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  1. Hey XPero,

    I was really hoping to use your great XPize Installer System to do a theme for Windows XP, but I can't find the source anywhere!

    Do you know where I might be able to find it?

    Thanks so much,

  2. ardi

    Thanks, I'll check that out.

    Is that a tiger cub? Pretty funny

  3. XPero

    9,000 installations

    Wow..another golden age for XPize Happy!
  4. XPero

    Happy holidays!

    Happy holidays Kupus! and all MSFN people
  5. Search for a SP3 uxtheme patcher.
  6. When clicking New -> Shortcut Vista does create a shortcut at that moment (you can even see it). Regarding the properties thingy, I pressume Vista creates a default shortcut then add permissions, date and other stuff to it automatically even though you later cancel the dialog. Thats probably why the "undo" option.
  7. The family is XPize & Vize. Other packs (not talking about addons) should have their own websites. I still think that both XPize and Vize should have their own exclusive websites, but as prebeandre said, with a link to their respective counterparts.
  8. @damian666: I dont have any problems with you mate. If my pevious post was harsh, I apologize. I just thought that it would be kind of you to share your work as I did with mine, because that helped you a lot in getting started. But as you said, you dont have the obligation to do so if your pack isnt based on XPize source anymore. It was just my expectation. My fault. The most important thing for me right now is to see a much better XPize thanks to the efforts of developers and designers with more strength and motivation that I currently have.
  9. @ Happy-Dude: A Vista pack addon for XPize can be made easily and nobody has copyright on that. Anyway, damian666's Vista Pack source code should be available for all since it is based (at least the first versions) on XPize source. That way we could take resources for the XPize addon and give credit to him. That's the whole idea when I made XPize source code available. And derived works should follow the same idea.
  10. Thread cleaned. Please stay on topic. Thank you
  11. that would be nice and it is an easy thing to be done. Like you did with your extra resources only the filelist.xml and the \resources folder are needed. Someone could create a nsis installer and just install those files inside the vize/xpize's folder. I'm curious to see what happens with XPero, Happy-Dude and W3bbo and how it will be organized. Yeah, that's definitely a good idea. I had plans for that in the past. Kind of downloadable themes or packs. We could have Vista pack, XP pack, Tango pack, etc... BUT, the problem is that XPize is not that, so I think that should be another project. For now, it would be great to get the new XPize working, with its original features. Then, we can think of extra features IMO. Cheers
  12. As greed with W3bbo, my roles will be the following (Taking into account my available time): - Host and publish the new versions in the official XPize / Vize pages. I still have hundreds of visits everyday, so it would be a bad idea to start over with a different site. - Kind of "advicer" of the project to help make decisions, solve doubts about the codebase and to try that XPize doesnt become a different thing.
  13. XIS is the NSIS XPize Installer System: It is a basic version of XPize so people can create derived works form it easily. XPize46SCR: It is the NSIS XPize 4.6 source code. XPize_SRC: Is the uncomplete XPize.net source code

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