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Updated browser list for Windows XP

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  • 2 months later...

I located what seems to be an odd firefox based browser, which ostensibly prevents the user from copying anything from sites,although I have not found it to be the case.

I'm not stating categorically that this browser will work on all sites (as it doesn't) , although it does work on 'some' sites that the newer mozilla-type modded browsers don't work as well on....maybe API related...

Perhaps there is something in it worth considering for those who are doing the mods and for the users such as myself, it's another browser in the 'arsenal' that still basically works on XP.

I'm posting the relevant links and additionally I found that if I copy my extensions to the browser profile, many of the extensions I use will work.

The link below seems to try and determine what OS system you are using to view the page and download a browser version for what it determines is the OS you are using.


The following link will download the last version that will work on XP.


Best regards to all.


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On 11/5/2021 at 9:20 AM, Eclectic said:

@Cixcert and et al -

I have been using the Opera 12.18_45 Russian built browser and so far I think it works very well and has more feature rich tweaking of everything than I have ever see in any other build of any browser and I have yet to explore all of the available tweaking which is not well translated into English as of yet.

There *is* an English language file included which during the first time I opening the browser, I couldn't find the setting for, since everything appeared in Russian Cyrillic.

I went into the installation folder (locale) language sub-folders and disabled the Russian and Ukrainian language files by renaming them something that wouldn't load, then placed copies of the English language file into the Russian and Ukrainian locale sub-folders as well as leaving the English file in the original pre-existing English locale location (so no other language could possibly load) and voila (!), English, not perfect but very workable.

I also subsequently located a setting for English in the preferences settings  and set it to English.- see photo for reference.

I think the 1st page of this thread stating (Russian only) would tend to give the impression that there isn't an English language option, so my suggestion is to edit the Opera 12.18_45 entry to include the fact that there is an English language option.

Opera 12.18_45 - only working link for the single Opera browser as of the date of this post
the other link is no longer working

I would also like to suggest that the following may be better/ more specific  / updated links for the respective browsers:


360 Chrome - telemetry removed:

humming owl versions
scroll down to see Folder link with all builds

arcticfoxie versions

Thanks for your time and efforts.

Opera 12.18_45 re .jpg

Post updated.
Thank for you report
The two alternative download link for Opera 12.18_45 work for me
https://disk.yandex.ru/d/HbQfEL8dnx_c7A or https://yadi.sk/d/ANkjyZ6Hfws34w

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On 9/28/2021 at 1:06 PM, CIACIACIACIACIACIA said:

@CIXERT is there a blackwingcat's KB2584577-x86-ELL.exe for greek windows xp or 2000?


All update from BlackWingCat is here
You go to manual update & search.
But I don't know because your question for KB2584577-x86 is on a post Browser.
I don't know very much for KB2584577

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Update including also DC Browser and automatic unofficial installer for roytam1’s New Moon/Basilisk browsers by @i430VX
Download here: http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam

But I do not see that it installed some browser on my computer.
This automatically downloads Roytam1's Browser, this seems to unzip the 7ZIP file but then it gives error. "ICACLS" is not recognized as an external or internal command, program or enforceable batch file. Error creating direct access and nothing else happens despite the fact that the installer says everything ok.
My system is Spanish language and my XP is installed on drive D:

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There may be some edge cases where it doesn't work involving custom paths or other languages than English.

When/if I get more time I would like to iron out some bugs in different drives/languages for the installer.

This is the correct link to the installer, you presently have a mistype in both the first post and your most recent one:
http://i430vx.net/files/XP/RoyTam Browser Installer.exe

(A general note: my internet access has been unreliable as of the past few days, so please be advised that if this link does not work, try again in a few minutes. I am working with my ISP to try to resolve the issue)

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1 hour ago, Cixert said:

UC Browser is discontinued.

... I won't miss it myself, it is/was sending most user data to Chinese servers:

1 hour ago, Cixert said:

The website does not work:

Works here, but only links for the mobile version are to be found in it:


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