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  1. You are right @Dave-H Please delete this topic. Sorry.
  2. I will not continue with this project, I have outgrown it. Thank you for all your kind comments, advice, etc. My modified versions are removed - they are unsafe due to sandbox bypass, embeded videos do not work.
  3. He doesn't even know the basics, and I guarantee you he won't.
  4. I guarantee you that you won't make an extended kernel better than VxKex - none, to be precise! You don't have even a basic knowledge of the construction of operating systems and the interdependence of system components, let alone programming (you will need knowledge of C++) If I understand your post correctly - there is NO WAY that extended kernel will work simultaneously with Windows 7 and Windows 8. I very much appreciate your desire to keep these systems alive, but so far you are at best compromising yourself. Learn the basics, and then I think, for example, win32 will be able to help you get started.
  5. Guys, my try to port it failed (in theory, resolved dependiences, but browser still not worked). But on @win32 modified DWrite.dll from W10 1809 and these api-ms files, build 5535 of Chromium and Opera 97 Dev based on 5532 works fine. Thank you so much! I will try newer builds
  6. Okay, then tell me, what tools will you use, in what software will you compile kernel32, etc.? Extended kernel is not and will never be about just pasting a few files from another system. On its own, it is downright unfeasible. Sorry, I know you are ambitious, but I want to make you aware that it is not as simple as you think. The kernel is not an interchangeable part of the OS, virtually everything depends on it. Different system, different appeals. You'd probably have to spatch 90% of the files in C:Windows for it to work, and it still wouldn't be a sure thing.
  7. I am trying to backport DWrite from Windows 10 to Vista. It will probably succeed after copying certain DLL libraries from 7 or 8.1 and resolve some dependences. This will probably allow Chromium version 111 to run up to build 5535 (then Opera 97 Dev should also work fully, but I'm not sure about that)
  8. Try one simple thing... use Chromium 110 or 111 without modification and without disabling the sandbox. If it doesn't work, that's proof enough that porting this kernel won't make any sense at all, because there are no new features that are in Windows 10. Compare the two kernels in CFF Explorer under the export tab. I am almost sure that the amount of new features will be quite low.
  9. Check the missing dependences and missing files with Dependency Walker. Post their name on the forum.
  10. Good news! Probably Opera 97 can work 100% properly, but I must backport DWrite.dll from Windows 10. It will be not easy I think.
  11. I will not continue with this project, I have outgrown it. Thank you for all your kind comments, advice, etc. My modified versions are removed - they are unsafe due to sandbox bypass, embeded videos do not work.
  12. Opera 97 based on Chromium 111 working on Vista!
  13. Defender is completely useless on Vista and 7. P.S. winvispixp you probably can flash your Maximus with Rampage BIOS
  14. What I can do this? My computer with Q6600 (OC) 8GB RAM and SSD is very fast with this OS. It's the best!
  15. Sorry for the offtopic, but with the updates from server 2012, is it possible to install .NET 4.8? For some reason I prefer Windows 8.0 to 8.1, it seems faster to me.
  16. I know you are not going to provide a detailed guide on how to run this version of Opera on Windows Vista. But could you tell me what files have been modified?
  17. https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/memoryapi/nf-memoryapi-discardvirtualmemory Minimum supported client: Windows 8.1 Update [desktop apps | UWP apps] Update required to work version 112 on Windows 8.1?
  18. Build 5430 succesfully working on Windows 7 Normally, the last build is 5425.
  19. I installed the latest extended kernel yesterday, and it works 90% of the software I use! The only problem I have is that any version of 4K Video Downloader is not working, but I will find other software as a replacement. Also, newer versions of Rufus do not work.
  20. How to fix it? The problem occurs when launching some applications. I have the extended kernel installed.
  21. On the main page, I removed it by this https://admx.help/?Category=Chrome&Policy=Google.Policies.Chrome::SuppressUnsupportedOSWarning
  22. Is there any way to remove this message? Edit: This working: https://admx.help/?Category=Chrome&Policy=Google.Policies.Chrome::SuppressUnsupportedOSWarning
  23. http://ximonite.com/win32/download.html Download and install mfplat.

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