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  1. I think @Dave-H should just cut the last 2-3 pages to a separate topic, if it isn't too much trouble for him.
  2. You could try to replace www.youtube.com with music.youtube.com , but some videos won't start with this.
  3. I found this small tool and was planning to just dump it here in case anyone needs it... I didn't check it in XP, but since the source is provided, i guess it could be recompiled easily. P.S. make sure to check the other projects on that site too.
  4. After changing the setting for the C: drive, make sure to click the "Set" button. Also, it won't hurt to leave a small pagefile in C:, i have mine fixed to 128MB, while there is a big pagefile on another drive. Move it to the very end of the partition (Defraggler does it easily) in another OS.
  5. In the preferences page enable "Show Watch on YouTube button", then you can use YT2P on that button to start external player.
  6. For larger transfers i run Samba Filesharing Server on my Android devices and connect to them from my PC. It can be easily turned ON/OFF, so you don't expose your devices in untrusted networks. For smaller things, or when i can't be bothered to reach to the PC, i use the transfer functions in X-plore or FX on the mobile and connect to the Windows admin shares (C$, D$, etc.). Make sure to disable SMB2 when adding a PC running XP. For transfers between my mobiles and foreign PC/mobile, i just use bluetooth (but it is slooow) or a flash drive through USB OTG.
  7. Which i would totally try to avoid so it doesn't mess up my existing settings As i said, i would prefer to only replace the proxy, and leave the rest as it is. Anyways, it may take a while until i get to it, lots of other things to deal with currently...
  8. Well, i haven't been following these developments recently - got plenty other things on my mind... There are 20-ish more pages in this thread to catch up, pfff... I will check it whenever i can, hopefully it works as a plug-in-replacement without having to reconfigure my whole system, lol
  9. Did you try this driver? They claim it supports even Win 3.x (no mention of Win9x though). You may need to extract it and install manually.
  10. Or set the "Plug and Play compatible OS" to "No" in BIOS setup, if this option is available. It would force the BIOS to configure the devices on startup instead of leaving it to the OS.
  11. @ackmangogo Maybe try to boot DOS first and do the configuring there. Then start grub4dos using the DOS executable and chainload NTLDR to boot XP without restarting.
  12. It doesn't appear to have another slot https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&&mediaurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.prlog.org%2F10399203-portwells-ruby9719vg2ar-industrial-atx-motherboard-based-on-intel-g41-express.jpg&q=portwell+ruby-9719
  13. @dearleader Do you happen to have the USB drive before the HDD in the BIOS boot settings? If so, move the HDD to the top, then check if you can still boot Windows through the USB by selecting it from the boot menu (F12 key) about #4 , what i think jaclaz meant was to make a floppy disk image file, then mount and boot that through grub4dos.

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