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  1. I hate opera for some reason, even though its the best on resources and speed.
  2. Excellent list, most of these I bookmarked. So have stopped working though.
  3. I cannot remember using PS7 long time ago, but CS2 rocks. Waiting for CS3, cuz it gona be much better, with the help of Macromedia.
  4. HP, but I hate all that s*** they put on it. On the XP disk. I would rather custom build one.
  5. External HDD, I recomment WD My Book HDD, available in various sizes.
  6. A bit late I know, but it would be Brazil. Even thought Italy won.
  7. 200 when using Firefox. But 130mb when not.
  8. Just use nLite, but not 3rd party updates.
  9. Buying a WinME computer, when WinXP just came out.
  10. WinRAR very good, but not free. 7zip has best compress I think, but not by much. And is free. TugZip another good one, free and many formats to create such as CAB files. 800th POST!
  11. Hardly, every since I upgraded to WinXP Home. WinME killed me nearly. I was so amazed with XP, loved it too bits. LOL
  12. Crucial Technology (Micron), SDRAM, got it quite cheap.
  13. I chose WMV, doesn't really make a difference to me, as long it that or AVI/MPEG. I have all apple formats, and STUPID quicktime!
  14. The same polls keep coming up again. Once a year. Maybe less.
  15. You should have waiting until both these formats were available more widely. No vote, yet. LOL
  16. I chose foobar2000 for one reason only: very low CPU usage on my 850mhz P3. WMP11 kills it at everything else, except resources.
  17. Me being a Sikh, I don't celebrate christmas that much, cuz it don't apply to me. But living in the UK, I always enough the christmas stuff on TV, e.g. movies.
  18. With 20GB theres not much you can or want to do. WinXP Home good enough, with a 5 year old PC, reaching 6.
  19. I trust WD the most cuz I bought a new My Book ext. HDD, I haven't tried the others, but Maxtor I heard can be unreliable.
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