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  1. All the rights for the BurnAware project were sold to the BurnAware Technologies company. BurnAware Free Edition is no longer available!
  2. Touché. Forgot that one. Sad but true. Stuck with MacOS 9.x forever. Let me correct by saying: They seem to have learned from those mistakes. That's why this forum is so great. Every bit of knowledge of its members make up for an incredible galore of tips and know-how you will rarely see in a single individual.
  3. Not implying it is legal either. That's why I included the license violation quote. Just saying "it won't run in a virtual machine" is negating a reality. Illegal, but a reality nevertheless. I just have those to experiment with coding on a virtual OS X. For running OS X I have a Mac laptop, where it is completely legal and safe. Apple has succeded in what other hardware manufacturers wanted to do @ one time and failed. ¿Remember Tandy? ¿Anyone has an Iomega drive lying around? At least Apple does not let their systems "die" and stays up-to-date with current research and developments.
  4. Sorry to mingle in, but... It DOES run on a Virtual Machine, at least Intel-based Mac OS X. It DOES NOT run on Microsoft Virtual PC environment since it does not emulate APIC & other features that OS X needs. I have it in VMware Player as a Virtual Machine. OS X 10.4 to be exact. I also have OS X 10.5 installed in PearPC emulator (google it). I made the ISO of the OS X CD in a true MAC computer (that I own) beforehand. From a MAC based forum: I include that comment so that you know the implications of the issue @ hand. It most probably won't make Apple change their point of view regarding the installation/use of Mac OS X in a virtual environment. But proof exists that it CAN run on non-Apple hardware.
  5. The freeware justs makes it easier to change the options that the command line tools modify. It does not alter your system, makes the same changes you would do with the command line tools.
  6. check the 1st post. It is to be implemented on a standalone workstation, so no DC tools will be much help there.
  7. My users are restricted from running anything from a command prompt. You may also restrict the security permissions of the shutdown.exe file. That way they can't abort a shutdown. UPDATE: Found a shareware app to help set them. Access Boss. I know there's a freeware for the same thing, I just can't seem to find it right now. UPDATE: FOUND IT! Account View 100% freeware.
  8. Actually... Windows 2000 Administrators have an option in the Active Directory Users & Computers GUI to limit the user's logon hours, local administrators (Windows 2000 Workstation) do not have that option in the Local Users and Groups console. In order to do that you'll need to use the NET USER command. Some examples would be: net user sonny /time:S-F,08:00-18:00 net user sonny /time:S-F,8am-6pm net user sonny /time:M,4am-4pm;T,1pm-3pm;W-F,8:00-16:00 net user sonny /time:all Open a Command Prompt window. Enter the appropriate "net user" command for the user(s) you wish to restrict access for. Local users can't be forced off when logon hours expire. I may be mistaken, but I think this works from NT and up (NT, 2000, XP, 2003).
  9. Well, my original post was regarding the CHARACTERS, not the boot screen!!! The japanese have even made characters to represent Firefox, Thunderbird, Opera and other softwares. Search in Wikipedia and google and you will find most of them. Even so, it is nice to know that you can also customize the Windows boot & shutdown screens. Has anyone done it for Windows 2003? Longhorn/Vista?
  10. It also lets anything Microsoft wants to communicate from your computer to the outside world go by without even reporting it back to the user. I do not consider it a firewall but more like a "third party blocker". It lacks most of the things a true firewall must have.
  11. My native language is spanish, which is derived directly from Latin. The word is in Latin, and it means "Mi culpa" which translates to "My fault" in English. The other one "Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa" means "Mi culpa, mi gran culpa" which translates to "My fault, my great fault". I'm not an eminence in Latin but that phrase at least is very easy to translate.
  12. you might want to use VirtualDub. Extract the english audio from the fullscreen one to a file. Then load the widescreen and import the exported english audio, then re-save the avi with the imported audio. You might need to play the movie in a few places to verify that the audio is synchronized.
  13. Paint Shop Pro 9.00 (been using it since v3.14!!) Adobe Photoshop CS
  14. I'm using burnatonce and found it easy enough for our staff to use just to copy (on the fly) cd to cd. Since some of our custom CD's have boot sectors and custom boot / autorun screens, CD BurnerXP helped but was not enough for our needs. Thanks so much for pointing me to a quick & fast alternative.
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