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  1. @ArcticFoxie You can use a little trick to make noticing these things easier: P.S. why does the damn forum always move whatever i wrote AFTER a spoiler into the spoiler itself, ugh?!
  2. @mixit, @roytam1 Just out of curiosity, roughly how much disk space is needed to compile a browser currently (Serpent52/NM27/NM28/Centaury) - source + dependencies + intermediate files created when building ? Don't count the compilers/IDE/etc.
  3. Just tried adding that to St52 and lost a session of 150 tabs, ugh. Fortunately, i was able to snatch a backup before it got cleared...
  4. Atlantis Word Processor is currently being offered pre-registered here for the next 15 hours. Just use a disposable mailbox to get the download link :P
  5. @Drugwash As @Dave-H and @Goodmaneuver said^^^ Speak up! You're not allowed to just drop the bomb and then go silent about it! P.S. also, this whole topic is off-topic, so no excuses
  6. I managed to configure a console "hello world" program so it works in XP (and no stupid SSE2, yay!). I didn't find simple GUI program to test though, and the example when i started a new "Dialog project" was way over my head. I have been trying to get Miranda-ng, but it seems to have issues even without targeting XP. And not having touched any Visual Studio before kinda complicates things for me... @user57 Could you share that MessageboxA project? I'd like to try getting it built for XP.
  7. Have you found how to fix this? I recently got VS 2019 and wanted to compile a few programs without SSE2, but so far haven't been able to build anything successfully. Not even sure if i set up the damn thing properly. Tried to follow some "Hello world" tutorial, but it shows selecting console project and i don't have this option here, pfff. I remember getting that update too.
  8. LOL On a similar vibe, look up the Progressbar95 game
  9. The last version of Process Lasso for Windows XP/2003 is offered with a free Pro license and it does this automagically
  10. I just found a Wikia site with lists of recommended games for MS-DOS, Win98, and many more platforms - /v/'s Recommended Games Wiki. It has short descriptions, and often includes links to modernized GOG/Steam/etc. versions, Hi-Res packs, and engine ports/remakes.
  11. Well, talking about "old Sony", i hoped ther would be at least a mention of some updated browser for my PSP 2000, heh...
  12. Yes, it loads now, thanks! I wrote to them as soon as we found it's IP related. No reply yet. It would have been a real crisis to switch away from the mailbox i use for over 20 years to some stupid upgrade... NM27 still won't load the message composer, though. No clue since when. There is this black frame without (visible) source address in the DOM. The code looks the same in St52, but it somehow works there... Anyways, it's fine (for now).
  13. @VistaLover I just noticed something along these lines too. I tried accessing the page through Edge on that Win10 system - one would expect it to support the newest websites. To my surprise it failed too. Then i enabled mobile data and the hotspot on my phone, connected the Win10 to it and reloaded the page - all loaded fine Regional website working on one national ISP and failing on another - WTF?! Still, i prefer this cause instead of the fail being caused by a website upgrade. Thank you both @VistaLover and @XPerceniol for the help!
  14. Unfortunately none of these would run on my system - all crash at startup (SSE2 related most likely)...
  15. As i expected... They replied with generic instructions about how to clear the cache+cookies and enable Javascript in the fricken INTERNET EXPLODER 11 ! And to use the latest version of my prefered browsers! I had included a screenshot of NM28 + Serpent52 with the homepage loaded and the about boxes of both browsers on top, where the build date is clearly visible... Best part - i actually tested with IE11 and it too failed to load the page... I also found out, that composing a new message don't work in NM27 - the message body field stays blank. But at least it worked in Serpent52. [edit1] @XPerceniol Thanks! Time for me to test a clean profile, i guess... [edit2] Nope, it didn't work. And now i remember testing earlier on the first start of Serpent52 on another system running Win10 - same result. @XPerceniol, which build of Serpent52 do you use there?

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