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  1. well not always from ram but i would check your addons/extensions as i would look at that first as explorer is picky on certain addons/extensions so use process explorer and see the dll's being loaded into explorer and if there is something suspicious looking then that could be the problem.
  2. use the adobe flash remover to remove all of the flash player(use google), also you should not need to disable DEP as it is a security feature as in it's default state should not cause any issues unless something really buggy is trying to run,also what version of flash are you running?i hope it is the latest version as some previous versions may cause that unless you changed DEP's default state. use process monitor and process explorer.
  3. when it comes down to either more performance or quick removal i would take the quick removal as the speed that you may gain is small compared to the convienence of being able to remove the usb drive without having to press anything to tell it that it is safe for removal.for me when i plug a usb drive in, what i expect to be able to do is to use it as i require and remove it without questions asked.
  4. you should leave the pagefile alone and let vista manage it also for the write caching put the first one back on but for the advanced option keep that off,also integrated graphics are a bad choice as they use system memory that could be used for better things.also tuning the default vista services won't yield much if anything in performance,also don't run vista on less than 2GB memory.
  5. did you click on the network icon on the taskbar and selected diagnose and repair?have you applied sp1 and all current updates?have you tried updating your wireless card drivers?also have you changed any of vista's services and or turned off any features?
  6. as a PC tech myself i will disagree with those saying UAC is useless/garbage, it is not but if you took the time to understand what it does and how it does iwhat it does you may change your mind about it,at first i did not like UAC but i needed to understand what is does and why it does it and now i don't mind an extra click and if you don't like UAC use tweak UAC instead as it keeps it on but eliminates the prompts if they bother you that much.as for vista i would check out tweakhound.
  7. vista would run well if you doubled your memory and had at least a 256MB video card, if you cant do that then xp is the os that will run better for you.dale456654: if i were you i would upgrade to 2GB memory as 512MB is the min required and tweaking vista won't really help you and i would upgrade that low end sempron with an athlon xp which you can get on ebay,your hardware is limiting vista's performance(the memory is the main reason)
  8. ccleaner is one of the best,for one thing it is free and is updated often and never has caused a problem plus it works on the nt based oses and the dos based oses too and is updated often,registry mechanic is 2nd,the rest are complete crap.
  9. is network location awareness turned on?also mcafee stinks if you installed that,also if you install another firewall,the windows firewall gets disabled automaticaly to avoid problems and conflicts.
  10. ms antispyware is still pretty good,adaware is pretty good but spybot search and destroy is the better of the one.
  11. works fine for me.i think it was another app that causes that and not xpize version 4 beta 2.
  12. remove .net framework completely,then reinstall it,i have .net framework installed and never have this error or any error with xpize,i assume .net framework 1.1 and not .net beta 2?
  13. the icon for the regional and time zone stuff does not act up for me,otherwise no problems here.
  14. if you run a decent antivirus like trend micro or kaspersky or nod32 then 128 will suffice,not all ram has to be the same size to get the better performance but the ddr will work better than the older sdram. the general rule for xp is: it likes ram alot more than a powerful processor,same goes for 2000 but for 98 it can work very good on low memory compared to xp but a faster cpu is good too,the amd's palamino cpus ran hot but the thouroubred runs cooler,the athlon 64s run alot cooler then the older cpus do(i know cuzz i run a athlon 64 3000+) 64MB for light browsing and some light music 128MB for minor things like browsing and light office work and some music playing 256MB for light gaming and medium office work and music playing 384MB for medium gaming and moderate office work 512MB for medium to somewhat heavy gaming and moderate to somewhat heavy office work 1 Gig For Everything from heavy gaming to heavy office work and soforth. thats just what i've noticed when i work on machines.
  15. the bare minimum you will want for xp is 512,any less and it won't run to it's fullest,more than 512 is good to have in xp and for the cpu get an amd as they cost far less than intel and do more per clock cycle but for the ram go for ddr if your mobo supports it as it runs alot faster than the older sdram does.
  16. what Aegis said is true, hoak if you have any proof of this then show it to us instead of just plain old advertising.
  17. it can read video and audio files just install quicktime alternative and real alternative and the codecs and your all set.
  18. pro is better but home has less services to deal with but pro has been optimized and home has not.
  19. i would buy it if it was not so friggin expensive and no i ain't buying home edition as it is crap.
  20. it's been so long since nvidia released win9x drivers,i wonder what changed there mind.
  21. like i said in the other thread,there is no need to make 2 threads for the same thing.
  22. windows 98 does not have usb support windows 98 se does have partial usb support(install that sp and it will have full usb support)
  23. move to xp as me is horrible but don't use nlite as it could and will cause problems.

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