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  1. No-Install Use

    standalone programs are the programs u usually just have a few files (one usually, imo). the only advantage i can think of is that there is not an installer routine for them and they can be placed in any directory
  2. Could I Tweak Ie To...

    try AutoIt. just browse the help file and their forum to learn how.
  3. Super Bowl XXXIX

    nice pics, un4given. i've only been around the bradenton area. a shame. jacksonville looks nice. maybe one day i will make it down there to jacksonville.
  4. Super Bowl XXXIX

    For those of you who follow american football. new england all the way!
  5. Super Bowl XXXIX

    [sorry forgot to make poll. lol] mod or admin, please delete
  6. How old are you?

    26 going on OLD!
  7. Which version of Windows sucks the most?

    ME cause it crashed all the time. like 5-10 times a 3 hour computing session. 2003 is second only cause i can't fully install hardware drivers. otherwise 2003 is very nice.
  8. nLite, hate it or love it?

    i do not use it. so neutral. only cause i have a dvd burner.
  9. Which windows version you like?

    only thing better on ME than 98 was the speed of the defrag utility. hehe. i've used them all and xp is the most stable and reliable. but i think ms could have optimized the code a bit to decrease the memory usage. (not like 1 gig isn't enough. lol)
  10. How long should passwords be?

    i use 12 characters, in which the words are in the dictionary. and no hackingas of yet.
  11. Certification ? [Microsoft]

    none as of yet, but probably some of the material on those certification exams are here on msfn.
  12. How Long have you gone without sleeping?

    9 days straight while unemployed. also 90 hours of sleep in 45 days while in the army. (yep, two hours a night). didnt walk around like aaron the drunk, more like a zombie. lol
  13. Disk space or LCD monitor?

    plan on getting a new lcd with my tax return.
  14. Which browser do you use?

    i use firefox mainly but ie for yahoo toolbar to access bookmarks only.
  15. Which Bulletin Board is better?

    i am using phpbb for test purposes with integramod mod. good setup and options. awaiting version 3 as mentioned by ODC.