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  1. There are different versions of standard BIOS that depend on graphic card.
  2. Probably just for legal reasons. Win95 had a Pan-European version, but i think it was only a localisation thing.
  3. 1. install XP 32bit, since it's the only OS supported at their site 2. check your GPU - there are separate BIOS downloads for ATI X300 Graphic Card, ATI X600, ATI X700 and Intel Graphic Card 3. download the BIOS for your GPU 4. forget about the whole thing, so you don't come back tomorrow asking how to fix your laptop to work again The available versions are 3A45 for ATI graphics and 3A43 for Intel. Why do you want to update it anyways?
  4. You can compare your CPU performance to that of a 386 Also, it has the newer menu under Tools.
  5. Well, believe it or not, CPU-Z has a Vintage Edition that is still being updated occasionally
  6. That extender from my previous post should be able to run simple Windows programs in DOS - that was my main reason to suggest it. Yesterday i was looking at some "best Debian-based distros of 2021" list while waiting for my new Debian in a VM to finish upgrading... There i found couple interesting distros that caught my eye - PsychOS (it is said to have some sort of DOS software integration via DOSBox) and PsychOS486 (for ancient systems). There is also a PsychDOS in planning - no releases yet, but if you press [8] at that page it goes to a list of various free Linux and
  7. The Offline QR generator extension got broken in the previous NM27 build. The last build 27.10.0 didn't fix this. It is shown as enabled, but both the toolbar button and the context menu entry are missing. Unfortunately it is not maintained anymore and the suggested fork has turned into a WE. Any suggestion how to make it work again?
  8. @Sampei.Nihira My heartfelt condolences on your loss. The Inspector in dev tools looks empty. Reverting to the previous build fixed it here.
  9. @VistaEX https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-bg/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=1t00y&oscode=ww1&productcode=latitude-e6430 If you have Optimus (Intel+nVidia), you need to install this too: https://www.dell.com/support/home/en-bg/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=cf9wt&oscode=ww1&productcode=latitude-e6430
  10. Wrong! This will just break its bones and make it suffer more. There is a more humane way - lift one edge of a table/sofa/wardrobe, position the drive under the leg, then slam down the furniture.
  11. Maybe test HX DOS-Extender the next time you're feeling adventurous? Some links to get you started: https://www.japheth.de/HX.html - main page https://github.com/Baron-von-Riedesel/HX - updates https://www.bttr-software.de/forum/board.php?category=8 - forum, has some individual updated parts
  12. Is there light now? Try plugging it to something else (not the laptop) and see if it works.
  13. That drive probably died. Did it have some light before when it was working? If yes, does it light up now? Try to test it somewhere else - set top box, game console, TV, phone (with USB OTG cable), whatever else you have with USB drive support. Maybe just the connector got broken off the drive board - try pushing the drive to one side while plugged, then try to the other side. If there is any sign of life from it, open the case and solder the connector.
  14. I accidentally found out about this while looking for a totally different thing over at reddit. Just in the process of moving to Bitwarden as well. The import/export went pretty fast. Now, gotta find a way to use it with XUL browsers on XP...
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