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  1. @roytam1 Is there a SSE build of NM28XP? Or anything else newer than NM27.9.7? I'm having troubles with some sites recently, ugh...
  2. @jaclaz Let me confuse you a bit... Do you have Linux on your hard disks?
  3. Do you realize, that k-lite is a bundle of various codecs, players and tools? You're better off downloading and installing the separate codecs manually.
  4. How do you expect someone from outside the said region to help you then?! You could at least arrange a french proxy for Roytam1 to connect through, if he is willing to help you. First you say that you don't use any add-ons, then you say that you deactivated content blocking add-ons to get the site working?! Did you try with a really clean browser, without any setting modifications and add-ons? Also, on the non-working browsers check the Tools > Web Developer > Web Console for any errors that don't show up on a working browser.
  5. Why don't just use ffdshow for DivX and FLV decoding?! Most download sites claim Win95 compatibility (i can't check it myself currently). You may have to use the VfW filter. Here is a guide - https://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/how_to_play_flv_files.cfm
  6. Maybe they meant the RAID controller BIOS? Still, it won't be cluster size, more likely to be stripe size, unless the controller offers to format the newly created volume...
  7. I meant something like a serial number ID, or GUID, or any other kind of pointer to the device, that changes between installs. Anyways, if @Dave-H uploads an export of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Elantech from a fully working install, i could check it myself. It should be easy to notice (probably). IfranView can extract all frames of a .gif file. Maybe XnView can do the same?
  8. This would mean to give up on all the hardware in the PC, except the 7 disk drives. Not to mention the decade old install of XP with most issues ironed out, all my little tweaks, and all my programs. At work i used a Dell D620 to do my job at repairing tablets, i3/i5/i7s and all kinds of other new crap. I had to replace it with a D830 after a HDD break and another (still undiagnosed) failure, that made even a freshly installed XP to BSOD at most inappropriate times. Still keep the D620 just in case, though. My coworkers tried to shoehorn a tower workstation on me, but they took it away after months of it just collecting dust under my table, lol. I only used that to test disks and PCI cards...
  9. @Dave-H, is there something in those registry keys, that looks like a pointer to "install-specific" device? (Sorry, i can't think of a way to word this simpler currently) Like, when you reinstall your i.e. LAN card, and the first time it's named "ethernet adapter blabla", but the second install changes the name to "ethernet adapter blabla #2" and so on... Maybe, the backup you made points to the previous install of the device, but the following reinstall points to the new name, so importing the backup won't just work?
  10. My issue with PotPlayer is that the recent versions need a SSE2 capable CPU, so i'm stuck on v.1.6.57398. I could get around this for a few updates by transplanting PotPlayerMini.exe from older builds, but it eventually stopped working - the player starts, but when i try to play a file it crashes...
  11. Try again while having FileMon (or ProcMon) monitor the filesystem access, it should be easy to spot.
  12. Is there a way to make http://virustotal.com/gui/ work on NM27? I tried various user agents, but that doesn't seem to make a difference. It just keeps looping that animation, and there are a dozen errors in the console. My build is 27.9.7-sse
  13. @Dave-H One of the comments there links to the Chemtable blog, where there are keys for this and another of their programs. Those should still work for the current version.
  14. REGCLEAN.7z Grab it while you can, i'll probably remove it when i need quota for my next attachment.
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