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  1. Get the original file from the Office CD. If it works fine with it, you can try to re-apply the updates one by one (without the bad ones mentioned before) and see if it breaks again.
  2. Wasn't there an empty plugins page screenshot before, huh?! This would mean not visible to the browser, not a simple "Click to play". Am i mistaken (if so, sorry), or you edited it out... can't recall now A-ha! It must be some trick with NM that i'm not aware of. Do you restart the browser to make it visible? If it's a simple toggle without a need to restart, i'd like to know how it's done. A browser won't be able to start a plugin if it doesn't see it at all... Anyways, glad to know you've worked it out :P
  3. So, you have Flash installed in your system, but not in the browser? Why keep it then? Just to fill a few MB on your drive? No, the most "dangerous" software to use on your PC is Windows10. It hijacks your whole system, and you're even happy for this, lol... I want to play my flash games, screw "unknown vulnerabilities"
  4. Nooo, it's brand new, i just downloaded it :P Why can't we have the NM28 JS interpreter just copy/pasted into NM27, pfff?!
  5. Your link made a difference, so it should not be cookies. It looks like some JS isn't executing on image pages. Uploading still works, though.
  6. This fixed it for S52, but not for NM27...
  7. There is real mode *.SYS, then there is protected mode *.SYS ... Check a Win10 install and see for yourself :P
  8. @naaloh Do you have access to a Vista/7/8+ system? You can capture the install there with Cameyo Packager and use the resulting package on your XP.
  9. This email looks like it is meant for a mechanical HDD. Did you explicitly specify that it is a SSD you'll be sending to them? --- Does anyone else have issues with imgur recently? Often it loads pages half-way, then turns everything to black.
  10. @ArcticFoxie If you have the Classic Add-ons Archive, just open this page and click on the install button - caa:addon/redirector/versions?page=1#version-2.9.3 [edit] just found the YouTube Anywhere Player addon, and it's working pretty well for links to YT videos :) caa:addon/youtube-anywhere-player/versions?page=1#version-2.9.4 Make sure to enable HTTPS in the addon options!
  11. I have version 2.9.3 running in my NM27 @roytam1 That's a lot. What you had on the SSD that you hope to recover?
  12. But why? Did you thought these 11 pages were written to support only you? You should've said so in the OP...
  13. Use it. Add your device ID if it isn't in the .inf file. Use regedit in XP, find the key with the NVidia settings and export it to a .reg file. Use regedit in 98, find the key with the NVidia settings and export it to a .reg file. Make a copy of that file. Open the two files in a text editor, copy the contents of the XP file (without the header) and paste it over the contents of the 98 file (without the header). Save the 98 file, then import it into the 98 registry. Does it support 7150m? P.S. still no answer from you about this... Some (most) NVidia GPU chips were used in both the "consumer" GeForce series and the "professional" Quadro series. There may be a Quadro driver for your chip somewhere...
  14. Well... mostly. Try looking for any NVidia Win9x driver with support for a GPU that uses shared memory (they call it UMA). You can also try to copy the driver settings in registry from XP and see if it changes anything.
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