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  1. Go into BIOS setup and move USB drives after internal HDD in the startup sequence.
  2. @dmiranda Do you happen to use a proxy for HTTPS? Maybe you accidentally set Basilisk to use it for HTTP as well?
  3. Try increasing the VRAM in VM settings. Also, my suggestions above, if this isn't enough.
  4. Did you try adding a custom resolution with VBoxManage.exe? Some hints here - https://superuser.com/questions/443445/how-can-i-get-virtualbox-to-run-at-1366x768 How did you even get two displays in a single guest? Or these are separate VMs?
  5. Just leave that unticked and manually switch your desktop to a 16bit mode. Which program is this about? nvm. posted at te same time Why do you run Virtualbox in compatibility mode? Maybe try to use a generic monitor driver for the 2nd display?
  6. So, you just randomly decided to bury my PC?! Nah, it survived for 20 years, this is nothing. I just need some free time for maintenance
  7. Can you run uBlock on that? If so, you can try using the element picker to get a suitable CSS selector. Or try a bookmarklet with similar functionality.
  8. They seem to have switched to new forum software recently... On an unrelated topic, when i switched my desktop resolution from 1280x1024 to 1600x1200 to take that screenshot, Serpent52 crashed in xul.dll . Changing back to 1280x1024 proceeded fine though. I was getting those random crashes for some time in NM27 recently (also in xul.dll) at least 1-2 times a day. I attributed this to the warmer weather and hardware issues cropping-up, but maybe some recent change in the code made it more prone to crashing?
  9. Is anyone able to browse forum.arduino.cc in NM27? Example page - https://forum.arduino.cc/t/driving-a-salvaged-lcd-directly-from-arduino/51558 It appears blank here. If i right-click and select "Inspect", there is content in the DOM, but none of it is rendered. Also, there are a lot of errors in the web console. I believe the site was working before in NM27 (not 100% sure though), but recently i am forced to start Serpent52 (which is becoming slower with each passing day) just to check a page on there. [edit] Archive of the example page in their o
  10. Well, i'm willing to test as long as it's not outright blocked. Got a test page that should work? I usually get either "wasm not supported" or "out of memory" alerts, or silent fails with "TypeError: asm.js type error: Disabled by lack of compiler support" in the console.
  11. @ArcticFoxie I just opened my Google Drive in NM27 - it seems fine. What exactly don't work for you? [edit] OK, i found it @kartel @ArcticFoxie use this: @-moz-document domain("drive.google.com") { .boqDrivesharedialogCommonAnimatedfadeContainer.Hidden { opacity: 1 !important; } .boqDrivesharedialogCommonAnimatedfadeContainer.Collapsed { visibility: unset !important; } } Drive constantly spits a f#$kton of errors in the console, ugh. The "Done" button doesn't work here. You may need to refresh the page to get rid of that overlay.
  12. Typo there. Did you manage to remove the SSE2 requirement? If not, maybe add a note about it. For some unknown reason a left/middle click on this link was not giving me a download dialog on NM27.10.0 (32-bit) (2021-04-16). Neither did a right-click > "Open link in new tab". The only working way was to manually copy/paste the URL in a new tab. The links for NM27-SSE and NM28-SSE worked fine. Even more strange, it worked when i tested one last time while writing this. Fluke? Some rare bug? uBlock interfering? My system just acting-up? No clue...
  13. About the laser cleaning, inside are some mirrors that can get accidentally damaged if not careful. They are glass (or similar) squares coated with very thin layer of paint, which actually makes them a mirror. Touching the paint with alcohol or even blowing on it with moist breath will damage it. And, if tearing a defective CD/DVD drive for useful parts, make sure to keep the lens. Stick them to your phone camera (a tiny drop of water works as glue) and you can shoot macro pics from extra-small distance :P
  14. I use the NewMoon 27 SSE builds by Roy. It's not that the font is too huge ( i actually increase most font sizes for easier reading from distance), i just thought that making the pinned topics smaller when wrapped by your script would look better and reduce the need for scrolling.
  15. Well, today i did as you described and got Win98 on that D830 in about the same state as yours. The only notable difference should be that i have a NVidia GPU here, i selected the 32MB VBEMP driver and it worked fine. Unfortunately, i didn't have time to do any experiments with it. Maybe next week, if things aren't too crazy at work...
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