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  1. Just tested https://www.nomachine.com/ It starts fine, but i wasn't able to connect even once. The client just looped reconnecting. Also, seems to run only with direct connection - either local or with port-forwarding. The installer is very invasive - it adds an administrator account, installs a few trusted publisher certificates and several virtual devices. Fortunately the uninstaller is decent enough to remove all this. So far AnyDesk seems best. With its single, under 3MB executable, it beats both Teamviewer and Nomachine (over 130MB)
  2. I am testing Anydesk now. So far it seems good. The file transfer tab shows empty listing for the remote side. Is it the same for you, @pcalvert?
  3. Let me guess - you have 60 logical partitions and map the one you boot as primary? I think the same can be achieved with GRUB4DOS
  4. I tried to update again, this time using the "check for new version" within teamviewer and it worked. I now have v14.2.8352 running on my XP. That was all the good news though... I tested connecting to and from my android phone. Both times it worked, but said "Commercial use detected, session limited to few minutes", WTF?! I run this only for personal use... Another bad thing - when i tried to update teamviewer on my Win7 install, it was offered v14.3.4730. That build always crashes with an invalid opcode exception (0xc000001d). They probably enabled SSE2 optimisations or something. I was able to install v14.2.8352 over that and it seems to run ok. But v14.3 will probably hit XP soon, leaving all AthlonXP and early P4 systems with a crashing teamviewer.
  5. Thanks for the link, ED_Sln Unfortunately this is the same build that was having issues on my system.
  6. There are many variants of VNC, which one you are referring to? RealVNC, TightVNC, UltraVNC, etc.? Also, AFAIK in order to use VNC, the system you connect to should have either a public IP or some sort of port-forwarding/NAT punching, etc. My ISP puts me behind a NAT of some sort, so i can't make a connection from outside to my home PC. I am looking for a solution which has a central server to help facilitate a connection, just the way Teamviewer does.
  7. For triple boot 98-XP-10 you can try to copy the Boot folder and bootmgr of Win10 to the C: drive. Then use BootICE to edit the BCD file in this folder. Fix the entry for Win10 and add another one for the ntldr of XP. After that change the PBR of the C: partition to bootmgr. If this works properly, you should get a menu to either boot directly to Win10, or open a second menu to select between XP and 98.
  8. With the recent Teamviewer team shenanigans, i think it is time to move to another solution. Any suggestions for remote administration software with a free version for non-commercial use? I am looking for something that don't need a public IP address and can run on AthlonXP system (no SSE2). Two-way usage ability preferred - same system should be able to connect to other systems and accept incoming connections. Please, suggest software you tried personally on 32bit XP - don't just list the first few results from a google search :D
  9. My teamviewer 10 installs stopped working everywhere - on my main XP system, on my Win7 laptop, on my work XP... I cant even connect to those from android. Previously i've been limited to 5min. connections. I tried to install v13, but it turns out that all installers on the "Previous versions" page link to the v14.2.8352 installer. After installing that, it always crashes with an exception in the kernel. I got v13 from archive.org, but it didn't work either. Could anyone PM me the working v14 for XP, please?
  10. Anyone still using these? I recently got an used Eten Glofiish x500+ from a friend. Now i find myself messing with this little gadget more than using my PC
  11. Try GPass, UltraSurf or some of the other solutions listed here Trackerless torrents would be cool thou...
  12. Distributed Link Tracking Client service running ?
  13. Or try other driver versions, might be a bug.
  14. Try what happens if you disable the automatic PNP monitor detection in the advanced dialog of the display properties. HTH
  15. To save yourself some time, first delete the C:\Windows\ttfCache file and restart. Then, if it doesn't fix the buttons, proceed as jaclaz said. btw. sometimes just changing the appearance scheme helps, you could try switching to a scheme with different caption buttons size. HTH
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