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  1. Check in a new clean profile without any extensions. Maybe your adblocker or something else messes with the custom protocols used by these apps (or their detection).
  2. Does it download anything while installing? If it does, then that won't be "the same copy" anymore. Try to install while disconnected from the internet. Don't mind the activation yet, just check if it starts when installed fully offline.
  3. If you don't expect to use that drive much, just put a second battery in its place and enjoy the longer uptime :P
  4. Put a disk inside and see if it works. Also, driver and firmware are separate things. [edit] One more thing - examine the connector at the back of the drive for dirt, bent pins, etc.
  5. Didn't check the other forum, kinda in a hurry now... Are you sure it's the SSD causing the constant light? Try removing the optical drive. Also, there may be a "Drives" tab in the BIOS settings - uncheck all ports except the SDD to check if it makes a difference. Does the light stay even before booting (i.e. in the F12 boot menu)?
  6. Looks like that sector was either already remapped, or it was just a temporary glitch. This is good. Aside from that SMART value, everything looks perfect.
  7. I wish the Javascript interpreter was running isolated in a separate process, so i could just kill it and resume browsing without having to kill the whole browser... That "script unresponsive..." dialog often doesn't show up at all when i need it.
  8. @XPerceniol Did you manage to do a full scan? How many problem sectors were found? The SMART values show just one sector, but this is what the drive is aware of. There may be a ton more, or none at all...
  9. About pasting invisible tags, didn't (some) more recent browsers have the "paste as plain text" option as well as the normal "paste" in the right-click menu? Maybe check if it produces the same result?
  10. @Mathwiz Try this instead: @-moz-document domain("msfn.org") { .ipsQuote {background: unset !important;} } :P
  11. Doesn't look that bad. The SMART values indicate a single bad sector (that the drive is aware of) pending for a remap. There may be more though. First do a full scan without any repairs. Take a note of the slow and bad sectors (i think there was a "save log" function in the bottom field). If there are a lot of bad sectors, just cut them out of the partitions as jaclaz suggested. If there are just a few, you can try to remap them. Set the scanning range to about +/- 100K sectors around the problem places, tick the "remap" option, then "start". If the bad sectors appear to be "moving", this may indicate a problem with the heads (not likely in your case) - then backup whatever you can and don't bother more, just use it as a paperweight, lol. Finish with a full chdsk scan (the /R option).
  12. Maybe at one time the mouse was in a humid environment (kitchen with boiling food, storage, etc.) and moisture got inside the switches. Regular use somewhat cleaned up the left button switch, while the rarely used right switch deteriorated more...
  13. What's wrong in using the trial version once?! And it can't go worse than the wipe you suggested, even if blindly checking the functions (just don't touch anything that says "lock" or "set password") [edit] Sometimes sites like giveawayoftheday.com have free licenses for HD Sentinel Standard. I have used one such offer to get it on a few PCs in the past...
  14. You can try running the Win9x defrag with the /H parameter. In NT-based Windows the defrag programs can't move the folders on FAT drives, so you better use Win9x for those.
  15. HD Sentinel, Victoria, MHDD No need to format the whole drive when you can just rewrite the sectors to trigger remapping. Repeat the scan to ensure all bad sectors have been remapped. If there are any left (your drive may be out of spare sectors), do a full chkdsk to mark them as bad.

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