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360 Extreme Explorer ArcticFoxie Versions

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Note regarding versions:

     The regular version will have a file name ending in _rebuild_#.

     Versions with a file name ending in _ungoogled disables embedded Google APIs in much the same way that "ungoogled-chromium" ( https://chromium.woolyss.com/ ) disables embedded Google APIs.
     The "ungoogled" version is recommended for those that prefer tighter control over a Google-based browser basically giving special treatment to Google cookies and violating user preference settings.
     A side effect to this approach (which also exists in "ungoogled-chromium") is that the Chrome Web Store is intentionally broken only in as far as the "Add to Chrome" button is concerned.
     This is great for those that prefer to manually install extensions as opposed to obtaining from the Chrome Web Store.

     A workaround to restore the "Add to" button (special thanks to @VistaLover for this solution) can be obtained from here  --  https://github.com/NeverDecaf/chromium-web-store
     Mileage may vary, for me this only added the "Add to" button but clicking it only downloaded the extensions .crx (which I personally prefer anyway) as opposed to 'adding to' 360Chrome.
     I had similar results with official "ungoogled-chromium" on the official Chrome Web Store (restores "Add to" button but does not actually 'add to').

     Special thanks to @Humming Owl for translated .png files.
     Special thanks to @Dixel for discussions leading towards the "ungoogled" versions.

XP x86 SP2:  v12, v13, and v13.5 work as-is in XP x86 SP2 but v11 requires special modifications - see this post by @we3fan

Download links for starting from scratch with a NEW PROFILE:

          https://www.dropbox.com/s/mes4wez1v34w9k4/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 9, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/wol8va166au2p7j/360ChromePortable_12.0.1247_rebuild_12.zip?dl=1  (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/6lnst7yp0dt34s5/360ChromePortable_13.0.2206_rebuild_9.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/8h4z346251wg7r8/360ChromePortable_13.5.1030_rebuild_6.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)

          https://www.dropbox.com/s/6z65t5yo08fr0ym/360ChromePortable_11.0.2031_rebuild_8_ungoogled.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 9, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/j5zxk7aqv9ljjjc/360ChromePortable_12.0.1247_rebuild_12_ungoogled.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/ld5dz2uwdowf1cz/360ChromePortable_13.0.2206_rebuild_9_ungoogled.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)
          https://www.dropbox.com/s/glulv6r8sce6xpy/360ChromePortable_13.5.1030_rebuild_6_ungoogled.zip?dl=1   (last updated: Jan 11, 2022)


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20 minutes ago, ArcticFoxie said:

Question  --  for you "vampires" <chuckles> that prefer a "dark theme", does the dark theme effect only the GUI or does it also effect web pages that you visit?

I have tried the dark theme in v12 and v13 and can confirm that it does affect certain pages, as long as those pages are optimized to display a dark version. For most pages it has little to no effect...though the dark theme and dark pages are easier on the eyes (especially at night), I've been sticking to the classic theme, simply because it feels more 'sane'.

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By "classic" do you mean my blue XP theme?

And when you say "for most pages it has little to no effect"  --  by this I wonder if the pages that ARE effected are owned by Google and Google/Chrome/Chromium is trying to force its users to use those Google-owned web sites?


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With your builds, I use the custom theme you've included by default (which is amazing, and a throwback to the good old days of early Chrome). With Humming Owl's builds, I use the 'classic' theme.

Some sites are optimized to use a dark interface if they recognize you using a dark browser theme. It seems they can read the dark theme in 360EE (at least in Humming Owl's builds), and for certain sites such as YouTube and Twitter they'll display a dark interface while you are browsing those sites. I'm not sure how much the Google monopoly ties into that, but as I rarely if ever use the dark theme I wouldn't know for sure. It's a nice touch, but again I stick to the 'classic' theme in Humming Owl builds and the custom theme in your builds. I prefer the old-school look over the overly simplified feel of modern browser aesthetics.

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15 hours ago, cmccaff1 said:

...and for certain sites such as YouTube and Twitter they'll display a dark interface while you are browsing those sites. I'm not sure how much the Google monopoly ties into that...

My hunch is that the Google monopoly plays HEAVILY into that !!!

There is a very large amount of .css code dedicated to the "dark theme" that has nothing to do with the 360Chrome user interface - so it seems evident that there was a "concensus" by complying websites that wanted to be "included".

