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  1. I use a combination of Viewtube + WMP plugin, 3DYD Youtube Source filter and YouTube 2 Player add-on. https://i.imgur.com/I5IGXy4.png The Youtube Source filter is configured to select H.264 video stream of 720p or lower resolution (so my GPU decoding kicks in) and the best AAC audio stream. It muxes video+audio and provides it to the player/plugin. It also provides subs/CC if available. The YT2Players add-on highlights links to video pages and adds right-click menu entries to open them in external player. It can also replace embeds with static image + link, and also replace links with embeds. btw. my plugin-container.exe often crashes after i have viewed a video with the WMP plugin and closed the page (never during playback). Maybe it fails to properly unload the plugin?
  2. Just a reminder - if you have installed any of the Teamviewer drivers (in Extras > Options > Advanced), make sure to uninstall them while you can still run it. I had a hard time trying to manually uninstall the monitor driver...
  3. @zago27 Do you have a bluetooth radio in this laptop? If you do, disable it and try testing again. Some hardware maintenance won't be bad as well - remove the card and clean its contacts with a soft pencil eraser. Also, try swapping the two antenna cables. Maybe there are some errors which the newer OS knows how to deal with, while the older OS simply fails... Another option is to replace the card with a different model/brand. If you get error 1802 at startup, check http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/Problem_with_unauthorized_MiniPCI_network_card HTH
  4. @ruthan Better give up on Teamviewer - even if you manage to make it work now, they will probably break it again soon. Also, it's becoming more and more bloated with each update. The main page of AnyDesk shows two contact lists - recent sessions and favorites. You can right-click one of your recents and add it to the favorites. They don't have to be only computers - i have my tablet and my phone there too It supports file transfers as well.
  5. This is great, thanks! I was using http://hooktube.com in the past, but this is better. Here, a bookmarklet for it: javascript:%20(window.location.href.includes("www.youtube"))%20?%20location.href%20=%20window.location.href.replace("www.youtube.com",%20"invidio.us")%20:%20console.log('not%20a%20youtube%20page,%20dummy') @kuja killer Check the HDD activity light when FF is slow, maybe it trashes the cache folder like crazy.
  6. @kuja killer Open the settings for the sandbox you use FF in, then add plugin-container.exe to the forced programs (in "program start"). Alternatively, you can add the firefox folder to forced folders. This way any executable from that folder should be forced to run within this sandbox. HTH
  7. You can use a tool like PowerStrip , Custom Resolution Utility or AsTray Plus to squeeze more pixels into your native display resolution. It will be blurry though, and you may get some flickering. The better method is gonna cost you - replace the display itself for one with a higher resolution. You may need to also replace the display cable and (not likely) the CCFL inverter. If you decide on upgrading, first find the model of your current display - you can use softMCCS , Aida64, or just disassemble the lappy and look at the sticker on the back of the display. Then look up the display specs at panelook or a similar site. To change just the display you'll need one with the same Signal Type, Voltage Supply and Backlight specs. You may have to change the cable/inverter if you get a LED display, or one with a different (but similar) LVDS signal. Make sure the voltage stays the same though. Good luck! P.S. ifixit has a display replacement guide.
  8. @Dave-H Check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP It contains your installed updates. To get some simplified list export the whole key, open the .reg file in Notepad++ and sort all lines. Then you can easily delete the unneeded lines, leaving only the key names for the updates. A quick replace-all could clean it further. Yes, many years ago. Thanks for the refresher. P.S. feel free to delete my previous post.
  9. A mega-torrent with all salvaged (unmodified) updates, sorted by component in a few folders, would be very useful. Just paste the magnet here and let the seed going Another alternative would be to use the autopatcher.net framework, but i don't see any recent activity over there. Is that project still being worked on? @digzu A single ZIP archive would mean that people have to download the whole thing, even if they need just one small update from it. Better use whichever compression is best currently (7-zip LZMA, RAR5?) for smallest size.
  10. Well, we never know if there isn't some nasty bug waiting to strike :P I just did a quick test with this same example. Regmon logs show a lot of regedit action, it was checking the existing user profiles and a few other places, but in the end i didn't notice anything new created.
  11. You can use this to delete the key: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMWPAPosReady]
  12. Just tested https://www.nomachine.com/ It starts fine, but i wasn't able to connect even once. The client just looped reconnecting. Also, seems to run only with direct connection - either local or with port-forwarding. The installer is very invasive - it adds an administrator account, installs a few trusted publisher certificates and several virtual devices. Fortunately the uninstaller is decent enough to remove all this. So far AnyDesk seems best. With its single, under 3MB executable, it beats both Teamviewer and Nomachine (over 130MB)
  13. I am testing Anydesk now. So far it seems good. The file transfer tab shows empty listing for the remote side. Is it the same for you, @pcalvert?
  14. Let me guess - you have 60 logical partitions and map the one you boot as primary? I think the same can be achieved with GRUB4DOS
  15. I tried to update again, this time using the "check for new version" within teamviewer and it worked. I now have v14.2.8352 running on my XP. That was all the good news though... I tested connecting to and from my android phone. Both times it worked, but said "Commercial use detected, session limited to few minutes", WTF?! I run this only for personal use... Another bad thing - when i tried to update teamviewer on my Win7 install, it was offered v14.3.4730. That build always crashes with an invalid opcode exception (0xc000001d). They probably enabled SSE2 optimisations or something. I was able to install v14.2.8352 over that and it seems to run ok. But v14.3 will probably hit XP soon, leaving all AthlonXP and early P4 systems with a crashing teamviewer.
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