite and all the developers :thumbup:thumbup:thumbup:thumbup

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