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  1. Need some help with my unattended XP

    Can you list the drivers that you have integrated into your install. Maybe one of them is corrupt. Try to integrate one at a time and run the installer, and see which one causes the issue.
  2. Need some help with my unattended XP

    #1 Under the [unattended] section of your winnt.sif add OemSkipEula=Yes #2 in nLite on the user page select the administrator and put in a password in the two boxes for password #3 no ideas......which drivers are you trying to integrate..... I would remove integrated drivers for now and ty to fix the first two....then play with driver integration.
  3. Making a slipstreamed XP SP3 CD on a Vista PC

    Try to do it from a VMWare Windows XP session.....should work fine. Mine works great
  4. Windows xp install on new build,newbie is stumped

    Dumb question....do you have either an internal floppy drive or a USB floppy drive hooked up? You need this to install the sata drivers
  5. xbox 360 keyboard and mouse?

    Final Fantasy 11
  6. Auto Partition

    unplug the 2nd drive as a fail safe.
  7. WINNT.SIF Format Details

  8. Windows xp pro Wallpapers?

    InterFaceLift Website has a bunch of good ones...all different sizes. 2560*1600 1920*1200 1600*1200 1680*1050 also PSP wallpapers
  9. Shuttle with SATA drive no Floppy

    You want to turn the Silicon RAID option to disabled. This might be why you cannot format the drive. It is looking for a RAID array when there isn't one. The base Serial ATA drivers are built into WindowsXP
  10. Shuttle with SATA drive no Floppy

    Are you trying to use RAID? Base SATA drivers are built into windows already. Check to see if you don't have the RAID on for the SATA.
  11. Shuttle with SATA drive no Floppy

    Which shuttle? AMD or Intel? Chipset? Can help better with more info.
  12. [Question] Do you think this is a Good Deal?

    Here's an example for you from Newegg.com AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 939pin $166.00 Abit AN8-Ultra nForce 4 Ultra Mainboard - $114.00 128MB GeForce 6800 PCI-Express x16 - $175.00 - $20MIR Corasir 1GB (2x512MB) PC3200 DIMMs Dual Channel - $105.00 Windows XP Home - OEM - $87.95 Western Digital 160GB SATA 300Mbps WD160JS - $82.99 NEC 16x Dual Layer +/- R/Rw DVD Writer - $38.99 Coolermaster Centurion Case w/ 430Watt PSU - $82.50 Shipping from newegg Approx - $27.00 Total ~ = $880.30
  13. Move Server 2003 SBS from IDE to RAID array

    No, I want to replace the 120GB drive with the 2x250 RAID 1 array.
  14. [Question] Do you think this is a Good Deal?

    NOTE: This includes Parts, Labor, and Case Well what do you guys think? I might also use nLIte to slim down my Home Edition if I end up doing this.... AMD 64 Processor....Which one? 1GB DDR??? 2x512MB or 4X256MB? 160GB Hard Drive....SATA or IDE.....2,8 or 16MB cache? Case Brand? Power Supply? Video? Intel 945 Chipset is not for AMD CPUs!!!!! Need more info.
  15. Move Server 2003 SBS from IDE to RAID array

    Here's a better idea of the situation Server 03 SBS installed on 120GB IDE drive connected to mainboard IDE port 1 Master DVD-RW is on Port 2 Master Want to add a Promise PCI RAID Controller and run 2x250GB on a RAID1 Want to move the whole thing for backup purposes. Rebuilding from the ground up is not an option.. Way too much of a pain in the a$$ to get all 15 users and email server reconfigured to new server.