Or I supposed more than likely something of the form of "publicly disclosed .css code"  --  "If you want to follow in our footsteps and be 'dark' at night, use these .css selectors and users will flock to your site like a dung beetle to a turd."

Google fully owns and controls YouTube, DoubleClick, and Fitbit (among others - YouTube our primary concern here).

There were industry rumors circa 2015/2017 that Twitter was going to be acquired by Google or Microsoft - that didn't happen but Google did acquire "portions" of Twitter.


But in all honesty, I just don't get it!

I hear (over and over and over, actually) that my XP theme is "blindingly bright".

My monitors are only 1920x1080 - they have higher resolutions but I only use them for certain map-based programs where I want to see more of a city/town at one time.

I do not "hide" the taskbar so that's 1920x1050 usable by 360Chrome.

If you use default tabs in the middle, my theme uses 76 rows of pixels at the top and another 25 at the bottom for the status bar.

76 + 25 = 101.  Consumed from a total of 1050 horizontal lines of resolution.

That is 9.62% of total horizontal lines, not undermining that - but my point is that it is the remaining 90.38% of your screen that is "blinding" you (ie, the web site that you are visiting).

Auto-hide the XP taskbar and it only drops from 9.62% to 9.35%.

Display tabs on top instead of bottom and we are down to 7.50% to 7.71% depending on taskbar presence - and 92.29% to 92.50% of the screen being the website that you are visiting.


It "seems to me" that if you don't want basically 91% to 93% of your screen "blinding you", then we are talking about Stylus .css sheets customizing those pages and not the brower user interface only consuming 7% to 9% of your screen.


Okay, we do have the settings menus - black text on white background  --  but just how often are you "in" the settings menus ???

Is it the MENUS that you dark-theme users are so "against" ???


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Just now, ArcticFoxie said:

my XP theme is "blindingly bright"

I'm afraid your retina could be damaged to the unrepairable levels ... I , of course , hope it is not the case , since I wish only the best for you ! But your LED lights , white walls (OMG why?) and 5 LED TVs that's what worries me . Perhaps you live in Florida or some other sunny state ? I actually have the same Dell 2408 , (am I right, it's one of your models?) and my brightness is at ZERO !!! . Of course yours may be much older and worn out, BUT 40% brightness on any Dell is NOT normal ! And your theme is not only bright, it is distracting . It is acid blue , even with more acid than the original XP theme . When I browse , the browser's UI is the least thing I want to see. It's gotta be neutral . Neutral soft colours , etc. LESS saturation. Otherwise it's counterproductive !

I'm actually not in need of any changes , since I have my own version , just tried to explain for the others. And the version I gave you , that theme was for you only , I don't use it , as you may have already guessed.

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I work in an Engineering office with 60 other Engineers (two of them are IT but they are lumped in with Engineering Department).

My computer "brightness" is not any different than any of theirs, both by "my eyes" and by "their eyes".

It is the "vampires" eyesight that I worry about - I'm 20/20 and "healthy as a horse".

My only doctor that disagrees is my Dentist - but that's a Mountain Dew issue  :cool:


I guess my BIGGEST thing is this - I have HUNDREDS of software packages installed on this system.

It's an EYESORE for ONE of these software packages to be "dark" and the other HUNDREDS MINUS ONE to be of a "universal color scheme".


I guess, to ME, it's also this - when I buy a book or newspaper, there is no such thing as a "dark theme".

You get black text on white paper - period.


I do have a "theory" but it's also admittedly just an off-the-cuff theory with no research behind it.

My theory is this, that 'gamers' are huge into "dark themes" but those of us that read to read (anything from Aristophanes to MSFN) are fine and dandy with "black text on white paper".


However, I do acknowledge that one of our IT guys does use a task-specific software package where all of his text is red, maroon, cyan, blue, yellow, green, purple, and white all on a dark gray almost-but-not-quite black background.  But his WEB BROWSER is still black text on white background.  I would hate to have his job and have to constantly toggle back and forth between the two.  So for him, "I get it".  But also for him, he never once has ever complained that his web browser, his AutoCad, his Microsoft Office, his dozens of other software programs, he's hever once complained that they don't have a "dark theme".


Oh well...  Carry on, fanboys  :hello:


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2 minutes ago, LowLander said:

@ArcticFoxie testing your build and i see something wrong with fonts

for example try this and see:


What am I looking for in particular?  Can you post a screencap?

I open that link and everything looks normal, not finding anything "wrong with fonts".

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