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  1. Take a look into Autoit or even some simple VB.net or something pretty easy to do it.
  2. I really like Windows 8. are you using Start8? it seems to be the only way i can function with this new UI!
  3. Check your drivers, ive had funny experiences with VMware hosing my connection in the past, i had to disable and re-enable the network cards.
  4. i would say its probly your motherboard, but id take it into your local pc shop, they can hook up testers & stuff so u can have the right diagnosis for a small fee, my local shop charges 15 bucks to do that.. so its not too much u can remove stuff , like harddrive & videocard, it will post or give a beep saying that those are missing, but it will rule those things out for u
  5. maybe u can get the addon from one that has already been created by johndoe74 wat program r u trying to incorporate?
  6. bump if u can give me an idea of what your talking about Kelsenellenelvian i can probly do it, but im not too familiar with vista yet, still toying with it. My XP CD is way customized, its hard trying to get everything redone for an OS, ive been fairly busy myself, so take yourtime
  7. Re-upload it I'm interested in seeing it link is dead
  8. search the add-on forum, most of these are pretty common and your should learn how to do it so u can enter your serials properly
  9. i think this shoulda been implemented long ago, i agree with what blackhartct said above, the control panel as it is currently is very dis functional although it is very safe lol, cant go wrong with 20 icons! haha
  10. k, so I'm fairly new to WPI, but i get it to run by adding it to Setupcomplete.cmd but it seems half my programs are failing to install properly under this but if i run WPI AFTER im logged in it works fine, any way to get around this? how do i add programs to runonce in vista? is it in the WAIK? EDIT: this is in vista, testing on vmware
  11. nice, now i just gotta get my windows vista DVD done so i can try it out on this PC!
  12. maybe if u download an iso viewer, but even it'll have to rebuild your iso probly takes 2 or 3 minutes to make an iso, id just rebuild it & forget about it lol
  13. this gets discussed like every other day search for it it involves changing the path in registry under "HKLM\Software\microsoft\current version\WallPaperDir" or something to that extent
  14. I dont run lol so i probly walk faster than i run too

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